Mr Wrong DVD

Mr Wrong - aka: Dark of the Night - 1985

Preston Laing Productions - 87 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9418212008355

Cast: Healther Bolton, David Letch, Perry Piercy, Suzanne Lee, Margaret Umbers, Danny Mulherron, Gary Stalker, Kate Harcourt.
Screenplay: Gaylene Preston, Geoff Murphy, Graeme Tetly (based on a story by Elizabeth Jane Howard); Photography: Thom Burstyn; Music: Jonathan Crayford; Editor: Simon Reece; Producer: Robin Laing; Director: Gaylene Preston.

Meg(Heather Bolton) moves to Wellington and buys a used Mark II Jaguar, only to discover it is haunted by the previous owner - a woman murdered a few years earlier. Along with the ghost comes the murderer who stalks Meg, intent on adding to his previous deed. This was the first New Zealand film made by a female producer/director team. An excellent low cost production that one reviewer commented, "What Stephen King's CHRISTINE should have been". Recommended.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: B-

Mr Wrong
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"Ms. Preston [...] says directors here can 'define projects and make them how we like'. The "last- cut" privilege is given to only a few of the top directors in the United States, she says. New Zealand filmmakers work free of artistic interference from studios or financiers. 'They (restrictions) will come, but at the moment we haven't got them and that is great'. Ms. Preston described the film industry here as young and enthusiastic, but despaired of efforts to make homogeneous international movies. We should use and reflect our own history and culture, she maintains" - (Gaylene Preston in, "N.Z Film-makers haven", Christchurch Press, March 8, 1986)


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1986 - Mystfest, Italy - Commendation to Actress Heather Bolton.
1986 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Actress: Heather Bolton.

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