Utu Redux

Utu - 1983/ Utu Redux - 2013

Utu Productions - 124/108 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 738329018924(US); 9315842009373(AU/NZ); 4260387610285(DE)
Redux DVD UPC/EAN # 9421020699905 (single disc); 9421020699912 (2-disc SE)
Redux Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 9421020699936 (2-disc Blu/DVD SE set); 3475001054517 (2-disc Blu-ray/DVD SE set with French subtitles)

Cast: Anzac Wallace; Bruno Lawrence, Wi Kuki Kaa, Tim Elliott, Kelly Johnson, John Bach, Tania Bristowe, Ilona Rodgers, Faenza Reuben, Martyn Sanderson, Merata Mita.
Crew: Screenplay: Geoff Murphy, Keith Aberdein; Photography: Graeme Cowley; Editor: Michael Horton; Music: John Charles; Costume Designer: Michael Kane; Production Designer: Ron Highfield; Producer and Director: Geoff Murphy.

New Zealand in 1870 - a friendly Maori village is massacred by colonial troops and discovered by army scout, Te Wheke, whose own people are among the dead. He turns on his employers and takes up his warrior chieftain past, seeking utu (revenge), he engages in guerilla warfare against the Pakeha (Europeans). One of those attacked is a farmer whose wife is killed and house burned. The farmer in turns seeks his vengeance. Shot in the Hawke's Bay area near Hastings, Napier and Te Pohue. The original score was the first NZ feature to use the full New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. One to put on your "must see" list, but see 'Utu Redux' for the director's restored version.

Censor rating: M - Review rating: B+

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Used PAL VHS copies will be about $20nz or 10eur. Used NTSC VHS copies sell for about $25us. The vhs format is 1.33:1.
New R4 PAL DVDs have been available from Australian sources for about $15au. It is presented in a 1.66:1 format with a 2.0 dolby digital English soundtrack.
DealOZ North American price comparison site for the original US DVD version

As of Nov. 2005, the only R1 NTSC distributor (Kino) is no longer providing this title. Therefore remaining R1 copies are starting to climb with the asking price of over $100us for new copies and used going for at least $50us. It is presented 1.66:1 non-anamorphic with an English only 2.0 dolby digital sound and no extras. It's length is 104 minutes.

In February 2015, a 1.33:1 formated, not the original 1.85, German R2 DVD version was released with the original spoken English as well as a German language 2.0 soundtrack. It has no subtitles nor extras and sells for 10-12eur.
Book Butler (de) European comparison price site for the original DVD version in German

A digitally restored and re-edited version, 'Utu Redux', had its "World Premiere" 28 July 2013 at the Auckland Civic, as part of the 2013 International Film Festival. They (Geoff Murphy, Graeme Cowley, Michael Horton) have made both technical and artistic changes and the result is a 108 minute film, instead of the original 124 minute film whose negatives no longer exists at that length. It is presented in its original 1.85:1 format, enhanced for 16:9.

Starting 01 December 2015, Utu Redux is available on DVD and Blu-ray.The 108 minute feature is presented in its original 1.85:1 format, enhanced for 16:9. All Redux discs have spoken English and Maori, with English subtitles only when Maori is spoken. There are multiple offerings: a DVD containing only the feature, about $20nz; a 2-disc DVD set containing the feature, the "Making Utu" documentary, Interviews with Geoff Murphy and Graeme Cowley, the trailer, promotional scene clips and a 12 page Collector's Booklet, about $30nz; a signed limited edition 3-disc DVD set that includes all that is in the 2-disc plus a CD of the soundtrack ($39.95nz).

There are two Blu-ray offerings - 2-disc ($39.95nz); and a signed, very limited edition, 3-disc set ($39.95nz) with the same contents as the DVD sets but have a Blu-ray of the feature. All Utu Redux editions are Region Free with two audio options, DD 2.0 and DD 5.1 Surround, for both DVD and Blu-ray, but the DVD is PAL. As of January 2018, it would appear that the "very limited edition" Blu-ray 3-disc set is OOP.

Details and orders can be placed with Aro Video of Wellington

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Starting 07 March 2018, the 2-disc Region B/2 Blu-ray/DVD set became available in a slipbox digibook package with a 40 page booklet in French. The feature blu-ray has optional French subtitles in addition to the original spoken English soundtrack. It is selling for about 25eur. The DVD has the same contents as mentioned about in the original Redux 2-disc set.

French Blu-ray and DVD offerings at The Jokers Shop


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"Unlike some of the products of the New Hollywood, films such as Utu are not meant to be totally consumed in the cinema but are designed to start people talking. Utu was an uneven film but it succeeded in stirring up more discussion of New Zealand history than any recent book has done." - (Roger Horrocks, Headlands, MCA 1992)

"In Utu, someone is always stalking someone, and being stalked in return; the comings and goings of the characters, as they tramp through forests and across mountains, create a visual metaphor for the movie's web of revenge. What lends Utu its particular richness is the way director Geoff Murphy plays with your sympathies; you never know which side you're supposes to be on - and neither, evidently, do the characters" - (Paul Attanasio, "'Utu': From Down Under, a Rich Tale of Revenge", Washington Post, either December 26 or 12, 1985)


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