Jack Brown Genius DVD

Jack Brown, Genius - 1995

Wingnut Films/Senator Films co-production - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 012236105770

Cast: Timothy Balme, Nicola Murphy, Marton Csokas, Stuart Devenie, Edward Campbell, Lisa Chappell.
Crew: Screenplay: Tony Hiles, Peter Jackson, Frances Walsh; Cinematography: Allen Guilford; Editor: Jamie Selkirk; Score: Plan 9 & Michelle Scullion; Producers; Jamie Selkirk, Jim Booth, Peter Jackson, Hanno Huth; Visual Effects: Weta Ltd; Director: Tony Hiles.

In the chambers of a thousand-year-old monastery lives a monk who dreamed of being able to fly to see his creator. He invents a winged system, but falls to his death and is judged a suicide and relegated to purgatory. Since then, the monk has been searching for someone to free him, and 1000 years later finds inventor Jack Brown into whose brain he resides to help him build the wing system correctly which will free the monk from purgatory. This "comedy" fantasy seems to have a somewhat troubled script, and/or direction, in a confusing mix of genres.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: C-

Jack Brown, Genius
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German PAL VHS copies can be obtained for about 15Euros. R0 NTSC English soundtrack DVD copies, with optional Chinese subtitles, are available from Hong Kong, but difficult to find - new copies will probably be about $20us. It is presented 1.33:1 with 2.0 dolby digital sound with the only extras being brief bios of Timothy Balme and Stuart Devenie, plus an overall synopsis of the film, all in English text.

NOTE: An NTSC R1 dvd was released in the U.S. starting 13 October 2009, selling for $10-15us. It is presented in its original anamorphic 2.31:1 with 2.0 dolby digital sound. There are no subtitles nor any extras except for a stills gallery and a couple of non-NZ trailers.

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"Director Tony Hiles was for ten years a producer / director with New Zealand television, before establishing his own production company in 1979. He says his first feature will be a film with strong entertainment value, energetic relationships and rich characterisations. 'I also want to mix reality and fantasy. The dream of flight is a romantically whimsical notion, and the tough commercial world in which we live is the reality against which the fantasy is played. It is a comedy with a strong story. It's also a rollicking adventure and a romance'" - (Tony Hiles in, NZ Film, No.52, October 1994, pg.7)


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1996 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Actor: Timothy Balme; Best Director: Tony Hiles; Best Film Score: David Donaldson, Steve Roche, Janet Roddick.

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