Skin Deep video

Skin Deep - 1978

Phase Three Films - 105min.

Cast: Deryn Cooper, Ken Blackburn, Alan Jervis, Grant Tilly.
Crew: Screenplay: Pier Davies, Roger Horrocks, Geoff Steven Robert J. Williams; Photography: Leon Barbey; Editor: Simon Sedgley; Music: Neil Hannan, Jan Preston; Producer: John Maynard; Director: Geoff Steven.

In small town Carlton (Raetihi), Bob, the head of the Progressive Association, the local accountant and the boxing coach at the men-only gym, hire a masseuse from Auckland. Sandra is quite happy to give straight massage, but Bob pressures her to give "city massages". The wives are disturbed by her presence - perhaps with some justification. The climax occurs when the accountant, Phil, wants to leave his wife for Sandra; but when she rejects him, he smashes up the gym. The boys rally round to hush up Phil's indiscretion. This was the Interim Film Commission's first feature project. Worth a view, if you can find a copy.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review Rating: B-

Skin Deep
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"In terms of technique, the latest New Zealand feature, Skin Deep proves that local resources can achieve a great deal. Leon Narbey's cinematography is sharper, and Simon Sedgeley's editing more assured, than in any other New Zealand film, except possibly Solo. It is perhaps significant that, as advance publicity informs me, Skin Deep is only the second local film in the last 12 years to be shot on 35mm" - (Nicholas Reid, "Skin Deep", Auckland Star, February 24, 1979)

"At a time when we are being barraged by blockbuster features, Geoff Steven's unassuming Skin Deep reminds us that low- budget films are not necessarily inferior films [...] the real value of Skin Deep seems almost priceless. The major strength of this film is that it not only reflects the social realism of a New Zealand town, it also analyses the town's social structure without being didactic" - (Dave Sargent, "Skin Deep: low budget quality", The Sydney Morning Herald, August 25, 1980)

Skin Deep was the first film funded by the newly established New Zealand Film Commission.


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1980 - Asian Film Festival (Indonesia) - Mitra Award for Best Depiction of a Small Town.

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