West of Eden

West of Eden - 2017

Little Red Hen Pictures - 118 min.

Principal Cast: Peter Ford, Kieran Foster, Luke Thompson, Vanessa Riddell, Peter Hansen, Liam Fennell, Brighde Riddell, Sarah James.
Writer: Vanessa Riddell; Director of Photography: Dean Carruthers; Original Music: Alastair Riddell; Editor: Alastair Riddell; Wardrobe: Hilary Keen; Makeup: Brighde Riddell; Hair Stylist: Gail Billing; Producers: Vamessa Riddell, Marc Swadel; Director: Alastair Riddell.

Billy is already experiencing the ugly side of people's fear and prejudice. He decides to take a job on a farm far away from his home town. He hopes it will be a fresh start. In a twist of irony and as fate would have it, he encounters the very thing he has tried to leave behind; he meets Tom the farmers son. Tom is beautiful and fearless, with the arrogance of privilege and youth. The tension is further under-pinned by the social repression and isolation of rural New Zealand in 1960. A tinder-box of deceit and malice emerges as Billy discovers that he is not the only one fighting his desires and hiding his demons.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

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As of 23 December 2018, there is no disc option. The format is 2.35:1.


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