Pallet on the Floor

Pallet On The Floor - 1986

Mirage Films - 88 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9418212012291

Cast: Bruce Spence, Peter McCauley, Jillian O'Brien, Shirley Gruar, Alistair Douglas, Tony Barry, John Bach, Marshall Napier, Terrence Cooper.
Screenplay: Martyn Sanderson, Lynton Butler, Robert Rising based upon the novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson; Photography: Kevin Hayward; Editor: Patrick Monaghan; Music: Bruno Lawrence, Jonathan Crayford; Production Designer: Lyn Bergquist; Producer: Larry Parr; Director: Lynton Butler.

A murderous black comedy set in 1960's Patea. Sam (McCauley) and his small band of hard-drinking and eccentric friends are having a night of it when a drunk truck driver, Jack (Bach), attacks Sam's Maori wife Sue (O'Brien). In the struggle, Sam and friends end up killing Jack. None of them regrets this, but it has been observed by Miriam (Gruar) who decides to blackmail Sam. Then Jack's brother Joe (Napier) comes looking for revenge and ends up being killed by Basil (Spence). Their jobs at the freezer works are terminated, and Basil has his own idea about how to get out of their troubles. A weak renduring of Morrieson's last novel. Excellent jazz score by Jonathan Crayford and Bruno Lawrence, who has a cameo as the bass player at the wedding.

Censor rating: M - Review rating: C+

Pallet on the Floor
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Hard to find this PAL VHS, but expect used to be at least $10nz. There are no known ntsc copies.

As of 01 June, 2012, a PAL R0 DVD version is available for about $15nz from New Zealand sources. It is presented in its original 1.33:1 format with a 2.0 stereo English soundtrack. There are no subtitles or extras.

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