Should I Be Good

Should I Be Good - 1985

Grahame J. McLean and Associates - 107 minutes

Cast: Harry Lyon, Joanne Mildenhall, Spring Rees, Hammond Gamble, Beaver, Terence Cooper..
Screenplay: Grahame McLean, based upon research by Lewis Pennington; Musical director: Geoff Castle; Editor: Jamie Selkirk; Photography: Warrick Attewell; Production Design: John Roberts; Producer; & Director: Grahame McLean

Loosely based on the events of the drug-dealing syndicate spearheaded by Mr. Asia, at the end of the 1970's. The film tells the story of some private efforts to uncover the hidden syndicate. A musician seeks his former singing partner, but she is being used by the syndicate as a Hong Kong courier and is a heroin-addicted prostitute. He attempts to free her and is joined by a TV journalist to plan their own kind of justice. Location shots in Wellington, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Censor Rating: GA - Review rating: C-

Should I Be Good
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VHS copies are available in the PAL format. There are no known NTSC or DVD versions. As of August 2008, no known source for new copies in any format. Used copies are very rare and therefore expect them to cost at least $30nz.
In New Zealand, PAL VHS copies can be rented from Aro Video in Wellington.


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