Luella Miller

Luella Miller - 2005

Blackbox Films - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 880215102498

Cast: Sara Wiseman, Sia Trokenheim, Philip Brown, Jacqueline Nairn, Alistair Browning, Kevin J. Wilson; Screenplay: Dane Giraud, Owen Black; Director of Photography: Paul Tomlins; Music: Samuel Holloway; Editing: Campbell Farquhar; Art Design: You Jae Lee ; Production Manager: Aria Harrison; Producer: Robert Rowe; Director: Dane Giraud.

A psychological drama, shot in the Takapau area of Hawke's Bay. A story of love, friendship, loss and manipulation. Most of the lead cast and crew have television backgrounds and this feature was done on digital video with a very low budget, which partially explains the less than first class result. Dark scenes are a bit too dark, but otherwise a good visual result. Originally based on a short story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, this screenplay has shifted a long way from its initial inspiration. The setting is modern day, with a cast of different charactors and from the perspective of a local resident, who is involved in the story. If you like the genre - worth a visit.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review rating: C

Luella Miller
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R1 NTSC DVDs are available from various North American sources for under $10us. It is presented 1.78 anamorphic widescreen and 2.0 dolby stereo English, but no subtitles. The only extra is a 7 minute "Behind the Scenes" featurette. In addition to the R1 listed features, the NZ R4 version is listed as having an audio commentary track and trailers (I would appreciate someone confirming the extras on the NZ R4 version). The Australian R4 version is listed with a 5.1 dolby digital sound, but no extras (I would also appreciate someone confirming the extras on the Australian R4 disc) and a selling price of about $20au. In New Zealand it is selling for nearly $40nz.

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