06 November 2022 - Great News - Five older films are now available for viewing legally free, without ads, at nzonscreen. They should be viewable in nearly all markets. The films are: 'Among the Cinders', 'Fracture', 'Home by Christmas', 'Middle Age Spread' and 'Perfect Strangers'.

18 October 2022 - A page has been added for the Maori history lesson, 'Muru'. It is current in New Zealand and Australian cinemas and will find its way to disc and VOD the end of November.

14 October 2022 - A page of information on 'Whina' is now available. It is current in New Zealand and Australian cinemas and will find its way to disc and VOD in December.

07 September 2022 - Information about Michelle Savill's first feature, 'Millie Lies Low', is now included in this database. It is now streaming in the UK but will not start showing in New Zealand and Australian theatres until 29 September. No reliable release dates for the US, Canada or discs.

21 August 2022 - You will find amongst the streaming options of some titles, links to "". This is a service tied to libraries and universities throughout the world. Your library or university may not provide such links, but it won't hurt to try and there is no charge.

14 August 2022 - Sadly I report that Marshall Napier has died. He gave us over 40 years of his talent and we are lucky to have recordings to enjoy. Check out 'Came of Hot Friday' or 'The Navigator' to experience or re-experience Marshall.

09 August 2022 - The US distributor of 'Death Warmed Up' is clearing out their remaining DVD copies for only $5 + shipping.

28 July 2022 - The sweet romantic comedy, Poppy', about a young woman with Down syndrome who does not feel she has limitations any more than anyone else, has a page of information now available.

22 July 2022 - Information for Casey Zilbert's comedy, 'Hang Time' aka: 'Getting Toasted', is now available with many VOD links. It will be available on DVD starting 09 August 2022.

03 July 2022 - Starting 26 July 2022, a Region Free, limited edition Blu-ray of 'Jack Be Nimble' will be released. It is a 4k restoration with optional English and Spanish subtitles and a 5.1 DTS-HD-MA spoken English soundtrack.

01 July 2022 - Information for Armagan Ballantyne's wild comedy, 'Nude Tuesday', starring Jackie van Beek, Damon Herriman and Jemaine Clement has been added. It has disc and streaming details as well as reviews and check out the trailer to sample the soundtrack.

09 May 2022 - Andrew Armitage of Aro Video has assembled some sample audio from past movies that you can hear at:
The tracklist includes songs from "Don't Let it Get You" (1966), "Smash Palace" (1981), "Blerta - The Return Trip" (2001), "Should I Be Good?" (1985), "Crush" (1992), "Footrot Flats: A Dog's Tale" (1987), "Stickmen" (2000),
"Poi E: The Story of Our Song" (2016), "Mt. Zion" (2013), "The Pa Boys" (2014), "No. 2" (2006), "Once Were Warriors" (1994), "Topless Women Talk About Their Lives" (1997), "Scarfies" (1999) and "Second-Hand Wedding" (2008).

11 April 2022 - Soundtrack CD, LP and digital streaming information for 'The Power of the Dog' is now available at 'The Power of the Dog' soundtrack page.

04 April 2022 - Information regarding Jane Campion's multi-award winner, 'The Power of the Dog', is now available at this site. Additional details will be gradually added.

31 March 2022 - Tangerine Dream's soundtrack for 'Dead Kids' aka: 'Strange Behavior', is about to be available on CD, LP vinyl and digital streaming. For details go to: The Dead Kids CD page

25 February 2022 - Charlotte Rampling stars in Matthew J. Saville's first feature, 'Juniper', which is VOD released in New Zealand and will have DVD and Blu-ray German releases in April.

21 February 2022 - The Transgender feature, 'Rurangi', is coming to DVD and VOD. Information is now available about its reviews, interviews and other information.

20 December 2021 - A page of information for the indigenous Canadian/New Zealand co-production feature, 'Night Raiders' is now available with links to VOD sites and DVD pre-order sites

28 November 2021 - Information on the 2018 musical, 'Portrait of a Knight', is now available for your enjoyment. It is available worldwide as a digital download or streaming.

07 November 2021 - The New Zealand Post has released six stamps commemorating the 20th Anniversary of 'The Fellowship of the Ring'. You can view them here with some background information.

24 October 2021 - Sorry about not keeping up on things, but I had a fall and my healing is ongoing. Nevertheless, some new entries are up and more will follow. The New Zealand Film Commission have added some more titles to their VOD site, but still only available for folks in New Zealand and Australia. Included in those offerings are 'The Flight of the Albatross' and 'Coming Home in the Dark'. New Zealand On Screen has also added some more offerings and 'Taking the Waewae Express' is one that you should check out, and it is free to everyone. I will shortly be adding a page of information about Jane Campion's latest, 'The Power of the Dog'.

06 September 2021 - A page of information has been added for 'The Justice of Bunny King', which is now in New Zealand cinemas and is coming to DVD and VOD in November.

30 August 2021 - Information is now available concerning 'Coming Home in the Dark', which is currently in New Zealand theatres, and will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD next November.

23 July 2021 - '3 Mile Limit' is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, plus various North American VOD sources. However, it has a different title for these North American releases of, '1480 Radio Pirates'.

01 July 2021 - The five features of the Hercules - Legendary Journeys series are now VOD available and, thanks to tubitv, is legally free, so long as you don't mind a few ads. Check them out at the LEGALLY FREE NEW ZEALAND FEATURE FILMS PAGE.

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