Tyrannical Love

Tyrannical Love - 2005

Certain Scenes Productions Ltd. - 99 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9415600111840

Cast: Stephen Jorgensen, Domini Calder, Caroline Mitchell, Seth Flynn, Craig Fenwick, Matthew Saville, Virginie LeBrun.
Screenplay: Scott Boswell; Director of Photography: Derryn Beath; Music: Gareth Van Niekerk; Editing: Scott Boswell, Gareth Van Niekerk; Set Dresser: Mary Sandford; Makeup: Rebecca Norrie, Renee Tournie; Producers: Scott Boswell, Rhys Cain ; Director: Scott Boswell.

This low budget, first feature film is an ensemble work about a group of young adult friends exploring love and friendship, during New Year's 1999 in Pakuranga. I have tried, but this feature is like many student efforts - points for effort, but coming up short in experience. Actually it probably would have been better if edited to short story length. It is rather telling when the most interesting part of the disc is the featurette on low budget film making. Better luck next time.

Censor Rating: R 16 - Review rating: C

Tyrannical Love
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It is available as an R4 PAL DVD from various NZ sources, selling for about $25. It is presented in an unusual 1.94:1 format (although the dvd slick indicates 4:3) with a 2.0 digital English soundtrack. Special features include: optional audio commentary by director Scott Boswell, co-producer Rhys Cain, co-editor Gareth Van Niekerk and actor Steve Jorgensen. Additional extras are outtakes (6:22), 7 cast interviews (15:40), 3 deleted scenes(3:12) and, most interesting of all, a featurette on low budget film making (11:34). There are no subtitles.

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