Hercules and the Circle of Fire video

Hercules and the Circle of Fire - 1994

Renaissance Pictures - 87 min.

Complete DVD set UPC/EAN # 013131254990; 5060020621901

Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Tawny Kitaen, Kevin Atkinson, Stephanie Barrett, Mark Ferguson.
Screenplay: Barry Pullman, Andrew Dettmann, Daniel Truly; Editor: Jon Koslowsky; Creature, prosthetic and digital effectgs: WETA NZ Ltd.; Special Effects designer: Richard Taylor; Project managers: Jamie Selkirk, Peter Jackson; Digital Effects supervisor: George Port; Sound: Joshua Schneider, Mathew Waters, David Grant; Director: Doug Lefler.

All over the world, the fires are dying. The planet will become an icy wilderness. Mankind is threatened with extinction. At the heart of this plot lies Hera, Hercules' implacable enemy, who has taken the eternal Torch before it is extinguished. Many dangers lay in wait: an invincible giant, a treacherous wood sprite and the wrath and jealousy of his father, Zeus. This second of the series telefeatures, is another light hearted sword and sorcery ramp with special effects and New Zealand scenery making up for other weaknesses.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: C+

Hercules and the Circle of Fire
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New VHS NTSC copies can be obtained from various U.S. or Canadian sources for about $10us. No known sources for PAL copies.
The best buy, if you are interested in all 5 of the feature length films, is to purchase the Anchor Bay 8 disc set, selling for at least $30us, but since 2009 it is OOP, new set prices are going up. The set includes all five feature length titles, plus all 13 first season TV shows as well as audio commentaries by Kevin Sorbo & Michael Hurst, Director and Actor Bios, The Hercules Chronicles, Screen Saver, Photo Gallery and Series Trivia. It is presented 1.33:1 with 5.1 dolby surround sound. There are no subtitles. This 8-disc set can be purchased in the UK for at least 25#. As of 15 October 2009, the multi-disc set will be available (PAL format) from New Zealand sellers for about $60nz.

Aro Video of Wellington - Recommended NZ reseller for the season 1 complete set

DealOZ North American price comparison site

Amazon UK - 5 feature DVD set

Amazon US - 5 feature DVD set

Amazon AU - 5 feature DVD set


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New Zealand herald, Dec.31, 1993
Sight and sound, v.4,issue 6(June 1994)

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