Edwin: My Life as a Koont

Edwin: My Life as a Koont - 2013

Centron Pictures (NZ) - 84 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 0820103346405

Principal Cast: Jessica Grace Smith, Bryce Campbell, David Fane, Jeremy Corbett, Raybon Kan & Gavin Scott as narrator.
Crew: Screenplay: Kevin Stevens, Jason Stutter; Photography & Editing: Jason Stutter; Original Music: Plan 9; 1st Assistant Director: Grant Campbell; Wardrobe: Liz Andrews-Stevens; Makeup: Michelle Perry, Kareen Holland, Susan Durno; Special Make-up Effects: Kevin Stevens; Digital Effects: Greg Pawsey; Armorer: Warwick 'Waka' Thorp; Producers: Kevin Stevens, Jason Stutter; Director: Jason Stutter.

Edwin Rouper has a habit of annoying people within seconds of meeting them. Cursed with 'Koontz-syndrome', a neurological condition in which temper and confidence dominate, he travels to Hollywood, trying to assemble a team of stars, including Mel Gibson, to raise awareness for the Koontz cause. Jason Stutter’s mockumentary skirts the borderland between the koontz 'condition', and an expletive with a very similiar sound. Unfortunately this low budget comedy is not up to the quality of 'Forgotten Silver', but it still has it moments. Shot mainly around Wellington plus some Los Angeles settings.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: C+

Edwin: My Life as a Koont
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The NTSC R0 DVD is presented 1.78:1 with a DD 5.5 English soundtrack. There are no subtitles and the only extra is the theatrical trailer. Although it is divided into 21 sections, there is no chapter access from the menu. It is selling for about $30nz.

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