Tracker - 2011

Eden Films/T.H.E. Film Production - 100 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 5060192811032; 031398140481; 5050582855142; 0886978396990
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 5060192811049(UK), 0886978397096(DE)

Cast: Ray Winstone, Temuera Morrison, Gareth Reeves, Andy Anderson.
Writer: Nicolas van Pallandt; Director of Photography: Harvey Harrison; Original Music: David Burns; Editing: Sean Barton; Production Designer: Rick Kofoed; Costume Design: Bob Buck; Stunt Co-ordinator: Mark Harris; Producers: David Burns, Trevor Haysom;
Director: Ian Sharp

A manhunt drama in which a guerrilla survivor of the Boer War, lands in 1903 New Zealand and is promised a bounty to capture a Maori seafarer falsely accused of killing a soldier. What should be a simple job for a master tracker, turns into a gripping and dangerous game of cat and mouse over the New Zealand landscape. As each gains and loses the upper hand, they gradually get to know and respect each other. In the emotional and high-risk showdown, their tenuous bond is tested in the face of a military posse. Filmed near Karekare, Waitakere, Queenstown and Glenorchy. Even if you are one who does not care for "westerns", the location filming is worth the price and bird calls are an abundant extra. Given the altered format of the R2 DVD, the R1 DVD or the Blu-ray versions are the prefered offerings. Recommended.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

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The 35mm film's format is 2.40:1, which is the format used on the Region B 1080i Blu-ray disc and the R1 ntsc DVD. The R0 PAL dvd format is 1.77:1, therefore there is a 26% loss of image area when viewing the dvd as well as a somewhat "softer" image that results from enlarging the original image to fill a 16x9 TV format. The R0 Pal DVD has dolby digital 2.0 or 5.1 surround soundtrack options. The blu-ray soundtrack options are dolby digital 2.0 or DTS-HD Master 5.1. Both the R0 dvd and blu-ray discs offer an audio commentary track with director Ian Sharp and actor Ray Winstone. There are no subtitles on the UK dvd or blu-ray discs.

The R0 PAL DVD and Blu-ray extras are: A "Making of" short (about 18 minutes) with comments from various cast and crew, interspersed with related film clips; an 11 segment "clean" music score section, totaling about 25 minutes; a 'Tracker' trailer of 1:30 minutes. The DVD & Blu-ray have three "forced" non-related trailers at the front of the disc. It is available from UK and some European sources, selling for about 10# for the Blu-ray version and 6-12# for the DVD.

There are dvd and Blu-ray discs available from German sources selling for about 12eur that has the title of, 'Gejagt - auf Leben Und Tod'. It has both the orginal English language track as well as a German one, both DTS HD 5.1 MA. It is listed as also having German subtitles and being presented 2.35:1, however neither has been confirmed.

The ntsc R1 DVD released in the U.S. started 23 August 2011, selling for about $20. It's extras contain about 17 minutes of "Talking Heads" interviews from Ian Sharp, Ray Winstone, Temuera Morrison, Gareth Reeves and Andy Anderson. I also has the film's trailer. The ntsc R1 dvd has English and Spanish subtitles and a dolby digital 5.1 surround English soundtrack.

It is available on R4 DVD in New Zealand and Australian R4 DVD, selling for about $35. I would appreciate someone confirming extras on this R4 disc.
It would appear that the R1 DVD provides the best picture as well as offering the option of subtitles. However, the extras that are with the PAL R0 and Blu-ray discs are the most useful and enjoyable.

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