The World's Fastest Indian

World's Fastest Indian, The - 2005

WFI Productions - 127 min.

DVD UPC/EAN #876964000260; 7321900800822; 9315842031947(2-disc collector's edition); 065935222149; 5050582426427; 7321901800821
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 0876964000710(US); 9339065002003(AU); 0886977739095(DE)

Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Lawford, Chris Williams, Annie Whittle, Aaron Murphy, Diane Ladd, Paul Rodriguez, Chris Bruno, Walton Goggins, William Lucking, Laurel Moglen, Jessica Cauffiel, Eric Pierpoint.
Screenplay: Roger Donaldson; Director of Photography: David Gribble; Visual Effects Supervisor: Kent Houston; Music: J. Peter Robinson; Editing: John Gilbert; Costume Design: Nancy Cavallaro, Jane Holland; Production Design: J. Dennis Washington, Rob Gillies; Producers: Roger Doanldson, Gary Hannam; Director: Roger Donaldson.

In 1972 Roger Donaldson made a documentary about Burt Munro, an eccentric, talented motorcycle enthusiast from Invercargill, who had a dream of breaking the world's speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats. He wanted to accomplished that dream on his 1920 Indian Scout that he rebuilt and modified himself. Since 1972, Donaldson has wanted to make a feature film that brought out the belief, vision and determination of the man who would not let anything, even illness, stop him. This "feel good" film just might be the best that Donaldson has done, to date; probably because Munro's good natured spirit meant so very much to him. It is sad that it is not getting the theatrical distribution it deserves. So if you have not seen it, get the disc and experience what it means to view a really great movie. Highly Recommended.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: B+

The World's Fastest Indian
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R1 NTSC DVD's are available from various U.S. sources selling for $10us.
R2 PAL versions are available from UK sources under 10# and from continental sources for about 10eur. The R2 version contains the Making of featurette, trailer and optional English subtitles. As of November, 2010, an R4 version is available from Australian resellers without extras, but it does have English subtitles, and it will be available from NZ sources February 2011.
The feature is presented in "open frame" 1.78 anamorphic widescreen. The theatrical film was done in 2.35, which shows in some of the extras clips. Sound options include 5.1 and 2.0 dolby digital. The R1 version's only subtitle option is Spanish. Extras on the R1 version contain: Donaldson's 29 minute 1972 documentary, 'Offerings to the God of Speed', featuring the real Burt Munro, is the true gem of the extras; a 3 minute short, 'Southland: Burt's Hometown of Invercargill'; a 45 minute, "The Making of 'The World's Fastest Indian'"; Feature Commentary by Roger Donaldson and four deleted scenes of about 4 minutes.
A 2-disc version is available for about $20nz. The feature disc presents the image in its original 2.35:1 format and includes an audio commentary track by Director Donaldson. The second disc includes the 26 minute documentary, 'Offerings to the God of Speed'; the 30 minute featurette, 'On the Set of The World's Fastest Indian'; a 60 minute video interview with Roger Donaldson; two shorts on the Southland region and the Southland Institute of Technology. It also contains deleted scenes, the trailer and a collectors booklet. These same single disc and double disc offerings are available in Australia for about $20 and $30au respectively.
A "vanilla" R4 PAL 2.35:1 version (no exrtras) is available in New Zealand for $10-15nz.

As of February 2007, it became available on HD-DVD and the first New Zealand title to find its way to Blu-Ray. As of November 2009, it is available on an all-region Blu-ray. It sells in New Zealand for about $40nz and in Australia for about $30au. It is presented 2.35:1 1080p 24fps with English DTS HD 5.1 or English Dolby digital 5.1 with English subtitles. It contains all the extras found listed above for the 2-disc dvd set plus three additional trailers, but the extras are presented 480i.
There is a a;;\\ll-regions Blu-ray version available in the US and Canada that has most of the same specs and extras as the AU/NZ one described above, except that it is presented 1.78:1 instead of 2.35:1. It also contains a Spanish subtitle option.
The German Blu-ray is presented 1.78:1 and with spoken English DTS HD 5.1 and German DTS HD 5.1 soundtracks, plus optional German subtitles. The extras are not as extensive as the other Blu-rays, but does contain interviews, the trailer and a stills gallery.

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August 2006 - New Zealand Screen Awards

Best Picture: Gary Hannam, Roger Donaldson - producers
Best Director: Roger Donaldson
Best Actor: Sir Anthony Hopkins
Best Screenplay: Roger Donaldson
Best Editing: John Gilbert
Best Sound: Tim Prebble, Gethin Creagh, Michael Hedges
Best Production Design: J. Dennis Wahington, Rob Gillies.
Heartland Film Festival - The Truly Moving Picture Award

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