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Whole of the Moon, The - 1996

Tucker Films/Cinar Productions - 95 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 683904529541

Cast: Toby Fisher, Nikki Si'ulepa, Pascale Bussieres, Paul Gittins, Jane Thomas.
Crew: Screenplay: Richard Lymposs, Ian Mune; Photography: Warwick Attewell; Editor: Jean Beaudoin; Composer: Daniel Scott; Producers: Murray Newey, Micheline Charest; Director: Ian Mune.

When Kirk, a top roller-blader, discovers that he has bone cancer in his leg, his pleasant affluent (Takapuna) life is shattered. Even though amputation provides the best chance for survival; to lose skating means the end of life, to him. His friends cannot cope with his condition, but his isolation is relieved by Marty - a street kid, who was found dying of leukaemia, but is a survivor. Marty bullies, taunts, and challenges Kirk, until he begins to climb out of his depression. Marty seems afraid of nothing and, knowing she will die, wants to experience everything. She persuades Kirk to run away from the hospital with her. A well done and surprisingly upbeat story, given the subject matter.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C+

The Whole of the Moon
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"Mune pitches us straight in, with one of the more kinetic title sequences in recent memory, and the film, gloriously shot by Warwick Attewell, is replete with magic moments even though the action is mostly confined to a hospital ward. Rooftop scenes which animate the very effective image of the title and a long shot in which Toby gazes mournfully at the skating mates he cannot join are among the most memorable of many [...] like Bonjour Timothy , the other film made in this co- production arrangement with the Canadians, the movie adopts an impressively unpatronising teen-eye view of the world and is pretty impressive as a result" - (Peter Calder, "Love under a waning moon", New Zealand Herald, February 6, 1997)

"This is no Hollywood- style tear- jerker choked with melodrama and soaring violin. No, the soundtrack is as hard- edged as the story. Director and co- writer Ian Mune takes an approach both bold and empathetic, never stumbling into sentimentality or mawkishness [...] Yet this is no doom and gloom movie. There is humour as well as hope, and at times you may find yourself laughing as tears are welling. The Whole of The Moon packs an emotional wallop, without losing sight of the fact it is entertainment after all" - (Louis Allen, "Emotional Wallop", Women's Day, February 10, 1997)


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1996 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Film; Actress: Nikki Si'ulepa; Screenplay; Cinematography; Design.
1996 - Giffoni Film Festival - Best Actor: Toby Fisher; Best Actress: Nikki Si'ulepa; Golden Gryphon: Ian Mune.

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