The Justice of Bunny King

Justice of Bunny King, The - 2021

Firefly Films - 101 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9322225242982(AU/NZ);

Principal Cast: Essie Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, Angus Stevens, Amelie Baynes, Erroll Shand, Toni Potter
Screenplay: Sophie Henderson, Gregory King from a story by Gaysorn Thavat, Sophie Henderson, Gregory King; Cinematography: Ginny Loane; Editor: Cushla Dillon; Music: Karl Steven; Special Effects: Paul Verral; Art Direction: Brooke Darlison, Mark Grenfell; Make-up Design: Stefan Knight; Costume Design: Kirsty Cameron; Sound Design: Bruno Barrett-Garnier; Production Design: Rosie Guthrie; Producer: Emma Slade; Director: Gaysorn Thavat.

Bunny King is a single mother living in Auckland but without her kids. She's homeless, crashing on her sister and brother-in-law's couch and supplementing the meagre benefit with the cash from washing car windscreens at an intersection - as it happens one of the most dangerous occupations you can find but the camaraderie amongst her fellow window washers is something for her to cling on to. We don't know why the state has custody of her kids, but we can guess that it must have been something traumatic because Bunny is perpetually on edge and desperate to get them back. But to get them back, first she needs a home for them and in this crazy market? Well, tell her she's dreamin' .

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: B-

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An All Regions DVD was released in Australia and New Zealand starting 17 November 2021. It is presented 2.40:1 with spoken English DD 5.1 or DD 2.0 soundtracks. It has optional English subtitles and the only extras are trailers for: The Justice of Bunny King, This Town, The Breaker Upperers, Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Take Home Pay.

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