Iris DVD

Iris - aka: Out of Time - 1984

Endeavour Productions - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 8432593000884

Cast: Helen Morse, Phillip Holder, John Bach, Donogh Rees.
Screenplay: Keith Aberdein; Photography: James Bartle; Editor: Michael Horton; Music: John Charles; Production Designer: Josephine Ford; Producers: John Barnett, Tony Isaac; Director: Tony Isaac.

The story of poet, novelist, journalist and biographer Iris Wilkinson's (pen name - Robin Hyde) early longing to escape the narrow confines of her upbringing, her exultation in unconventionality and sexual freedom as a young woman, followed by her descent into madness, drug abuse and suicide.

Censor rating: PG - Review rating: C

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A difficult to obtain film, but PAL VHS copies do exist, however no currently known sources to recommend.

25 November 2007 - An R0 PAL DVD is available from Spanish sources, along with other New Zealand films that are available from no other country, including New Zealand. This dvd is presented 1.33:1 with Spanish 5.1 and the original English 2.0. It also has Spanish subtitles and includes some Spanish text bios and still photos. It usually sells for about 10eur.

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The themes of this soundtrack were on the same CD that contains John Charles' Quiet Earth.

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