Chill Factor/Lost Samurai

Chill Factor aka: Lost Samurai, The - 1988

Deco Film & Television Productions/Chilco Productions - 95min.
DVD EAN/UPC # 634991203623

Cast: Paul Williams, Patrick McNee, Carrie Snodgrass, Laura McKenzie, Harvey Shain, Frank Whitten, Nathaniel Lees, Phillip Gordon.
Writers: Rex Piano, Dan Goldman; Original Music: John Ross; Photography: Michael Delahoussaye; Producers: David L. Stanton, Dale Bradley; Executive Producer: Grant Bradley; Director: David L Stanton.

After a day of filming her popular "Window On The World" television series, hostess Katherine returns to her hotel room to find Clifford, an ex-CIA agent who reveals a saga of a worldwide organization that seeks to destroy the economic stability of every major country. Katherine seizes this opportunity to become a "real journalist" like star reporter Jerry, against the direct orders of news director Carl. This is a rather messy film, both in dialogue and body count.

Censor Rating: M- Review Rating: C

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No known PAL vhs sources for this, either used or new. Occationally, used NTSC copies surface, selling for $5-10us.
A no extras R0 ntsc dvd is available under the title, 'The Lost Samurai', selling for about $8us. It is presented 1.33:1 with 2.0 sound. There are no subtitles.

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