Loaded DVD

Loaded - 1995

Strawberry Vale/Movie Partners - 102 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 786936190441; 5031932108934

Cast: Oliver Milburn, Danny Cunningham, Catherine McCormack, Thandie Newton, Nick Patrick, Biddy Hodson, Mathew Eggleton.
Writer: Anna Campion; Photography: Alan Almond; Composer: Simon Fisher Turner; Editor: John Gilbert; Producers: David Hazlett, Caroline Hewitt, Bridget Ikin, John Maynard; Director: Anna Campion.

An unsentimental drama in which the relationships and psychological tensions among seven teenagers are explored in some depth. Neil is in therapy - he feels responsible for the accidental death of his brother, when a child. He and a group of friends spend a weekend in a country house making a film. Sexual tension and jealousy lurk beneath the fun , and this becomes more accute when Lionel has an interest in Rose, with whom Neil has a budding relationship. The boisterous Lance suggests that they all take some LSD, which goes along rather swimmingly until Lionel is killed in an accident while Neil is driving. Although is UK/NZ co-production was filmed in the UK, Anna Campion and many crew are expatriate New Zealanders. Postproduction was in New Zealand.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: C

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New VHS PAL copies are available from NZ sources for about $13nz. New R2 PAL discs are about 6#. R1 NTSC DVDs are available for under $10us. It is presented 1.66:1, enhanced for 16x9 with 2.0 dolby digital sound. The only extras are closed captioned English and the theatrical trailer.

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"Real events turn out to be a lot more disturbing than their make believe, and the inner workings of the mind become a sinister force in the story. The film doesn't really take off until about half way through when the group drops acid. There are some great moments of being mesmerised by the wallpaper and exploring the aisles of the local 24- hour shop. Campion has a gift for dialogue. Her characters are very real and there is more to them than meets the eye. She gets lost in the story however. By focusing on all the characters in the strong ensemble cast, she loses the intensity needed to propel us towards the climax" - (Caitlin Cherry, "Dual roles work a treat in Cobra Woman", The Evening Post, July 19, 1995)


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Sunday star-times, Sept.3, 1995
New Zealand herald, Sept.1, 1995
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1995 - Fantasporto - Directors' Week Award - Special Mention to Anna Campion.

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