Orphans  Kingdoms

Orphans & Kingdoms - 2014

FB Pictures/Random Films - 74 min.

Principal Cast: Colin Moy, Calae Hignett-Morgan, Hanelle Harris, Jesse James Rehu Pickery
Writer: Paolo Rotondo; Director of Photography: Simon Raby; Composer: Giovanni Rotondo; Editor: Cushla Dillon; Production Design: Lyn Bergquist; Art Direction: Richard Cooke; Costume Design: Tania Klouwens; Producer: Fraser Brown; Director: Paolo Rotondo.

Orphans & Kingdoms is a drama about an architect, Jeremy, who returns to his home to find it has been taken over by three fugitive teenagers. In a burst of violence he is knocked unconscious and the three kids find themselves holding him captive. The homeless teenagers are on the run, their only objective is not to be torn apart. Unwittingly they compel Jeremy to face the memory of his own lost son. But first he is forced to confront the explosive siolence of Kenae and the sexual manipulations of Kenae's 17-year old sister. Over the course of the night the tables are turned and a tenuous bond begins to grow between they and Jeremy. When dawn comes, so too does the law. Now, the four of them find themselves on the run together. Filmed at the Waiheke Island Amokura House, designed by Guy Tarrant.

Censor Rating: RP16 - Review rating: B-

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2014 - New Zealand Film and TV Awards - Best Edition in a Feature Film - Cushla Dillon
2015 - Anchorage International Film Festival - Best Narrative Feature - Fraser Brown
2015 - Global Music Awards - Silver Medal - Best Original Score - Giovanni Rotondo

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