Forgotten Silver DVD

Forgotten Silver - 1995

Wingnut Films - 54 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 013131243895; 720229909549; 3357803052307; 5709624008106; 6416548809915; 4020628918903(de)
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 4020628918897(DE)

Principal Cast: Jeffrey Thomas, Costa Botes, Marguerite Hurst, Peter Jackson, Leonard Maltin, Johathon Morris, Sam Neill, John O'Shea, Lindsay Shelton, Harvey Weinstein, Beatrice Ashton, Peter Corrigan, Sarah McLeod, Thomas Robins, Thomas Robins, Davina Whitehouse.
Writers: Costa Botes, Peter Jackson Cinematography: Alun Bollinger, Gerry Vasbenter; Music: Plan 9; Editing: Eric De Beus, Michael Horton; Props & Sets: Richard Taylor; Production Manager: Jan Haynes; Digital Effects: Matt Aitken; Producer: Sue Rogers; Directors: Peter Jackson, Costa Botes

Peter Jackson discovers a chest full of old film by unknown pioneer genius of New Zealand film, Colin McKenzie. McKenzie's life is outlined in documentary fashion, through a series of interviews and original film footage. You may start doubting the veracity of this film, when it is revealed that McKenzie made his own cameras, cooked up his own cellulose nitrate, and made emulsion from egg-whites! The film ends with a wonderful simulacrum of McKenzie's masterpiece, Salome, for which the filmmaker receives belated international acclaim. See this film, only if you love movies and moviemaking.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: B+

Forgotten Silver
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New R4 copies were last seen selling for $50nz, but as of July 2009, they seem to be OOP. New R2 copies are selling for under 30eur.
New R1 discs are selling for at least $70us since they are also OOP. Most versions contain the 22 min. featurette, "Behind the Bull", nearly 9 minutes of deleted scenes and an audio commentary track by Costa Botes. It is presented in its original 1.33:1 format along with the original 2.0 audio track. There are no subtitles on the R1 or R4 versions. There is an R2 version that contains subtitles in Suomi, Svenska, Norsk, Dansk in addition to the original spoken English.

NOTE: There is a Norwegian R2 PAL 4-disc set, "The Peter Jackson Boxset", which contains Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Braindead and Forgotten Silver. All have the original English soundtrack, plus optional Svenska, Norsk, Dansk subtitles. New sets were last spotted at ebay selling for about 25# from UK sources, but this set also is now OOP.

There is an R2 PAL version that was released December 2012 in Germany with a revised 1.78:1 format and DD 2.0 spoken English and Deutsch soundtracks. Extras include the 'Behind the Bull' featurette and the commentary track, both in English with optional Deutsch subtitles, selling new for about 12 eur.

A digitally remastered R0 DVD was available from the director's website, but is no longer. It contained deleted scenes and the featurette, 'Behind the Bull', but no commentary track or subtitles. The video quality is much improved over the previous DVDs and is presented 1.78:1. It sells for about $35nz. You might find used copies at ebay.

As of 07 December 2012, a 1080p Region B Blu-ray version presented 1.78:1 with a DTS HD Master 2.0 spoken English or German soundtrack was released in Germany. It contains the audio commentary track, in English only, and the featurette, 'Behind the Bull', plus some deleted scenes, also in English with optional German subtitles. It is selling new for about 19 eur.

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