Hot Target video

Restless - aka: Hot Target - 1985

Endeavour Productions - 93 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 081227574420, 787364772490, 853765005182

Cast: Simone Griffith, Steve Marchuk, Brian Marshall, Peter McCauley, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Ray Henwood, John Watson.
Crew: Screenplay: Dennis Lewiston(based on a story by Gerry O'Hara); Photography: Alec Mills; Editor: Mike Horton; Composer: Gil Melle; Producers: John Barnett, Brian Cook; Director: Dennis Lewiston.

An American woman is married to a wealthy and heartless New Zealand businessman. She become entangled with a burglar who masterminds a casual meeting in order to arrange a heist from her house. Lust turns to love, the crime entraps the two in a web and the plot thickens. The film provided work for local crews and actors, although the leads came from the U.S. The video title is Hot Target. Except for some steamy lovemaking, don't expect much from this one.

Censor Rating: R - Review Rating: D+

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No known sources for PAL copies. Used NTSC vhs tapes will be about $10us. The original R1 NTSC DVD copies are OOP.
There is a 2-disc VCD version from Hong Kong that is being sold for $4us, plus shipping, through ebay by It is in English with Chinese subtitles. This is NOT a dvd. The quality is definately below that of even the average VHS; therefore I would not recommend this vcd.

NOTE: 15 August 2007 - This is again available on R1 ntsc dvd. It is packaged with seven other "B" titles from the 1970s and 1980s. You want to look for it under the title: "After Dark Thrillers" with a msrp of $9.98, however I purchased my copy at deepdiscountdvd for $5.99(incl. US shipping). Given that you will end up with eight movies for $6, it's not a bad deal, provided you go for this movie genre. The case contains two discs with two titles per side. There are no extras. The technical quality of 'Hot Target' is very good with clean video and audio. Much better than any dvd, vcd or vhs I have seen previously. In otherwords, if you have been waiting for a good quality disc of this popular "Blue" movie, your day is here. The dvd is presented in its original 1.33:1 format with a 2.0 stereo audio.

April 2014 - Although I have yet to see it, there is a newer remastered 16x9 DD 2.0 DVD released by Scorpion, twin billed with 'Running Hot' (no NZ connection). It also contains an option of hearing the Gil Melle score as an isolated track.

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