NEWS ARCHIVE January 2010 - December 2020

NOTE: This is an archival section and therefore some of the links may no longer be active or valid.

19 December 2020 - Sadly I report that charator actor Mick Innes has left us. His battle with COPD finally got the best of him, but he did not want to spend his last days in hospital, so he went back to his family home in Christchurch to be with relatives and friends. For further details, check out the Glenn McConnell article at Stuff.

10 December 2020 - A page is now up for information about CD and LP offerings of the 'Boogeyman' soundtrack. The comedy 'Baby Done' will be coming to DVD and VOD starting 14 January 2021. It will also be coming to blu-ray in the US starting 23 March 2021.

24 November 2020 - Information is now available on the US/NZ co-production 2005 horror film 'Boogeyman' (Better late than never). Of the New Zealand half of the cast it has two New Zealand actors of note, Lucy Lawless and Aaron Murphy. There is nothing especially unique about the film, but I do not think it deserves the low ratings it has received. I should also mention that 'Blue Moon' will become VOD available at Vimeo and iTunes starting 15 December 2020.

18 November 2020 - A page of information about 'Baby Done' has been added to the database. It will have a DVD release starting 14 January 2021 in New Zealand and 20 January in Australia. There are no release dates for other markets yet. Also, there are no VOD sources yet, but they will be added by the end of December.

29 October 2020 - The problem of having the world divided into disc regions has not been solved with VOD options. For example: a title might be available from iTunes US but not itunes anywhere else. A title might be at Amazon UK prime video, but nowhere else. A couple of specific examples: 'After the Waterfall' is VOD available from New Zealand Film Commission ondemand but only to New Zealand and Australia. The movie is available on DVD, but only as a Region 4 PAL disc. 'Apron Strings' is not VOD available, but is on a Region 4 PAL disc. There is another way to play discs that are not coded for your country that does not require purchasing a specially modified player. You can obtain a program for Windows computers that will, in effect, make the discs appear to be Region 0 and thereby viewable. This can be done for either DVD or Blu-ray discs. I can recommend a program I have been using successfully for many years. It comes from a Chinese company called DVDFab. The program is called Passkey. You can try it out without cost before purchase. You must have at least a Windows 7, either 32 or 64 bit and at least 1GB of RAM. I recommend the Blu-ray/DVD bundle offer, but in either case you can try it without cost. By installing this you will be able to play discs regardless of what region they were coded for.

09 October 2020 - Confirmation of more territories for the 4k Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy releases of: the US, Canada, UK, Italy, France and the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. All are scheduled for releases on about 01 December 2020.

06 October 2020 - Finally, the 4K extended edition trilogy versions of 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' will become available on discs starting the first week of December. I have been able to confirm that it will be available in Germany and Australia. I expect that we will receive notices of releases in North America, New Zealand and other European countries soon. Further details are forthcoming.

29 September 2020 - Hayden J. Weal has another feature that is about to become VOD available at Amazon, iTunes and Vudu. This horror comedy, 'Dead' is not yet available on disc and, like some other titles released in the past few years, it may never, but rest assured that I will add such information if/when it does. Also, as of today 'Alien Addiction' is now available from stores in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.

21 September 2020 - Aro Video in Wellington has more New Zealand titles for sale than Mighty Ape in Auckland and more New Zealand titles for rent than Alice in Videoland of Christchurch. In otherwords, Aro Video has the largest selection of New Zealand titles than probably anywhere on the planet. No, I have not been paid to promote Aro Video. But I have received great service from them over the past 20 years and highly recommend them. They currently have some 24 used NZ titles selling for under $20nz. Pay them an on-line visit or drop by their shop at 97 Aro Street.

20 September 2020 - A DVD of the recently released comedy, 'This Town' will be finding its way to resellers in Australia and New Zealand starting 05 November 2020. No date yet for VOD release, but I will add that information once I can confirm it.

18 September 2020 - Four titles are now VOD available at NZFC ondemand for New Zealand and Australian viewers. They are: 'The Catch', 'Show of Hands', 'Sons for the Return Home' and 'Vermilion'. Unfortunately, they are only available for New Zealand and Australia at this time. Feel free to let them know that you want to view these and the other titles that currently are only available at their site for New Zealand and Australia. They can be emailed at:

07 September 2020 - Based upon the number of visitors to the titled film pages at this website, The 12 most popular features between July 2019 and June 2020 are: 'Hibiscus & Ruthless', 'The Warrior's Way', 'Heart of the Stag', 'Battletruck', 'Braindead', 'Sleeping Dogs', 'Vermilion', 'Illustrious Energy', 'The Insatiable Moon', 'West of Eden', 'Crooked Earth' and 'Rain'. Although 'Crooked Earth', 'Heart of the Stag' and 'Vermilion' are not yet VOD viewable, the other nine are, although not in all markets.

06 September 2020 - I have found four more NZ titles at Tubi that are free online. That brings the total of legally free titles to 66, although most of these are only available free to viewers in the US, Canada or Australia. Hopefully, the viewer territories will be expanded in the near future. The New Zealand Film Commission's ondemand titles has been expanded to include 'Snakeskin', 'Stray' and 'Middle Age Spread'. Unfortunately, their offerings are, so far, only available to viewers in New Zealand or Australia.

22 August 2020 - Of the 314 titles here, there are some 90 that have very low IMDB user rating volumes and are noted with a "?". Of those 90, there are some 46 that can be VOD viewed online, and of those 46 some 15 are legally free. Not all are available in all markets. The 15 are: Christmas, Chunuk Bair, Curry Munchers, Five, Hook, Line & Sinker, Kombi Nation, The Leading Edge, Luella Miller, Mark II, Memories of Tomorrow, Orphans & Kingdoms, Pallet on the Floor, Queen City Rocker, The Waimate Conspiracy and Zilch.

18 August 2020 - Starting 29 September 2020, DVD, Blu-ray and VOD versions of 'Alien Addiction' will be available for purchase in New Zealand, Australia, US and Canada. This sci-fi comedy comes from the efforts of Shae Sterling and friends that laboured for some 3 years to provide you with another dose of New Zealand humour.

31 July 2020 - Tubi TV has a free with ads site with over 40 New Zealand features. Unfortunately, so far, it is only available to viewers in the US, Canada and Australia. This means that in addition to the non-Tubi offerings, there are over 60 features free, provided you are willing to put up with advertisements breaking in on the movie, but we have had those experiences with commercial television for many years. The current list is at the Free Films Page.

03 July 2020 - Another title has been added. The comical horror 'Killer Sofa' is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD in many markets. "Blood and guts all over the street and me without a spoon" movies are not to everyone's taste, but this one is a bit different.

21 June 2020 - 'The Map Reader' is now available to view online legally Free. There are no catches or sign-ins. This teen drama is worth a view, even if you are well past your teen years. You will need to turn off any ad blocker you might have installed.

05 June 2020 - Starting 22 July 2020, a DVD of 'The Legend of Baron To'a' will be available for purchase from New Zealand and Australian resellers. Also note that New Zealand and Australian DVD resellers are now back selling and shipping upon receiving some relief from the coronavisus restrictions.

05 May 2020 - Three more titles are, or will be, available on Blu-ray: 'Daffodils' is available from French sources and 'Irrefutable Truth About Demons' will be available from German sources starting 29 May 2020. 'Bad Taste' is also available on Blu-ray. It is available from Spanish sources under the title of 'Mal Gusto'.

22 April 2020 - While they are not permitted to operate in-store retail under Level 3 alert, Aro Video of Wellington has announced that they are able to recommence their Home-Delivery service for DVD rental and sales starting Tuesday, the 28th of April. Please note there is a two-title minimum required for rental orders during this period. You are welcome to place orders in advance of this date to ensure priority dispatch. For further updates please visit their Facebook page at:
In the meanwhile, you might want to check out the new "Free Films Page". There are some 20 legally free for view streaming films available that you might have not previously noticed.

04 April 2020 - Due to the Coronavirus and government directive, New Zealand resellers are not selling DVDs or Blu-rays until at least the end of April, as they are not considered essential. I would be willing to argue that decision and Andrew at Aro Video has done just that, but meanwhile you will have to purchase discs from non- New Zealand sources. Some Australian resellers are taking orders, but there is some question about deliveries via Australian Post. It would appear that purchases from sources in other countries are open for business and capable of shipments. See notices at their websites for further details.

23 March 2020 - I am selling some lightly used DVDs at attractive prices. Be sure to notice what region coding they have as some are R1, some R2, some R4 and a couple of R0. They are all listed at the DVD Sale Page, although they are being sold through ebay. I also have a few new CD copies of the soundtrack of 'Savage Islands aka: Nate & Hayes'. That info and link is at the Nate CD Page.

28 February 2020 - I noticed that Aro Video in Wellington has a 25% off sale of some OOP, like-new, DVD titles. Included amongst the 648 are a dozen or so New Zealand features such as'Out of the Blue', 'Sione's Wedding', 'River Queen', 'Memory & Desire', 'Once Were Warriors' and 'Sleeping Dogs'. Remember that these pricing are in New Zealand dollars and the DVDs will be Region 4. I am pointing this out because I want to help this independent reseller, not because I am getting any kick-back. Worth looking over.

26 February 2020 - I am certainly happy to point out that Jennifer Ward-Lealand has been named New Zealander of the Year. A well deserved honour. Further information about her, including a link to a video interview, can be found at: Also note that a page has been added for the first Chinese/New Zealand co-production feature, 'Mosley'. It will be available on DVD next April from Australian and New Zealand resellers.

15 February 2020 - Mighty Ape of Auckland has $9nz specials going on for eight popular DVD titles. Check them out at:

21 January 2020 - Information is now available at the 'Jojo Rabbit' Soundtrack Page. It is available on CD, vinyl LP as well as streaming digital. More sources are forthcoming.

11 January 2020 - There are now a number of features that have been released but have not found their way to disc. Most of them are to be found VOD available. Some of these will gradually be added to this database. 'West of Eden' is one such title and now another has just been added, 'Orphans & Kingdoms', which is well worth checking out.

30 December 2019 - You can now view 'Off The Edge' at Amazon US for just $1.99 or free with Prime membership. I am pleased to announce that John Barnett has received a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit Award for his services to film and television.

20 December 2019 - A page of information regarding 'Jojo Rabbit' is now available. It is now playing in cinemas and will have DVD, Blu-ray, 4k and VOD releases in March 2020.

16 December 2019 - Information about 'Bellbird' has now been added to the site. It will start a DVD release 19 February 2020 in both New Zealand and Australia. VOD sources will be available as well. Availability in other markets will be noted later.

29 November 2019 - A page of information is now available on the first NZ feature that was made on an iPhone 7+, 'Blue Moon'. It is now available on DVD and will soon be viewable online ondemand. Another feature, 'Take Home Pay', has a page up with links to DVD and Blu-ray sources.

23 November 2019 - A DVD of 'The Whole of the Moon' is available as part of a set of 12 movies titled 'Family Movie Favorites'. This is a 3-disc NTSC Region 1 set that has two titles on each side of the three flipper discs. Also in the set is another NZ title, 'Bonjour Timothy'. It is presented in its original 1.33:1 format with DD 2.0 English. There are no subtitles or extras.

16 November 2019 - We have lost another fine artist. Nancy Brunning is gone. In her short time with us she entertained us with roles in films such as Chicken, Crooked Earth, Daffodils, Fracture, Mahana, The Strength of Water, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted and When Love Comes. There is a nice write-up at:

25 August 2019 - I have completed the upgrade, so let me know if you are still having problems viewing anything from your mobile device. I have not gone to the trouble of adding code that would indicate that the site is a secure one, although it is, because I am not selling anything at this site. That said, I take no responsibility for any issues you may experience at sites to which I have linked and, obviously, have no control over.

03 August 2019 - For the next couple of weeks, a complete database upgrade will be occurring to make the site more compatable for mobile devices. Be patient with me, because this is a one-man-show and it will take awhile.

23 July 2019 - Taika Waititi's next feature, 'Jojo Rabbit', will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in September and start its general release in October. Flash and mp4 versions of the first trailer are linked from the Sneak Peek Trailers Page. This farcical comedy is reminiscent of Wes Anderson and Mel Brooks, so don't get the vapors over the theme and characters.

03 July 2019 - Some information has been added for the coming-of-age comedy, 'Brown Boys', about six Samoan men in South Auckland, that will be coming to DVD starting 21 August 2019. If you are looking for links to, you will find that they have moved their store over to Amazon and their previous one is now down. I have added a link to their Amazon store at my BuySellRent page.

27 June 2019 - I have dropped prices on most dvds that are on sale. Check them out at the DVD Sale Page. I have also dropped the prices on the remaining six vhs titles that are for sale. All are in very good condition with one, Smash Palace, a never played new copy for only $3 + shipping. Check them out at the VHS Sale Page. Lastly, I have one used copy of the Original Soundtrack CD of Utu, and I still have new $9 copies for sale of the Nate & Hayes (Savage Islands) Soundtrack CD.

23 June 2019 - Links to TubiTV have been added for 15 NZ titles. TubiTV offers free streaming, but with ads, for most countries, except for Europe. Check their "Help Center" for details about supported devices and other issues. The titles TubiTV is currently offering are: Bad Taste, Battletruck, Chronesthesia, The Devil's Rock, Kombi Nation, Luella Miller, Meet the Feebles, Mesmerized, Mr. Pip, The Shrimp on the Barbie, Sleeping Dogs, Tracker, Whale Rider, The World's Fastest Indian and Wound.

31 May 2019 - The folks who brought us 'Waru', are also the ones who have brought us 'Vai' and it will be coming to DVD 17 July 2019 from resellers in Australia and New Zealand. Then starting 27 August, it will be available from sources in the US. Information on the soundtrack CD and LP, including mp3 samples, for the musical 'Daffodils' is now available.

17 May 2019 - The new musical, 'Daffodils', which is currently playing in New Zealand cinemas, is scheduled for a DVD and VOD release starting 03 July 2019. The movie soundtrack has been released to CD and LP as well.

15 May 2019 - Two more titles are now VOD available online, but currently only to New Zealand or Australia viewers. They are 'Angel Mine' and 'The Silent One'.

12 May 2019 - Film Movement (US) is having a 50% off Sale that includes 'Once Were Warriors' and 'The Quiet Earth'. This applies to both DVD and Blu-ray versions. I don't know the cutoff date, but they are saying it is a limited time offering. I can confirm that the Blu-rays of these two NZ titles are all-region discs. I cannot confirm that the DVD versions are also all-region.

07 April 2019 - We have lost a New Zealand film great - Anzac Wallace. - He is probably best known for his work in 'Utu' and 'The Quiet Earth', but he also contributed his talent in many other productions. You might want to check out his bio at

23 March 2019 - Great news for folks in the US. Amazon Prime VOD is now offering 'Battletruck' and 'The End of the Golden Weather'. These are the first VOD offerings of these classic titles. You can rent or purchase 'Battletruck' and you can even view 'The End of the Golden Weather' Free!

21 March 2019 - In addition to 'Death Warmed Up' coming, for the first time, to Blu-ray starting 03 April, 'Mega Time Squad' is also coming to Blu-ray, staring 09 April. Also returning is a DVD re-issue of 'The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior'; this will be a 23 April US release and therefore NTSC region 1.

18 February 2019 - With many regrets I report that writer, filmmaker and gay activist, Peter Wells, has left us. An initial press report can be read at A biography and some samples of his film works can be found at No one person did as much to save Auckland's Civic Theatre than Peter. Pick up, or order a copy, of Peter's last book, 'Hello Darkness', which can be purchased from most any New Zealand bookshop. It will give you insights into how he was viewing his imminent and premature death and also provide reflections on his life and what he has learned. As David Herkt wrote in his recent review of the book, "More than anything, Hello Darkness is a very human book, written without guise. It is a deft and resounding triumph."

17 February 2019 - Some great news for folks in the US - Amazon Prime now has 'Came a Hot Friday', 'Illustrious Energy' aka: 'Dreams of Home', 'Pallet on the Floor' and 'Queen City Rocker', all available as digital rentals. Go to the internal linked pages for trailers and links to Amazon.

11 February 2019 - Some additional new trailers are up for your teasing pleasure at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page. The Blu-ray of 'Death Warmed Up' is scheduled for a 03 April release and is loaded with extras. In addition to the David Blyth/Michael Heath interview that was on the previous R0 PAL DVD, there is a new audio commentary track with David Blyth and Michael Heath, an interview with David Letch, deleted and missing scenes with optional audio commentary, theatrical trailer, original VHS trailers and TV spots, plus a stills image gallery. The Blu-ray is presented 1.78:1 with a 5.1 Spoken English soundtrack. The extras are presented 2.0. The Blu-ray feature has optional English subtitles. Concluding, 'Mega Time Squad' is scheduled for a Blu-ray release, starting 09 April.

10 January 2019 - A page of information on the soundtrack for 'Mortal Engines' has been added that includes links to resellers of the CD, LP and digital downloads. In the way of an advance alert - 'Death Warmed Up' is coming to Blu-ray. I do not have details yet, so check back here monthly for further information.

03 January 2019 - Just thought I would point out that Barnes & Noble is currently having a 50% off sale of Arrow Video titles, which includes four New Zealand titles: 'The Navigator', 'Sleeping Dogs', 'Smash Palace' and 'Vigil'.

01 January 2019 - The NZ top rentals of 2018 at iTunes were: 'Black Sheep', 'Boy', 'The Breaker Upperers', 'Broken', 'Deathgasm', ' Eternity', 'The Frighteners', 'Gary of the Pacific', 'Heavenly Creatures', 'Hibsicus & Ruthless', 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople', 'Kiwi Christmas', 'The Lovely Bones', 'Mahana', 'Once Were Warriors' and 'The World's Fastest Indian'.

24 December 2018 - Five more titles have been added to the database - Stephen Kang's 'Desert', Tim vanDammen's 'Mega Time Squad', Christian Rivers' 'Mortal Engines', Dustin Feneley's 'Stray' and Dorthe Scheffmann's 'Vermilion' . Desert is OOP, 'Mega Time Squad' and 'Vermilion' will not be available on disc until February, 'Mortal Engines' and 'Stray' cannot be obtained until March. That said, there is helpful information here for your future considerations.

11 December 2018 - It would appear that we are finally going to get restoration versions of 'Bad Taste', 'Meet the Feebles' and 'Braindead'. "I'm pretty keen to actually just get them back out there again," Peter Jackson says. "That's sort of my plan for now: to do a nice little box set. The early years! The naughty years!". No date yet, but some details are in a Hollywood Reporter article by Patrick Brzeski. Also we have a 20 March 2019 date for DVD, Blu-ray & 4k UHD releases of 'Mortal Engines'. In case it slipped by you - starting 10 December DVD and Blu-ray copies of 'They Shall Not Grow Old' can be purchased from UK resellers.

03 December 2018 - We have lost one of New Zealand great filmmakers, Geoff Murphy. Most of his work was done during the '80s with such titles as, 'Goodbye Pork Pie', 'Utu', 'The Quiet Earth' and 'Never Say Die'. He spent most of the '90s in Hollywood directing action films, but came back to New Zealand to be a second unit director for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Five years ago, he worked on revising and updating 'Utu' which was renamed 'Utu Redux'. Then three years ago, he came out with his biography, 'Geoff Murphy - A Life On Film'. If you are one of the rare people who have never seen his films, do yourself a favour and check them out. With the exception of 'Never Say Die', they are all on disc and VOD.

06 November 2018 - If you have not visited the Sneak Peek Trailers Page lately, you might enjoy doing so. New additions include 'Alien Addiction', 'Blue Moon', 'Daffodils', 'Maui's Hook', 'Mega Time Squad', 'Vermilion' and a new trailer for Peter Jackson's biggie 'Mortal Engines' which is coming to cinemas starting 06 December.

16 October 2018 - Links to more sources from which to purchase DVD and Blu-ray copies of many titles have been added. Additionally, links have been added for Microsoft VOD for all titles they are offering. So, if you have been wanting something that was not available recently, try again, as that movie might now be available.

01 October 2018 - 'They Shall Not Grow Old' - Peter Jackson's Colourised World War 1 movie will have its UK Premiere 16 October 2018, followed by showings in various UK cinemas. Australian and New Zealand showings are forthcoming.

28 September 2018 - Rex Pilgrim died a week or so ago - suicide - and today his memorial service is being held in Brisbane - so far away. A few friends wrote messages to be read out and we thought it would be good to post these messages here. [ED: Rex Pilgrim was a writer for 'When Love Comes' and 'Jack Be Nimble'] I met Rex when I came back to NZ in the early 1980s and a friendship blossomed. I was attracted to his quick intelligence, his laugh and also a certain sardonic take on life. We went on to work together editing 'Best Mates, an Anthology of Gay NZ Writing' which appeared in 1997. We gathered up writing of gay male writers as far back as we could and as far forward as we could. We struck problems with a number of estates who refused permission. We returned the compliment by showing a blank page with the author's name at the top. It said a lot. Auckland Museum refused to give us permission to use a beautiful archival photo of two men affectionately kissing on a boat. We went ahead and used it as a cover. As a reader said on Amazon's Goodreads recently, 'if you are into queer studies, this is an important book.' I am retrospectively so proud of this book that Rex and I put together. Not only is it a beautiful object filled with illustrations but it is, in its own small way, a landmark publication. So in this sad circumstance when someone's life leaks away, the loss of his charm, his ability to laugh, to be pert and sharply to the point, I like to think that a part of Rex remains forever in this very beautiful and important book. He meant it, he told it, he edited it, he put it together and while he has so achingly gone, this book is a testament to his intelligence, his wit and his grit. - as posted at Facebook by Peter Wells

24 September 2018 - Starting 01 November 2018, the adult comedy 'The Breaker Upperers' will become available on DVD and Blu-ray from New Zealand and Australian resellers. On the same day, there will also be a DVD release of the 2017 family comedy, 'Kiwi Christmas'.

05 August 2018 - 'Hibiscus & Ruthless' is coming to DVD and Blu-ray starting 01 November 2018. You might want to check out the new and coming trailers at the Sneak Peek Trailer Page, as more have been added recently. If you did not know, I have a Facebook Page that contains recent and interesting news as well.

09 July 2018 - If you have not checked out the DVD Sale Page lately, you might want to do so as there have been a number of additions. Be sure to note the region indications as all regions are represented. Send me an email if you have questions about any of these DVD offerings.

11 June 2018 - There now is information about Christian Nicolson's low budget Sci-Fi comedy, 'This Giant Paper Mache Boulder Is Really Heavy'. It is coming to DVD and Blu-ray starting 11 July. Although no dates yet, it will also be VOD available soon.
Although it is not available on disc, New Zealand's first (1980) Gay themed feature, 'Squeeze', is now available for rent or purchase at Vimeo.
The New Zealand Film Commission's VOD site has added three more titles for folks in New Zealand and Australia: 'Desperate Remedies', 'Ngati' and 'Te Rua'. They have also posted that their service to the UK has been temporarily suspended, with no indication for how long.

04 May 2018 - Two more features are now available for streaming or downloading: 'Broken Hallelujah' and 'In My Father's Den'. Although 'Broken Hallelujah' is available to all markets, 'In My Father's Den' is currently only available to New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

26 April 2018 - There is a page of information, with links and reviews, related to 'West of Eden' available now. It will not be available on disc until August, but it is viewable online at Amazon and Vimeo. A great addition is coming to Blu-ray, 'The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey'. Arrow Films will be releasing it starting 24 July 2018 in the UK and US. Go to the Navigator page for details and links to pre-order sites.

19 April 2018 - The New Zealand Film Commission's digital download site has recently added two more titles - 'Rain of the Children' and 'Scarfies'. As with all their offerings, the markets are limited mostly to New Zealand and Australia, with a few available to the UK. So far, none of their titles are available to North American or other markets. Some legal digital streaming/downloading services are available in many market, such as Vimeo. Vimeo currently has 14 NZ features available to most everyone. They also offer many New Zealand shorts, documentaries and TV productions. Amazon, iTunes and NZFC are not the only sources for ondemand titles. 172 features are now available for downloading or streaming. The complete list is at the alphastreamlist Page.

13 April 2018 - In case you might pass over the fact, I am offering 8 VHS titles for sale. You might say, who cares, but I want to point out that I am all but giving them away and four are not available on the US/CA standard NTSC DVD. Those four are 'Bread and Roses', 'Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree', 'Middle Age Spread' and 'Sons for the Return Home'. I should also point out that I offering a NEW, never played, NTSC original copy of 'Smash Palace'. Admittedly, the major cost is the shipping charge. Sorry, but I am not willing to absorb that. I only have one copy of each of these titles, so check out the VHS Sale Page for pricing and links to title details and their purchase locations at ebay.

12 April 2018 - In case you might not have noticed, there are some 18 feature titles that can be legally viewed online - 12 of them from any location, plus 6 more that are only available for viewers in the United States or Canada. Go to the Alphastreamlist Page for easy access to all of them. The titles have been highlighted with "FREE" or "FREE trial period". Just click on that title where you will find the appropriate link. Yes, most of these are not major titles, but the price is right and varied enjoyment can be found.

03 April 2018 - It is confirmed that the previously mentioned Arrow Films release of Vigil will become available in the US starting 12 June 2018. All of the specs and features that have been listed for the UK release, mentioned below, will apply, except that the cost will be $30-40us.

29 March 2018 - Another 'Quiet Earth' Blu-ray release will be coming starting 18 June 2018. It is a Region B Arrow Video (UK) issue that will sell for 18-25#. It will have spoken English lossless 5.1 surround and 2.0 Stereo options as well as optional English subtitles. Extras include: a new audio commentary by critic Travis Crawfore, a new video essay by critic Bryan Reesman, a new interview with critic Kim Newman on the post-apocalyptic movies of the 1980s, the original theatrical trailer, a stills gallery and a reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Laz Marquez. NOTE: With the first pressing only, an illustrated collector's booklet is included featuring new writing by Amy Simmons.

Starting 11 June 2018, a Region Free Blu-ray will become available from Arrow Films (UK) for Vigil. It will sell for 18-25# and have the original spoken English in mono LPCM. It will also have optional English subtitles. Extras include: A new "appreciation" by film critic Nick Roddick, an on-set report of the film from the New Zealand TV programme 'Country Calendar', an extract from a 1987 Kaleidoscope TV documentary on New Zealand cinema focusing on Vigil and Vincent Ward, and the theatrical trailer. NOTE: With the first pressing only, an illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic Carmen Gray is included.

22 March 2018 - Information is now available for Tarry Mortlock's first feature film, 'Broken'. This very low budget film was shot around the East Coast of North Island. It is still having New Zealand theatrical showings and will start showing up at Australian theatres in May. It will be available on DVD by July, but disc details are not yet available.

10 February 2018 - Starting 27 May 2018, a Region B Blu-ray will become available in the UK of 'Smash Palace'. It will have a US release starting 28 May 2018. It will contain the same extras that were in the "Roger Donaldson Collection" DVD. It will not have the Dolby 5.1 surround option, but will have the original mono LPCM spoken English and will have a 1.85:1 format. It will have optional English subtitles and the theatrical trailer. First pressing only: Illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by Ian Barr, a contemporary review by Pauline Kael and the original press book. Pre-orders are selling for $35-40us or 18-25#.

07 February 2018 - Information is now available for Nic Gorman's first feature, 'Human Traces'. It is scheduled to be available on DVD and Blu-ray, in the US, starting 06 March 2018. It is also scheduled for VOD at New Zealand, Australian, US and Canadian iTunes sites. I should point out the a Blu-ray version of 'Once Were Warriors' is being released in the UK starting 19 February 2018. It also is going to have a VOD release in the UK as well.

28 January 2018 - Amongst their "Top 50 DVD's of 2017" - Aro Video of Wellington selected 'Pork Pie'. Runner-up New Zealand features included: 'The Changeover', 'Chronesthesia', 'The Great Maiden's Blush', and 'Poi E'.

20 January 2018 - Starting 17 April 2018, a Region A and Region B Blu-ray will become available in the US and UK of 'Sleeping Dogs'. It will contain the same extras that were in the "Roger Donaldson Collection" DVD. It will not have the Dolby 5.1 surround option, but will have the original mono LPCM spoken English and will have a 1.85:1 format. It will have optional English subtitles and the theatrical trailer. First pressing only: Illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by Neil Mitchell, a contemporary review by Pauline Kael and the original press book. Pre-orders are selling for $30-40us or 18-25#.

14 January 2018 - DID YOU KNOW - Over the past 40 years, of some 290 New Zealand feature films produced, 161 received a total of 1314 awards. 30 of them have each received 10 or more awards. Peter Jackson's 15 New Zealand films have received a total 580 awards, which means 734 awards for the remaining titles. Given the size of New Zealand compared to other countries, this is quite remarkable. Support the New Zealand film industry to encourage more remarkable filmmaking.

30 December 2017 - Information about the unique, all Maori women directed feature, 'Waru', has been added to the database. It will be available on DVD starting 31 January 2018. 'The Changeover' is now viewable at iTunes for New Zealand viewers. Wishing you all great viewing experiences for 2018.

18 December 2017 - The quirky little 40 year-old film, 'Solo', which was the first NZ/AU co-production, is now available for VOD viewing online. The first trailer for Peter Jackson next feature, 'Mortal Engines' is now available to tease you from the Sneak peek trailers Page.

04 December 2017 - The successful film adaptation of Margaret Mahy's teen novel 'The Changeover' is coming to disc and VOD this month at New Zealand and Australian resellers.

01 December 2017 - Three NZ/US co-productions are now VOD available for US viewers on Amazon video: 'Cave In', 'Cupid's Prey' and 'Terror Peak'. The free audio review project at Never Repeats has reviews up this November for: 'Dead Kids', 'Mesmerized', 'Other Halves', 'Restless' and 'Trial Run'.

22 November 2017 - Sample MP3 clips from 'Beyond the Known World' and 'One Thousand Ropes' are now available at the Soundtrack Samples page. These of just two of over 270 soundtrack samples you can hear, including some nine from early titles that were on vinyl LPs.

30 October 2017 - Information concerning the first Indian/New Zealand co-production feature, 'Beyond the Known World' is now available. 'The Changeover' will become available on DVD and VOD starting 27 December 2017. David Blyth's family comedy, 'Grampire aka: Moonrise' is now VOD available to folks in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

05 October 2017 - After the Waterfall is now available digitally online for New Zealand and Australian viewers. Trailers for upcoming films, 'Waru' and 'Kiwi Christmas' can be accessed at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page. A sample of the soundtrack from '6 Days' is now ready for your listening pleasure at either the film's page or the Soundtrack Samples Page

01 September 2017 - I have made changes at my DVD Sale Page as well as my VHS Sale Page - some additions, subtractions and pricing changes. Most of the DVDs are being sold at Amazon and most of the VHS titles are being sold at ebay. I will be shipping all items from my Oregon, USA, address. So if you have any questions, let me know before you finalize any purchases.

23 August 2017 - The New Zealand Film Commission's VOD site has added another lesser known title, 'The Red House' to their offerings. However, it is currently only available to locations in New Zealand, Australia or the UK. I now have a page of information about 'One Thousand Ropes', which will be available on DVD and VOD starting 18 October.

20 August 2017 - Information for Toa Fraser's latest, '6 Days', is now available. Although the DVD will not be available until 03 October, it is available now VOD in the US and Canada. I am expecting confirmation of a Blu-ray version soon, so check back in a couple of weeks. It will be available in other markets later this year, but it is still having its theatrical showings in most markets.

06 August 2017 - The New Zealand Film Commission's VOD site has added the hard to find 'A Song of Good' to their offerings. However, it is only available to locations in New Zealand, Australia or the UK. No I do not know when they will be offering their many VOD titles to other countries, although I have asked and they only promise "someday". The film's soundtrack, as well as many others, can be mp3 sampled at the Soundtracksamples Page.

04 July 2017 - The low budget thriller, 'Hidden', is now legally available VOD for free. VUDU has recently added 14 NZ titles to their VOD offerings. Additionally VUDU is offering 'Boy' and 'The Lovely Bones' for free, provided you don't mind also seeing some ads. Unfortunately, at this time VUDU offerings are only available to USA locations.

27 June 2017 - There are some updates for 'Chronesthesia' and 'Gary of the Pacific', including mp3 soundtrack clips. In case you might not know, there are hundreds of mp3 soundtrack clips here for most NZ features at the Soundtrack Samples Page. Check them out and no charge.

15 May 2017 - There are now some 169 features that are available VOD for sale or rental, although not in all markets. What you might not realize is that 10% of them can be viewed free. Sure most are small, low budget titles, but for the price, why not check them out. For a quick search, go to the Alpha Stream List and enjoy.

04 May 2017 - Information on the soundtrack CD of the movie 'Poi E' is now on the new page at 'Poi E - The Story of our Song'. Where to purchase it as well as related music videos are included. One of my favourites, 'Fracture', is now available streaming VOD for New Zealand and the UK.

02 May 2017 - Starting 11 July 2017, a three disc set of 'King Kong' will be released that contains much the same contents as the February set on two 1080p BD50's, plus a third BD of the feature written for 2160p 4k. The 4k audio options are: English DTS:X Master, Brazian Portuguese DTS Digital Surround 5.1, English DTS Headphone:X, French Canadian DTS Digital Surround 5.1, Japanese DTS Digital Surround 5.1, Latin Spanish DTS Digital Surround 5.1. It will be selling for $30-40us. There is no DVD version in this set. The Bonus features have the following audio options: English DTS-HD Master 5.1, French DTS Digital Surround 5.1, Spanish DTS Digital Surround 5.1. The 4k feature has optional subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Brazilian Portugese. The extras has optional subtitles in English, Spanish and French. There are feature commentary tracks with Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens. This three disc 4k set will also be released 17 July in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland with the only difference being the addition of subtitles for those languages.

24 April 2017 - The German Amazon streaming/download site is now offering two NZ titles that are not available elsewhere VOD - 'Chunuk Bair' and the most enjoyable, 'The Silent One'. Additionally, the German iTunes VOD site is now offering 'Exposure', although they are calling it 'der-tod-steht-modell'.

17 April 2017 - You may notice that, for the most part, I only have reseller links to English speaking countries, with one prominent exception - Germany. The reasons for that exception is the high interest in New Zealand titles from Germany, plus a large number of NZ titles that only can be sourced from Germany. This is especially true of Blu-ray titles. Of the current 68 titles on Blu-ray, 14 are only available from German sources. These titles include highly rated ones such as 'An Angel at my Table', 'The Dark Horse', 'Forgotten Silver' and 'In My Father's Den'. They all have both spoken English and German soundtracks. Go to the title's pages for further details.

09 April 2017 - On 07 June 2017, a DVD of 'Chronesthesia' aka: 'Love and Time Travel', will be available from Australian and New Zealand resellers. Then on 14 June, a DVD and Blu-ray of 'Gary of the Pacific' will also become available for purchase from Australian and New Zealand sources. No word yet about resellers in other territories.

30 March 2017 - On 19 April 2017, a DVD of the comedy/drama, 'The Catch, will be released in New Zealand and Australia. On 10 May 2017, both a DVD and Blu-ray will be released in New Zealand and Australia for the updated re-issue of 'Pork Pie', which will also have a VOD release at iTunes New Zealand.

13 March 2017 - This past weekend Murray Ball, of Footrot Flats fame, left us. People have been expressing their thoughts about this at, in case you want to join them. For years, he gave us much to laugh about and I know that Wal and the dog will be long remembered.
Many new additions to the Sneak Peek Trailers Page, but no I do not know when 'Pork Pie' is coming to disc or VOD yet.
A new project from Peter Jackson, 'Mortal Engines', has been confirmed. It is in pre-production and is scheduled for theatrical release December 2018.

18 February 2017 - The Rialto NZ Film Awards "The Moas" have been presented and 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' is the big winner,
with awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Visual Effects.
'The Great Maiden's Blush' picked up Moas for Best Self Funded Film and Best Actress.
'Slow West' received awards for Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Score and Best Costume Design.
'Mahana' was awarded a Moa for Best Editing, 'Deathgasm' for Best Makeup Design and 'Chronesthesia' for Best Sound.
For further details, including winners for documentaries and shorts, go to The New Zealand Herald Report.

30 January 2017 - The Sneak Peek Trailers Page has two new additions: 'Gary of the Pacific' and 'One Thousand Ropes'. Two more titles are now available streaming VOD: '3 Mile Limit' and 'Ruby and Rata'; unfortunately only for New Zealanders for now.

03 January 2017 - That self-funding team of Andrea Bosshard and Shane Loader have another winner with 'The Great maiden's Blush'. It is now available on PAL DVD and will also find its way to NTSC DVD soon. With music by Plan 9 and cinematography by two greats, Warrick Attewell and Alun Bollinger, you should not miss this.

23 December 2016 - The Rialto NZ Film Awards "The Moas" have announced their nominees for the 18 February 2017 awards at the Auckland ASB Showgrounds. The features are: 'Free in Deed', 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople', 'Mahana', 'Slow West', 'The Rehearsal'. Considering all the catagories, the top nominees are: 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' - 15, 'The Rehearsal'- 13, 'Mahana' - 12, 'Slow West' (10). For further details, including nominees for documentaries and shorts, go to NZ Film Awards.

12 December 2016 - There are some additions at the 'Sneak Peek Trailers Page' that includes a notice about 'Poi E' coming to DVD in February. There have also been some additions to the DVD Sale Page, including a couple of Blu-rays. 'Poi E: The Story of our Song' is coming to DVD staring 15 February 2017.

29 November 2016 - has announced a sale until 05 January, 2017. These folks have the only DVD copies of 'Bridge to Nowhere' and 'Trespasses' and the sale price is 3.74# plus shipping. I have links to the appropriate Reezarected pages from my pages.
As of November 2016 the 'Loving the Classics' website is offering a bare-bones DVD-R version of 'The Seekers' aka: 'Land of Fury' for $7.50us + shipping. I have not seen this offering, so I cannot comment on its quality, but the reseller is honorable so you should be OK.

20 November 2016 - I am trying to clear out some 14 vhs tapes and so most are $2us + shipping at the VHS Sale Page. Eight are NTSC and six are PAL. One of the NTSC tapes is a new, never played original of 'Smash Palace' that is only $8.
I also have new DVD R0 copies of 'Old Scores' at the DVD Sale Page which would make a great gift for a rugby fan.

14 November 2016 - Barnes and Noble is having a 50% sale of Criterion Collection Blu-ray titles. This means that for $19.99 each you could pick up 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' or 'An Angel at my Table'. If you purchased both, there is free shipping to any US address.

03 November 2016 - Two more titles coming to disc soon - the Samoan comedy, 'Three Wise Cousins' will be offered on DVD, BD and VOD starting 24 November and the acting school drama, 'The Rehearsal', staring James Rolleston and Kerry Fox, will have DVD and VOD releases starting 21 December. I expect two more titles coming to disc before the end of the year - 'Orphans and Kingdoms' and 'The Great Maiden's Blush', but no firm dates yet. A reminder that 'Battletruck' is coming to Blu-ray in January.

13 October 2016 - With great sadness, the death of Michael Firth occurred 09 October 2016. Among his accomplishments, he left us with four features: 'Sylvia', a biopic of teacher Sylvia Ashton-Warner; 'Heart of the Stag', a drama featuring Bruno Lawrence and Mary Regan; 'The Leading Edge', featuring Billy T James; and the Oscar nominated documentary, 'Off The Edge', in which you can hear Mike's commentary.
Restored HD DVD and Blu-ray versions of 'The Quiet Earth', with a commentary track option featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson and film critic Odie Henderson, will be available from North American sources starting 06 December 2016. The package also contains a collector's booklet with an essay by Teresa Heffernan.
Among the many changes and updates happening in this database lately are three additions to the Sneak Peek Trailers Page that includes 'This Giant Papier-Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy', 'Chronesthesia' and 'Pork Pie'.

27 September 2016 - After having a six month New Zealand theatrical run, 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' has reached $12,168,700. This means that it is the 3rd highest NZ box office total - only Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the King has taken in more. "Hunt" has not only done better than all of the Hobbit films, it even beat "The Two Towers". This also means that given its $3 million budget, it has made real profit and its Australian box office take was about the same. It is still showing in the US and UK as the disc sales have started. Congraduations to the team that put together this great New Zealand comedy. If you are curious about how well past "millionaire" NZ films have done, go to the MILLION DOLLAR FEATURE FILMS AT NEW ZEALAND CINEMAS page for comparisons where you will notice that 'Poi E' has joined this "Millionaire Club" and is still climbing.

03 September 2016 - In addition to the September 6 Blu-ray release of 'The Dead Room', on the same day a new 1080p Blu-ray will be available for 'Once Were Warriors'. Currently, the only Blu-ray of 'Once Were Warriors' is a 1080i, so it will be interesting to compare the two. Whereas the 1080i is a AU/NZ All-Regions disc, the new 1080p is a US/CA release and therefore may be a Region A. I will report on the new one latter this month.
NOTE: The Australian/New Zealand DVD and Blu-ray releases have been confirmed for 14 September, instead of 28 September. The R1 DVD release for the US and Canada is confirmed for 27 September; still no North American release date for a Blu-ray.

07 August 2016 - A page has been added for the 2015 horror film, 'The Dead Room', which is coming to DVD, Blu-ray and VOD starting 06 September.
A release date correction - The Blu-ray offering for 'The Dark Horse', aka: 'Das Talent des Genesis Potini', has been delayed until 10 November.
I should clarify my 20 July posting about 'Good For Nothing'. The producer/director has a Special Edition R0 DVD that has not only an English subtitle option, but subtitles for Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portugese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Vietnamese. Aside from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit titles, this is the most language accommodating NZ feature to date. Additionally The Special Edition DVD has a number of enjoyable extras, including two English commentary track options. Also, the film's dialogue subtitles will function during the commentary tracks, if selected. I should also mention that the SE DVD sells for only $10nz, whereas the Blu-ray is $15us.

20 July 2016 - I have been cleaning up and still have a few more to do, but 95% of it is done, so you might want to go back and check if I now have a link to purchase sources [Hint: I have active scan code (EAN/UPC) numbers for DVD and Blu-ray versions towards the top of the page]. Hopefully, I have corrected the dead links as well. I should point out that I have information about the, relatively new, Blu-ray version of 'Good For Nothing', which has optional English subtitles.

04 July 2016 - This website will reach it's 15th birthdate July 6, so I thought I would offer my remaining VHS Sale Tapes with reduced shipping. As of now, there will be no shipping charge for standard USPS shipments to US addresses. There will also be a $4 reduction in shipping charges for all orders destined for locations outside of the US. I only have one copy of each vhs title, so first come... About half of the offerings are NTSC and half PAL, so please be sure you are buying what works in your player, for there will be no returns accepted with this offer. This is a very good opportunity to see some titles that have never been generally available on NTSC, such as: 'Bread and Roses', 'Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree', 'Middle Age Spread', 'Sons for the Return Home' and 'Zilch'. Additionally, there is one new NTSC copy of ' Smash Palace' for only $12.
I should point out that in the course of making some upgrades and corrections, I have added a Google Translator option towards the bottom of the page. Did you know that you can now practice Maori here? Check it out.

17 June 2016 - 'Battletruck' aka: 'Warlords of the 21st Century' is coming to Blu-ray 06 January 2017. It is coming from Japan, therefore it was have a Japanese option as well as the original English soundtrack. Additionally, it will have an optional English commentary track by the director, Harley Cokliss.
A page of information and links for the animated docu-drama feature, '25 April' has been added. It will be available on DVD and VOD starting 27 July, 2016.

06 June 2016 - 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' has been added to the database. It will be released in New Zealand and Australia on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD starting 28 September 2016. It will start its general US release, and maybe Canada, 24 June. Folks in the UK can catch it at the cinema starting 12 August.
Geoff Murphy's most recent feature, 'Spooked', is now available at the Film Commission's VOD site for NZ and UK viewers.

28 May 2016 - A page of information for the latest Lee Tamahori feature starring Temuera Morrison, 'Mahana', is now available. There is also information on its forthcoming DVD and streaming VOD options.

24 May 2016 - The New Zealand Film Commission's online streaming site has added six more titles for New Zealand and UK viewers and two for Australia. Unfortunately, those are the only markets they are currently serving. If you want to express your desire in having their titles available in your market, email them at:
The six are: 'Footrot Flats', 'Goodbye Pork Pie'', 'The Lost Tribe'', 'The Most Fun You Can Have Dying'', 'The Price of Milk'' and 'Wild Horses''. Sorry Australia, they are only offering you 'Goodbye Pork Pie' and 'Wild Horses'.

06 May 2016 - Fans of 'The Dark Horse' will be pleased to know that it is coming to Blu-ray starting 22 June 2016. North American fans will not be pleased that it is coming from Germany and will be a Region B disc. It will have both a spoken German as well as the original English, with some Maori, soundtrack. It would appear that there is only a German subtitle option. No confirmation yet about extras on the Blu-ray.

23 April 2016 - The 2014 Alastair and Vanessa Riddell's well-praised feature, 'Broken Hallelujah', is now available on DVD in Australia. It will also be available from New Zealand resellers starting 18 May. Click on the title for further details.

14 April 2016 - A page of information on the soundtrack CD of 'Turbo Kid' has been added. It is also available as a download and a limited edition vinyl LP.
'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' is still bringing folks to NZ cinemas, as the latest ticket sales indicates. It has not only joined the "millionaire's club", but has outsold 'What We Do In The Shaddows'.
The folks who gave us 'Hook, Line & Sinker' have a new trailer for their next offering,'The Great Maiden's Blush', which is opening in theatres staring 05 May 2016.

28 March 2016 - Two more soundtrack CD pages have been added, one for '3 Mile Limit' and one for 'Born to Dance'. Feel free to post comments or questions at this website's new Facebook Page, where there are occational postings of current events and activities related to New Zealand films, their actors and crew.

08 March 2016 - A page of information for New Zealand's first dance feature, 'Born to Dance', has been added to the database. Although it is available now VOD in New Zealand, Australia and the US, it will not be available on DVD and Blu-ray until 30 March in New Zealand and 01 April in Australia. No dates yet for disc distribution in other markets.

06 March 2016 - Pages for the soundtrack CDs of Beyond the Edge and White Lies have been added to the database. Links to sources for purchases and reviews plus samples are included.

01 March 2016 - If you haven't visited the Sneak Peek Trailers Page lately, you will find trailers for a number of new and soon-to-be released titles, such as: 'Born to Dance', 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople', 'Penney Black', 'Three Wise Cousins' and a brand-new trailer for 'Orphans and Kingdoms'.

19 February 2016 - The new Lee Tamahori film, 'Mahana', featuring Temura Morrison, premieres 22 February at Auckland's Reading New Lynn with its general NZ release starting 03 March. Additionally, there will be rare Wellington theatrical showings of Temura Morrison's first film, 'Rangi's Catch', March 16-19. Two films you don't want to miss. Get your tickets now.

14 February 2016 - If you have had difficulty trying to find an original copy of some title, you might look through my offerings within the VHS Sale and DVD Sale pages. I have just added an original R4 124 minute DVD version of 'Utu', an R2 DVD of 'What We Do In The Shadows' and a Region B Blu-ray of 'Turbo Kid'; all are lightly used and in excellent conditon.

09 February 2016 - I have been a bit slow in adding this info, but there are now pages on two more books - Ian Brodie's beautiful 'Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy Location Guide' and Geoff Murphy's candid auto-biography 'A Life on Film'. The former is more of a "coffee table" book that guests will love and the latter will keep you entertained during stormy days or evenings. Both are well worth a visit.

29 January 2016 - OCLO WorldCat is a search tool that can tell you what libraries have books, CD, DVD, Video Tapes, Blu-ray - Internationally. Most WorldCat pages will have a link labeled "View all edition and formats", which you might want to check.
I have added such links to each film title page in the database. I found library links for 262 titles out of 270 in the database. Of course this will be most helpful for New Zealanders, but I think you will be surprised as to the number of libraries out of New Zealand, especially in the U.S. Most U.S. libraries have Inter-Library loan possibilities, so ask.

25 January 2016 - If you have been looking for NZ DVD bargains, check out the very attractive specials going on at Mighty Ape, especially 'Once Were Warriors, The Dark Horse and The Dead Lands.

16 January 2016 - There is now a page for the Expo 70 hit 'This is New Zealand' at IMDB. This unique 4:1 cinerama-like short has been restored, remastered and digitized and is even available on disc. If you want to see the trailer, go to the front page of this site where there is also a link to where you can purchase your own copy of it as well as a background about the film's production and history.
In case you have not yet noticed, at the bottom of each page is a Facebook link to this site's new Facebook Page where you are welcome to comment and ask questions about New Zealand films and their soundtracks.

08 January 2016 - A review of the activity for the past year has shown some surprising results. Based upon the worldwide interest to this site over the past year, I thought you might find the following containing some info worthy of discussion. The following are the titles that received the greatest interest at this website for 2015. I am only listing the top 10% of all titles visited.
1- The Dark Horse (2014) - This film's page has about twice the number of visitors as the second place title, even though it has yet to play in the United States. 2 - Utu/Utu Redux (1983/2013) 3 - Braindead (1992) 4 - Heart of the Stag (1984) 5 - Old Scores (1991) 6 - Sleeping Dogs (1977) 7 - What we do in the Shadows (2014) 8 - Crooked Earth (2001) 9 - The Silent One (1984) 10- Mark II (1986) 11- Came a Hot Friday (1984) 12- Mesmerized (1984) 13- Chunuk Bair (1991) 14- Broken English (1996) 15- Battletruck (1982) 16- Alex (1992) 17- Starlight Hotel (1987) 18- Love Birds (2011) 19- Race for the Yankee Zephyr (1981) 20- Rewi's Last Stand (1940) 21- Savage Islands (1983) 22- Whale Rider (2002) 23- The Pa Boys (2014) 24- Bad Blood (1982) 25- Goodbye Pork Pie (1980) 26- Kiwi Flyer (2012) 27- The Last Saint (2014)
Interesting things said here such as: only one Peter Jackson title and over half are titles from before 1990. Feel free to comment or ask questions at the Facebook Page under construction.

06 January 2016 - I should have posted this last week, but I wanted to mention to folks that had missed the news that director Jane Campion has been awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for "services to film". Check out the very nice write-up at the 'Wellywood Woman' blog site.

03 January 2016 - I hope that you had a great holiday time and are looking forward to the films coming in 2016. Although it is not a feature title, I wanted to let you know that Hugh Macdonald's great wide-screen short, 'This is New Zealand' has been upgraded and digitized and is now available on PAL R0 DVD and R0 Blu-ray. A sample is viewable at this site's front page where a link to the film's website will provide details about this very unique film.

11 December 2015 - SPECIAL LIMITED TIME - Free VOD at Vimeo of 'I'm Not Harry Jenson'- compliments of the filmmakers.

03 December 2015 - After some 30 years making some movies in Hollywood, Lee Tamahori (Once Were Warriors) is back making films in New Zealand with his soon to be released 'Mahana', staring Temuera Morrison. I have a link to its trailer at my Sneak Peek Trailers Page.
The boys at Never Repeats have some more audio reviews for your enjoyment - 'Middle Age Spread', 'Sons for the Return Home' and their latest, 'Lincoln County Incident' and 'Nutcase'.

06 November 2015 - Two decades on from Cinema of Unease, Tim Wong's ambitious film essay, 'Out of the Mist', contemplates the prevailing image of a national cinema while privileging some of the images and image-makers displaced by the popular view of filmmaking in New Zealand. Narrated by Man Booker prizewinner Eleanor Catton. 'Out of the Mist' is an alternate reading of New Zealand's obscure film heritage assembled and illustrated with excerpts from over 70 feature films, shorts, documentaries, and artworks. It premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival on July 20, 2015. This 82 minute documentary is now available online, in high definition and FREE. This is must viewing for anyone interested in New Zealand film. A link is provided from this site's 'Cinema of Unease' Page

03 November 2015 - Starting 01 December 2015, Utu Redux will be available on DVD and Blu-ray. There are multiple offerings: a DVD containing only the feature($24.95nz); a 2-disc DVD set containing the feature, the "Making Utu" documentary, Interviews with Geoff Murphy and Graeme Cowley, the trailer, promotional scene clips and a 12 Collector's Booklet ($39.95nz); a signed limited edition 3-disc DVD set that includes all that is in the 2-disc plus a CD of the soundtrack ($39.95nz). There are two Blu-ray offerings - 2-disc ($39.95nz) and a signed limited edition 3-disc set ($39.95nz) with the same contents as the DVD sets but also have a Blu-ray of the feature. NOTE: All orders placed before 01 December 2015 (except for the 3-disc sets) will receive a 10% discount. All Utu Redux editions are Region Free. Yes, those of you in New Zealand will be able to rent it from Aro Video starting 01 December 2015. Details and orders can be placed with Aro Video of Wellington

31 October 2015 - Two more audio reviews from the boys at Never Repeats. You will enjoy their discussion on 'Angel Mine' and 'Skin Deep'. Some more trailers are now linked at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page - '29 April: The Story of Gallipoli', 'Born to Dance' and 'The Dead Room'.

21 October 2015 - I am very pleased to announce that, the restored and enhanced, 'Utu Redux' is coming to disc. No firm date yet, but the plans are for a Christmas release.
If you haven't yet checked out the latest audio reviews at Never Repeats, you might enjoy their discussion on 'Solo' and 'Off the Edge'.

02 October 2015 - A late 20th Century view of a post-apocalyptic future on BMX bikes is 'Turbo Kids', and it is now available VOD in North America and the UK. It will become available on DVD and Blu-ray, from UK sources, starting 05 October.
Rare theatrical showings of Geoff Murphy's 'Goodbye Pork Pie' will be offered 14 October at the Dunedin Rialto and 15 October at the Auckland Newmarket Rialto, followed by a live Q & A with the director.
A new website that promises to review all NZ feature films from 1977 to the present, has opened with 'Sleeping Dogs'. Check it out at Never Repeats.

06 September 2015 - The 1993 Beatles fan-themed 'Secrets' aka 'One Crazy Night' is now available VOD for viewers in the US.
Three films will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray in the coming months - 'Turbo Kid' starting 05 October in the UK, 'The Last Saint' the end of October in Germany and 'Deathgasm' 18 November in Australia. Check the links to new film pages for further details, including when they will be available in other markets.

30 August 2015 - I have put up a page containing DVD's that I have For Sale. Some are in new but most are lightly used. None have been rentals. Included amongst the new offerings are 'originals-from-the-masters' DVD-Rs of 'Old Scores' and 'The End of the Golden Weather', that I purchased from the producer. These two have never previously been available on disc.

20 August 2015 - A somewhat older (2011) film is now available on DVD - 'Netherwood'. This very low budget feature was shot in southern Canterbury and well received when it was introduced around New Zealand, but their budget did not allow for disc offerings then. Check out its trailer and reviews.
Good news and bad news - 'The End of the Golden Weather' is now available on DVD. The bad news is that folks outside of New Zealand will have to pay dearly for a copy as it currently is only shipped via International Courier service, not standard air post, and therefore the shipping charge to most countries is $48.20nz. However, I am working on a fix and should have an answer in a week or so. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, at a reasonable price, send me an email and I will get back to you soon. In the meanwhile, check out its trailer and the 10 minute clip link at my page on the title.

08 August 2015 - Two popular older films are now available VOD - 'Alex' and 'Rain'. 'Alex' is available at Amazon US and 'Rain' is available to New Zealand, Australia and UK viewers.

31 July 2015 - A page of information covering '3 Mile Limit' has been added to the site. This drama was premiered last year and has now become available on DVD for folks in New Zealand, Australia, UK (including other European countries) and the United States and Canada. Although a link to soundtrack samples is included, I have not yet included information about the film's soundtrack CD, but that will be added later.

23 July 2015 - A new page has been added that provides links to 30 music videos associated with New Zealand feature films. Let me know if you are having any problems viewing them. Also let me know if you know of any more I should add, while I keep looking.
The extended edition of 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' is scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray releases starting 03 November 2015.
If you have not checked out the Sneak Peek Trailers Page lately, you might want to look at 'Deathgasm' and 'Turbo Kid' which are currently having their New Zealand theatrical premieres as well as the trailer for 'Born to Dance' which will be premiering in September.

13 July 2015 - Sources for six more titles available for streaming or downloading have been found. 'Battletruck', 'Hercules and the Amazon Women', 'Meet the Feebles', 'Race for the Yankee Zephyr', 'The Seekers' and 'Solo'. All but 'Race for the Yankee Zephyr' can be accessed by US viewers; "Race" is only available for Australian viewers. I should also add that US viewers can now view 'The Dark Horse', 'The Quiet Earth' and 'Smash Palace' streaming online.

11 July 2015 - A page of information and links has been added for the "Slow West Soundtrack CD". Links to MP3 samples of all its tracks are also provided, as well as sources from which the CD and downloads can be purchased.

02 July 2015 - Thanks to the Public Choice Award, the World Soundtrack Academy consisting of 370 international film music professionals aren't the only ones to award the best soundtrack of the past year; the film music fans around the world can also vote for their favourite score! Go to The World Soundtrack Awards Titles page and vote for your favourite. Most titles have links to Spotify where sample tracks can been heard. The voting is on now until 05 September 2015. The only New Zealand film listed in 'The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies', but there is a provision for entering and voting for your favourite that is not yet listed. The basic criterion is that the film must have had its World Premiere between 01 July 2014 and 30 June 2015.

29 June 2015 - "The Sneak Peek Trailers Page" now contains links to trailers for two films that will be having their New Zealand premieres during the New Zealand International Film Festival in July. 'Turbo Kid' will start off at Auckland's Civic' on 18 July and 'Deathgasm' follows on 24 July, also at the Civic.

14 June 2015 - A page of information for the latest rave feature, 'Slow West', has been added. This made-in-New Zealand Western is still playing in theatres, is available VOD in the US, Canada and Australia, and will be available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray starting 08 July 2015.
I received info that 'I Survived a Zombie Holocaust' will become available on R2 DVD and All-Regions Blu-ray, starting 28 August 2015. This is sourced from Germany, so the spoken language tracks are in English and German, but no confirmation yet about subtitles.
I also need to mention that we have lost one of New Zealand's unique composers, Jack Body. I was fortunate to meet him, some 32 years ago at a Wellington social gathering, when he encouraged me to ring up Douglas Lilburn, after I mentioned wanting to meet him. His range of musical styles understandably resulted in his receiving numerous well deserved honours. Although his passing is a loss to many, we all have been enriched by his presence and his music.

07 June 2015 - A page of information is now available for the, very low budget "Escalator" feature, 'I Survived a Zombie Holocaust'.
The Sarkies brothers strange comedy, 'Two Little Boys', has a North American distributor and will release in September, but renamed as: 'Deano and Nige's Best Last Day Ever'. We all got a laugh out of the renaming of 'No.2' to 'Naming Number Two', when it was distributed in the U.S. and 'Mesmerized' has so many aliases that I doubt anyone knows them all. Any bets on how many aka's will 'Two Little Boys' end up acquiring?

03 June 2015 - The New Zealand Film Commission's VOD Site, is now available for folks in Australia and the UK. As of this date, only about half of the titles available to New Zealanders are available to Australians and Brits. As to when this site will open up for North Americans and the rest of Europe, remains to be seen, but at this stage I am encouraged.

29 May 2015 - From June to the end of the year, seven Kiwi Classic Movies, 'An Angel at my Table', 'Cinema of Unease', 'Rain', 'Sleeping Dogs', 'Smash Palace', 'Stickmen' & 'Vigil', will be showing on cinema screens throughout New Zealand. The Current schedule and locations can be viewed at Flicks Online. Additional times and places may be added. Meanwhile, check out 'Slow West' this weekend in cinemas.

10 May 2015 - Gradually, I have found that more of my visitors are using mobile devices. This means that there is an increasing number of Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Furthermore, Google has decided that their search engine is going to soon favour sites that have been optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, gradually you will find changes occuring at this site. But given my limited and singular technical ability, this will be coming slowly and mostly little noticed. One such change is moving the translator option to the bottom of the pages, as this improves page loading. Another is changing all jpg images to gif, as well as resizing some images. If you come upon a page that is a technical mess, I would appreciate your letting me know.

28 April 2015 - With much sadness, I report that Cinematographer Andrew Lesnie had died. Most will know his work from his 15 year association with Peter Jackson. Scott Beggs has assembled 10 representative clips at his site that you might visit. I really cannot find the proper words that express my sadness at this loss, but if you wish to say something you might go to the Andrew Lesnie memorium and comment page that has been set up at Peter Jackson's Facebook Site.

24 April 2015 - Gaylene Preston's salute to World War II and her father, 'Home by Christmas', can now be viewed on-line by New Zealanders at the New Zealand Film Commission's VOD Site. They are building a great VOD site for New Zealand features, documentaries and short films, but, so far, only accessible to those residing in New Zealand. However, there are many features viewable online from other sources that are available for folks residing in other countries. Check out the list of 135 titles at The Alphastreamlist Page.

15 April 2015 - A page of information concerning the just released discs and VOD sources of 'The Dead Lands' is available for viewing, including trailers, reviews and recommended sources for purchase. More details will be added in the forthcoming weeks.

05 April 2015 - NZFC OnDemand site now includes 'The Quiet Earth', unfortunately still only accessible for New Zealanders. MP4 trailers are continuing to be added, so if you mobile device users have difficulties with any such at this site, please send me an email about it. MP4 trailers have also been added at the new and forthcoming titles listed at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page.

28 March 2015 - A page has been added for David Blyth's controversial 'Wound'. Additions and corrections to the 'Wound' info will be ongoing during April. 'Fantail' can currently be viewed Free at IMDB, courtesy of HULU. In May, 'I Survived a Zombie Holocaust' will become available on DVD and 'Slow West' will be having its New Zealand theatrical premiere also in May. Trailers for both can be accessed at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page.

18 March 2015 - A page of information for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' has been added as well as a page for the film's soundtrack CD and its official guidebook. More details and links will continue to be added this month and next.

14 February 2015 - NZFC OnDemand site now includes two Gaylene Preston titles, 'Mr Wrong' and 'Perfect Strangers'. Unfortunately, as with all the rest of their offerings, they can only be accessed from a New Zealand ISP. There are now many more recommended sources for purchases at most title pages. These, mostly New Zealand, links are verified and reliable. If you have had difficulty locating one of the less known titles awhile back, it might be worth trying again and if no luck, send me an email.

16 January 2015 - Of some 128 New Zealand features that are now available for legal streaming or downloading, there are 36 that I have found available for folks in the UK at iTunes. The latest being 'The Last Tattoo', which I have not yet found at any other VOD service. There are plans to put many more older New Zealand features VOD available this year, but no firm dates yet. Hopefully some of them will become available on Blu-ray but, except for 'The Dead Lands' and 'The Hobbit: The battle of the Five Armies', there are no release dates.

06 January 2015 - Until 2014, New Zealand cinemas have benefited from there being 29 million-dollar New Zealand made feature films. This past year, four more were added to this "club", 'The Dead Lands'. 'The Dark Horse', 'What we do in the Shadows' and 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'. Adding to that are the streaming and disc sales and one can say that these are truly successful films. World-wide, "The Hobbit" gives every indication that it will hit the billion dollar level in box office take alone. In the past 20 years, New Zealand has produced some remarkable cinema, especially considering its small population. No, not all of it has been directed by Peter Jackson - 24 of the 33 are by some other director. Check out the Million Dollar Feature Films at New Zealand Box Offices Page and maybe you will spot a title you never got around to experiencing.

03 January 2015 - Air New Zealand's January In-Flight New Zealand movie selections include: 'Boy', 'The Dead Lands', 'Footrot Flats', 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey', 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug', 'Housebound', 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring', 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King', 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers', 'Once Were Warriors', 'Shopping', 'The Weight of Elephants' and 'The World's Fastest Indian'.

31 December 2014 - It has been a very good year for New Zealand films. Six features found their way to disc and streaming - 'The Cure', 'The Dark Horse', 'Housebound', 'The Pa Boys', 'Sunday' and 'What We Do In The Shadows'. Four films, 'The Dark Horse', 'The Dead Lands', 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' and 'What We Do In The Shadows', have pulled in over a million dollars at New Zealand cinemas. Fifty titles are now on Blu-ray and some 127 titles are available VOD. Currently, there are 86 titles that can be viewed online in the US, 81 in New Zealand, 63 in Australia, 56 in the UK, 50 in Canada and 40 in Germany. There are at least 15 features that can be viewed online from most everywhere legally Free! I wish the best to all in 2015 and please party carefully as you bring in the New Year. CHEERS!

26 December 2014 - I have added a page of information on the very low budget feature, 'Sunday', which was released 07 December 2014 - more details will be added.
The New Zealand Film Commission VOD site now has some two dozen features, plus documentaries and shorts. Some titles I have not previously mentioned at their site are: '50 Ways of Saving Fabulous', 'Beyond the Edge', 'Fantail', 'The Ferryman', 'The Locals', 'The Navigator', 'The Orator', 'The Pa Boys', 'Perfect Creature' and 'Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song'. Unfortunately, at this time, the NZFC VOD offerings are only available to New Zealand addresses and no I do not yet know when that condition will change, providing the rest of the world access.

12 December 2014 - The 2014 New Zealand Film Awards - 'The Moas' - have been presented and the top three are: 'The Dark Horse' with Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Score; 'The Dead Lands' with Best Costume Design, Best Makeup Design, Best Visual Effects and Best Sound; 'What We Do In The Shadows' with Best Supporting Actress, Best Self-funded Film and Best Production Design. For further details, go the the report at the New Zealand Herald Website.
Again, good news for New Zealanders - The New Zealand Film Commission VOD site has added two classics, 'Sleeping Dogs' and 'Smash Palace'.

02 December 2014 - I have found a site that has 'Bad Blood', 'Dead Kids', 'Five' and 'Memories of Tomorrow' available for legal streaming - all with a free trial option. That makes 123 titles that are now available VOD download or stream, rental or purchase and 23 are free, depending upon your location. To see the complete list of VOD titles go to the Alphastream List Page.
If you are flying on Air New Zealand this month, most of the movies listed below for November are still available, but 'What we do in the Shadows' and 'The Dark Horse' have been replaced with 'What becomes of the Broken Hearted' and 'The Dead Lands'.

28 November 2014 - Back in the "90's" when I was flying a number of times on Air New Zealand, we were lucky to get a New Zealand movie. Thanks mainly due to technology, passengers have many movie and television program offerings for that 14 + hour flight between the US and New Zealand. Looking over their choices for this month I found the following: 'Boy', 'Footrot Flats', 'Once Were Warriors', 'What We Do In The Shadows', 'The Dark Horse', 'Housebound' and two Hobbit movies. Additionally, some flights also have: 'The Pa Boys', 'Hook, Line & Sinker', 'Shopping' and 'The Weight of Elephants'. I'll bet that like most non-New Zealanders, most New Zealanders have not seen these last four. They are worth seeing. I especially like 'Hook, Line & Sinker', which is possible to view on-line legally Free.
I am looking further into this for confirmation, but it would seem that the DVD and Blu-ray releases for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' will begin 26 March 2015, depending upon territory.
Finally, New Zealanders might like knowing that the New Zealand Film Commission VOD site has added two more titles: 'Carry Me Back' and 'Stickmen'.

26 November 2014 - Good news for New Zealanders - The New Zealand Film Commission VOD site has added two more titles: 'Matariki' and 'Topless Women Talk About Their Lives'. The VOD offerings at the NZFC site is still only available for New Zealand locations and I have heard nothing new about extending their offerings to other territories, although they have promised such is coming.
It has been announced that Sir Peter Jackson will be honored by a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame December 8, with Andy Serkis the main guest speaker. Details can be read at TheOneRing.Net.
Finally, you can see and hear the exclusive HD music video for 'The Hobbit's 'Last Goodbye,' sung by Billy Boyd, at the Entertainment Weekly Website.

24 November 2014 - The 2014 Moa Film Awards Nominations have been announced and the totals are as follows: The Dead Lands - 14, The Dark Horse - 13, Housebound - 11, The Last Saint - 9, What we do in the Shadows - 8 and Everything we Loved - 6. The full list of who received nominations for what, as well as television and short film nominations, check out the NZ Film Awards Website.

23 November 2014 - A page of information and related links are now up for 'The Dark Horse'. Don't miss this biopic that has received rave reviews from critics and the general public.
There is also a page added concerning the New Zealand Post stamps commemorating 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'. The Bag End stamp is very unique in that it contains wood powder from the original door.

07 November 2014 - I suppose that most Hobbit fans already know about the latest trailer for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the five Armies', but for the rest of you, I thought you might check it out at

04 November 2014 - With 'What We Do In The Shadows' scheduled for DVD release in New Zealand 26 November, I thought I should get some information added to the database. I should add that it is possible to view it online or purchase a download now, if you are in New Zealand.

29 October 2014 - If you are in New Zealand, starting at 4:01am 30 October you can view an Online HD version of 'What we do in the Shadows'. This is a limited time offering that ends 18 November 2014.
A page of information for 'Housebound' has been added to this database. 'Housebound' can now be viewed VOD in the US. DVD and Blu-ray discs of it will be available for purchase from US resellers starting 18 November and from NZ resellers starting 03 December 2014.
The difficult to view 'The Lunatics' Ball' is now a bit easier to see, at least 10 minutes of it, now that it has been added to the great NZ Onscreen Website. The movie may not be one of the best, but the original soundtrack by Peter Scholes with oboe solo by Russel Walder is well worth experiencing and I have access to an mp3 of his playing at 'The Lunatics' Ball'.
I have also uploaded an mp3 sample of the background score for Fantail to the Soundtrack Samples Page.
Thanks to NZ Onscreen, there are 12+ minutes of good quality free video segments of 'Among the Cinders' now available for your viewing pleasure. Play the end credits segment to hear a sample of composer Jan Preston's musical contributions to the film.
Finally, the World Premiere of 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' will occur in London on 01 December, 2014. The rest of us will have a wait a bit longer.

20 October 2014 - 'What We Do In The Shadows' will find its way to DVD and Blu-ray starting 07 January 2015 in Australia. The DVD is scheduled for New Zealand release 26 November 2014, but no word yet regarding the NZ Blu-ray release.
The New Zealand Post is now set up to take orders for mid-November shipments of their coins and stamps commemorating 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'. If you are interested in any of their offerings, I would recommend your placing your order now instead of later. Past experience with their previous Lord of the Rings and Hobbit issues suggests many items will be sold out by the end of the year.
NZ Onscreen has added an 11+ minute video clip of 'The Last Tattoo' for your viewing pleasure.
I have changed the DVD Sale Page from linking to Amazon to doing it myself with secure payment via PayPal, including the use of Visa, Mastercard, Amex and other credit cards.
I am in the process of cleaning up dead and incorrect links, but it may take me another week or two to finish.

26 September 2014 - That wonderful film and television resource, NZ Onscreen, has added a ten-minute clip from Strata plus a full-length free streaming offering of Hopeless. Neither of these films have yet to find their way to disc.
In addition to the Australian and New Zealand dvd release of Fantail 01 October, 'Housebound' will be available on the US iTunes starting 17 October. I should also add that Housebound will become available on DVD and Blu-ray starting 18 November in the U.S. and 03 December in New Zealand.
I might remind you that the Extended Edition versions of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' will start on 04 November. You can view a promotional trailer for the Extended Edition from The Information Page at .
The Official New Zealand Post commemorative stamps of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" is scheduled for release starting 05 November.
On 11 November, the Official Guide Book for "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" is also scheduled for release. The Dark Horse has a scheduled DVD release date of 10 December. I expect The Dark Horse to also be released to Blu-ray, but so far no reliable word.
The soundtrack cd release for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' is scheduled for 16 December , which happens to be the day before the beginning date of general theatrical releases of the film.

12 September 2014 - A page has been added containing information about 'Fantail'. It will be released to dvd 01 October in Australia. No dates yet for releases in other territories.
If you have not yet seen 'Good for Nothing', you might consider downloading a $5nz HD copy from the official store. In addition to subtitles in English, it also contains subtitle options in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portugese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Vietnamese. This comedy western has beautiful photography and an original soundtrack by John Psathas, played by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

24 August 2014 - Check out the New IMDB Ratings List Page. If you disagee with the ratings, you can go to IMDB and add yours - No Charge. All the film titles pages here have links to their respective page at IMDB, to make it easier for you to vote.

23 August 2014 - Good news for New Zealanders: The Films OnDemand Service from the NZ Film Commission has amongst its latest offerings added 'The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell'. Unfortunately this service is, so far, only available in New Zealand. They have promised that it will be available to Australians soon. They have also promised to soon be adding 'The Quiet Earth'.
It is with sadness that I report the passing of producer Caterina De Nave. Although she did produce 'Channelling Baby' (which really needs to be put on disc), her production "baby" was Shortland Street. NZOnscreen has her biography and you will find a visit to her Facebook Page not only worthwhile but loaded with insight.

18 August 2014 - There are four New Zealand Blu-ray titles currently on sale (under $10us or equiv.) that might be of interest - 'King Kong', 'The Fellowship of the Ring' - Ext. Ed., 'Separation City' and 'Heavenly Creatures'. With the exception of the Canadian Region A 'The Fellowship of the Ring', they are "All Regions" discs.

15 August 2014 - There are two more titles now VOD available. 'The Shrimp on the Barbie' is now available at Amazon (US) and 'Out of the Blue' can be seen online at Amazon (UK). Most of you in the UK probably already know that streaming titles are no longer available from 'LoveFilm'. However most of their NZ titles are now available from the Amazon (UK) Instant Video service. I now have links to, I hope, all of the streaming titles available at that offering, so if a favourite title was not previously available, you might want to check again and my Alphastreamlist page can be of some help. Did you know that there are 10 titles that can be legally viewed online for everyone, thanks to Additionally there are five more titles that can be viewed free online from US locations, thanks to ads and Hulu. Look for the "FREE" tags on the Alphastreamlist Page.

14 August 2014 - More streaming pricing links have been added, especially with the addition of offerings at 'Lost Valley' can now be viewed streaming from German language sites including You might enjoy knowing that the DVD release of 'Fantail' wi 27 June 2014 - Three features had their New Zealand theatrical premieres this month, 'Fantail', 'What we do in the Shadows' and 'Jake'. But even more will be showing in July. 'Orphans and Kingdoms' on the 20th, 'Housebound' on the 26th, 'Everything we Loved' on the 28th and 'The Dark Horse' on the 31st. 'REALITi' will have its theatrical showings staring 01 August. 'What we do in the Shadows' will be the next New Zealand multi-million dollar box office feature and I predict that 'The Dark Horse' will also hit the million dollar level.
Fans of 'Braindead' will be happy to know that it is being re-issued on PAL R0 DVD and Region B Blu-ray starting 06 August, with pre-orders being taken by New Zealand and Australian re-sellers.

12 June 2014 - The Front Page is now featuring 'The Pa Boys' with its highly praised music. There is a link to the iTunes site where free mp3 samples are available.
If you have not visited the 'Sneak Peek Trailers' page lately, you might want to pay a visit. The latest addition is a link to the trailer for the docudrama 'The Dark Horse' - The Genesis Potini Story. After checking out 'The Dark Horse', I would suggest that you view the trailer for 'The Red House' documentary as well. This award winning, sweet love story, is also worth a view, and it is coming to DVD, 02 July 2014.
Finally, although not a New Zealander, I thought I should mention that actress Ruby Dee has died. Her award winning performance in Toa Fraser's first feature film, 'No. 2', was most memorable and her 68 year career contains many great performances, especially with her late husband, actor Ossie Davis. Check out the trailer.

21 May 2014 - While cleaning up some code and adding a few new links, I have added links from most of my title pages to that title's information at NZ On Screen. This wonderful NZ film source has not only information on features but shorts and TV productions and includes free online videos. They also provide for viewer comments, which I encourage you to use. My next chore is to check and clean-up broken links, but that will take me awhile, so please be patient. As always, if you find an error or broken link, please let me know.

16 May 2014 - Good News for New Zealanders - The New Zealand Film Commission has opened its Films OnDemand Service today. Their first features are: 'An Angel at my Table', 'Boy', 'Came a Hot Friday', 'Forgotten Silver', 'Illustrious Energy', 'The Navigator', 'Utu Redux', 'Vigil', 'The Weight of Elephants'. There are also a few documentary features and shorts in their first offerings. There will be more titles added gradually. I do not yet know when this service will become available for viewers outside of New Zealand, but I will let you know when I can. 27 May UPDATE: The VOD service is currently available for New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga.

28 April 2014 - Information about David Gould's first feature, 'The Cure', has been added to the database, as has David Blyth's latest feature, 'Ghost Bride'. Both are now available on DVD and Blu-ray, although the Blu-ray discs are distributed from Germany, they have the original spoken English soundtrack as well as a German one.
The road-trip drama, 'The Pa Boys', follows a small Maori reggae band around North Island, trying to find their roots, as they perform some great original music. It became available on DVD starting 07 May 2014 from New Zealand resellers and the soundtrack is available now at iTunes.

13 April 2014 - A CHALLENGE - I am challenging New Zealanders to view, vote and write up reviews of lesser known New Zealand feature films. Not only that but there are DVD prizes in the mix. Go to the Why Don't New Zealanders Support New Zealand Films? page for details.

12 April 2014 - A page for 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' has been added to the database.
On each film title page, just above the cast list, DVD and Blu-ray UPC scan code numbers are listed, and more are being added. I am in the process of making them all "Hot", so that you can quickly locate sources from which you might be able to purchase copies. Of course not all resellers include scan code number with their Internet listings, but it should still be helpful as another tool with which you can locate hard-to-find titles.

04 April 2014 - I dropped the ball on this one, but those of you within reasonable driving distance of Minneapolis, Minnesota, will have an opportunity to see a 3D theatrical presentation of 'Beyond the Edge' tomorrow, 05 April, 1:30pm at the Walker Art Center Cinema. This is a one-time-only showing that is part of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Film Festival program. Although this beautifully filmed bio-drama of Sir Edmund Hillary is now available on DVD and 2D Blu-ray, it is not yet available in 3D Blu-ray. Sorry about the short notice.

03 April 2014 - A page containing initial information on Alex Galvin's latest, 'Eternity', is now available. 'Kiwi Flyer aka: Derby Dogs' is available now on Blu-ray. You will gradually see a small linking icon at the bottom of all pages appearing that refers to "Webstat". I retired from regular paid employment about 6 weeks ago and therefore need to find little ways to pay for things such as this website; I thought this was one un-offensive way to do this. I do not want to fill this site up with in-your-face advertising. I hope you will understand.

24 March 2014 - That bad boy, David Blyth, has a new feature film, 'Ghost Bride', which will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting 22 April. From the look of the Trailer, website and other information, I think that Mr. Blyth has been able to find some serious financial supporters for this film. This has the look of being his best feature to date.
I have uploaded a mp3 clip of Tim Finn's work for Mr. Pip. You can access it at Soundtrack Samples, as well as mp3 clips of most NZ titles.

21 March 2014 - Two older titles will be finding their way to blu-ray next month, 'Dead Kids' and 'An Angel At My Table'. The re-mastered 2-disc set (All-regions Blu-ray + R0 DVD) of Dead Kids also contains a bunch of extras. It has a scheduled release date of 04 April 2014.
An Angel At My Table, or as it is called on it's German cover slick, "Ein Engel an meiner Tafel", is scheduled for a 17 April, 2014 release. It contains both spoken English and Deutsch soundtrack options. There will be separate DVD and Blu-ray offerings - they will not be packaged together, as seems to be the trend in the US recently.

15 March 2014 - Pages have been added for 'Beyond The Edge', 'The Cure' and 'Mr. Pip'. All three are, or will be shortly, on Blu-ray as well as DVD. They also can be viewed by streaming rental or download purchase. More and more NZ titles are becoming available on Blu-ray as well as viewing online. For those who do not realise how many, check out the list of titles available by streaming or downloading at this site's Alphastreamlist, as well as those that can be obtained on Blu-ray. I should add that although many of the Blu-ray offerings are originating from Germany and therefore have spoken Deutsch soundtracks, they also contain the original spoken English sountracks. I have found only two titles that have been difficult to locate on Blu-ray - 'Braindead' and 'Out of the Blue'. Thanks to the efforts of, the Blu-ray version of 'Out of the Blue' can now be easily purchased. 'Braindead' on Blu-ray is another story. It is OOP and therefore becoming rare and expensive.

24 February 2014 - A page has been added for 'The Weight of Elephants'with review links, a soundtrack sample, MP4 trailer and links to streaming sources.
The DVD and Blu-ray (2D & 3D) offerings of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' will start in the UK on 07 April. Following that there will be releases in the US, Spain, Mexico, Hungary and Canada on 08 April. Italy will start selling it on 09 April, Germany 11 April and Portugal 14 April. Then on 16 April it is scheduled for releases in France, Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. I have not been able to confirm the date, but New Zealanders will probably also be able to purchase copies starting 16 April.

07 February 2014 - In case you might not have heard - 'The Weight of Elephants' will be available for DVD purchase starting 12 February. Then 05 March will see the DVD and Blu-ray releases of 'Beyond the Edge', followed on 12 March by the DVD and Blu-ray releases of 'Mr. Pip'. You horror fans will be happy to know that 'Dead Kids' will be having a Blu-ray/DVD 2-disc set release on 11 March. Then on 07 April the theatrical DVD and Blu-ray releases of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' will begin in many territories, followed on 17 April with a Blu-ray release of 'An Angel at my Table'.

24 January 2014 - The results are in for Fairfax Media's poll to find the "Best New Zealand films of all Time". The survey attracted more than 500 votes, including about 100 people from the New Zealand film industry and about 15 film critics. The voters named about 170 different films in the poll, ranging from 1927 to the present day and including everything from fantasy to horror, social realism to comedy, and documentary to animation. To find your favourites, Click On This Link To Their Website, where you will find the top 50 films with video clips and see what voters thought of them. You can also click on other links there for interactive graphics on the best Kiwi directors and the film industry's golden age, interviews with Once Were Warriors director Lee Tamahori and Goodbye Pork Pie director Geoff Murphy, critics' top tens and a feature story on what the top 50 says about our national cinema. You can also read about what the top ten films say about the Kiwi national identity and compare the budgets of the top ten films to the money granted to the Avatar sequels by the New Zealand taxpayer.

17 January 2014 - 'The Weight of Elephants' will be released on DVD in Australia starting 05 February 2014 and New Zealand starting 12 February. 'Mr. Pip' will be released in Australia on both DVD and Blu-ray starting 12 March, 2014. No confirmed release dates for any other territories yet.

02 January 2014 - The very watchable, 'White Lies' has been added to the database. Details about its soundtrack will be forthcoming.
If you have not looked into the Sneak Peek Trailers Page recently, you might check the new additions such as 'The Pa Boys'.
Back on 30 April 2012, I posted a list of the 20 "Most Popular NZ Feature Films", based upon the number of visitors to the titled film pages. Fearlessly, I am doing it again, but using data for all of 2013. Since the last time there has been some moving around, some drop off, some additions. Seven films represent the '80s, nine films the '90s and only four of the top 20 were released since 2000. There is only one that has yet to find its way to disc - The Whole of the Moon. Last year it was Old Scores, so now that we can get that one on disc, perhaps this is the year for The Whole of the Moon.
#01 - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? - 1999
#02 - The Silent One - 1984
#03 - Crooked Earth - 2001
#04 - Love Birds - 2011
#05 - Toy Love - 2002
#06 - Utu - 1983
#07 - Heart of the Stag - 1984
#08 - Lord of the Rings - Return of the King - 2003
#09 - When Love Comes - 1998
#10 - Old Scores - 1991
#11 - Once Were Warriors - 1994
#12 - Broken English - 1996
#13 - Starlight Hotel - 1987
#14 - Chunuk Bair - 1991
#15 - Goodbye Pork Pie - 1980
#16 - The Whole of the Moon - 1997
#17 - Battletruck - 1982
#18 - Memory and Desire - 1997
#19 - Savage Islands - 1983
#20 - Bonjour Timothy - 1995

25 December 2013 - A page has been added concerning the soundtrack CD for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. There are links to site offering track samples as well as selling discs and downloads.
The story of the beginnings of Radio Hauraki is told in the forthcoming '3 Mile Limit'. It will be having its theatrical release 06 March 2014 in New Zealand and the Fargo Film Festival. It will also be included within the schedule of films at the Washington DC Film Festival in April 2014.

16 December 2013 - Information on 'Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song' movie and DVD has been added to the site, with details regarding its soundtrack forthcoming.
'The Hobbit: The Desolution of Smaug' has started out with very good theatre attendance with its first five days reaching $2,236,350nz and $204,875,000us worldwide.
The New Zealand Film Commission has released its Annual Report which can be viewed as a PDF File by clicking here.

11 December 2013 - The New Zealand Film Awards (The Moa) presented their final choices and 'Shopping' was the big winner capturing seven Moas: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Poster Design. For the full details, go to The New Zealand Film Awards Website.
Speaking of 'Shopping' I now have a page up for that title with links to reviews and other details.
The Sir Edmund Hillary bio-pic, 'Beyond The Edge' will be released to DVD and Blu-ray starting 05 March 2014.
Ever wondered what the weather and climate was like in Middle Earth? Climate scientists from the University of Bristol, UK have used a climate model, similar to those used in the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, to simulate and investigate the climate of Middle Earth. To access the pdf reports in English, Elvish or Dwarish, check out The Bristol University Overview.

03 December 2013 - With the addition of 'Fresh Meat', there are now 40 New Zealand feature films that are available on Blu-ray. The complete list can be viewed at the New Zealand Feature Films On Blu-ray Page.
NZONscreen has announced their "Top 10 NZ Feature Films". They are expecting emails as all such lists are subjective and although I have no serious disagreements with their Top 10 [Boy, Goodbye Pork Pie, Heavenly Creatures, In My Father's Den, Once Were Warriors, The Piano, Smash Palace, Utu, Vigil, Whale Rider], they left out four films that would be on my list[Fracture, Out of the Blue, Perfect Strangers, The World's Fastest Indian]. That means that I would have to take out four from theirs, but which four? When visiting their page about the films they selected, be sure to read over their "Background" writeup concerning the difficulties getting to their final list.

30 November 2013 - Another Free full length feature film is now available for your streaming pleasure at NZOnscreen. They have added Grahame McLean's 1985 take on the drug-dealing syndicate spearheaded by Mr. Asia, 'Should I Be Good'. It has yet to see its way to disc and has only been on rare OOP vhs tape.
A page concerning the Official Movie Guide to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has been added to the database, with Brian Sibley presenting another helpful book for all ages.

27 November 2013 - Watch the Red Carpet World Premiere of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' Live on Monday 2 December from 'The Hobbit Facebook Page'.

23 November 2013 - Information about Scott Boswell's latest film, 'The Fall Guys,' is now available for viewing.
The nominations for the forthcoming Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards, 'The Moas', have been announced and the finalists results can be viewed at the New Zealand Herald Online. The big winners would seem to be, 'The Weight of Elephants', 'Shopping', 'Mt. Zion', 'Mr. Pip' and 'Fantail'. The awards will be given out 10 December at the Queen's Wharf Ceremony starting at 6:30pm and will be streamed at the Herald Online site.

16 November 2013 - Information about the extended edition DVD and Blu-ray offerings for 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' has been added to that film's page.
Many more links to reviews for films that have Blu-ray offerings have been added to those films pages. Easy access can be obtained by going to the Blu-ray Feature Films List Page.
A new page has been added for the newly released New Zealand Post Stamps for 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'.
Toa Fraser's unique new feature, Giselle, is scheduled for a DVD release starting 04 December 2013. If you have not yet viewed the film's trailer, there is a link to it at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page where other new and forthcoming feature's trailers can be accessed.
Due to scheduling pressures the nominations for this years 'The Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards' have been rescheduled for November 21st.
Mr. Pip has joined the millionaires club and, as of 14 November has reached $1,058,500 at the New Zealand box office and links to its trailer can also be found at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page.

31 October 2013 - The digitally re-mastered 'Utu Redux' will be showing in New Zealand theatres starting 21 November. It will be released to disc next year, but no firm date as yet.
The soundtrack CDs for 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' (yes there are two different releases) is scheduled for 10 December. It will also be released on vinyl LP, which will certainly please folks who collect jacket art. Details forthcoming on the soundtrack releases.
The big Hobbit news concerns the Worldwide Fan Event 5pm ET (New York Time) on 04 November and corresponding times around the world. This live event will be in select host theatres in New York, Los Angeles, London, Wellington, Toronto, Paris, Rome, Hamburg, Brussels, Madrid, Mexico City and Sydney. But the really great part is that it will also be Streamed Live On YouTube. To check on the latest updates go to the Official WETA Site.
One last note - Let's All Wish Peter A Happy 52nd Birthday.

21 October 2013 - The New Zealand Post is now taking orders for 'The Hobbit: The Desolution of Smaug' stamp themed products. They still have some items available for 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'. Information for both can be accessed from The New Zealand Post Hobbit Page.
The New Zealand Film Awards will be announcing their final nominees 07 November 2013. The Awards Ceremony will be held, starting 6:30p (NZ Time), 10 December 2013 in Auckland's Shed 10, on Queen's Wharf. It will be streamed live on the New Zealand Herald Online site. It also will be broadcast on Rialto Channel 39 on Sunday 15 December 2013.

15 October 2013 - There will be DVD releases of 'Shopping' on 14 November, 'Romeo & Juliet: A Love Song' on 20 November and 'White Lies' on 05 December. Trailers for all three are accessible from the Sneak Peek Trailers Page.
'Mr. Pip' completed its first 11 days with a New Zealand box office take of $602,386. At that rate it is easy to predict that it will be joining the Millionaire's Club, so the only question is: Will it reach 2 million before it gets run over by a pack of dwarves on 14 December?
Although it is not a New Zealand film, I want to let you know that the last of the Cinerama travelogues, 'South Seas Adventure', has a DVD and Blu-ray release date of 22 October from the distributor. However if you can wait until 05 November, you can purchase from sources such as Amazon. It has been digitally remastered and presented using the "Smilebox" simulated curved sceen program that is needed to provide something close to the original Cinerama presentations seen in theatres designed for the format. Of the 2 hour length movie about 15 minutes contains footage of New Zealand in 1958. It also contains footage shot in Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, Pentecost Island and Australia. Go to the YouTube site that is housing the trailer, but be sure to view it full screen and on something larger than your cell.

03 October 2013 - According to a reliable source, it would appear that 'The Whole of the Moon' will become available to view online soon. There are also plans to make a number of the "80's" New Zealand feature movies available online, in the future.
If you have not yet had an opportunity to view the second trailer for 'The Hobbit: The Desolution of Smaug', it can be viewed at The Official Hobbit Website.
The DVD of Tim van Dammen's 'Romeo & Juliet: A Love Song', will have its New Zealand release starting 20 November. Given that the soundtrack can be purchased as an iTunes download, I assume that the film itself will also become available at iTunes, but no confirmation yet.

03 September 2013 - Pre-orders are now being taken for Brian Sibley's 'The Hobbit: The Desolution of Smaug' official movie guide, which is scheduled for a 05 November 2013 release. has pricing and links to known suppliers.
Additionally, on 01 November 2013, New Zealand Post will be releasing their stamps commemorating the second installment of the Hobbit trilogy. They have yet to indicate a pre-order date, but check back here in a few weeks and I should have that information. Click on this notice to view the first set of Hobbit stamps they issued.

28 August 2013 - The official trailer for the Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay conquest of Everest bio-drama is now available in flash and mp4. 'Shopping', the feature film debut of Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland, will be released on DVD in New Zealand and Australia starting 14 November. Trailers for both can be accessed from the Sneak Peek Trailers Page.

25 August 2013 - I have now found 90 titles can can be downloaded or streamed in standard or high definiton for a fee from sources such as Amazon, YouTube, Sony, Vudu, iTunes, Netflix, Quickflix, Lovefilm, NZOnscreen and others. All can be easily accessed by going to the Streaming Feature Films List Page. Please let me know if you have any problems with these links.

13 August 2013 - Most all titles now have MP4 versions of their trailers, or clips if I cannot find official trailers. Resizing and corrections will continue, but please let me know if you spot any problems, especially those of you using Android devices. There is now a link to all MP4 or 3gp trailers from the individual title pages, so it is no longer necessary to go to the Master Trailer Page, but that page still exists which contains links to all such videos in case you want access to everything from one page.

08 August 2013 - Gradually more MP4 trailers and clips arrive - most titles up through 'Russian Snark' are now available. The quickest access to all of them is via the Master Trailer Page. If you haven't visited the Sneak Peek Trailers Page, you might want to pay it a visit as some new titles have been added recently.

06 August 2013 - MP4 trailers and clips for film titles beginning with "M", "N", & "O" are now up for your viewing pleasure. I am adding links to the MP4 trailers and clips from each respective title page, as well as the Trailer Vault. Most title's trailers, or a clip, from "A" through "O" can now be viewed with an MP4. There are some that need resizing, but I want to get most every title available in MP4 before I optimize. If someone out there has a trailer for a title that currently I have represented with a clip, I would certainly appreciate a copy, regardless of what format. I can convert from most anything, so it doesn't have to be an MP4. By all means, if you cannot view any mp4 here, please let me know; especially mobile devise users.

31 July 2013 - Information is now available on the Extended Edition versions of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'. It is 182 minutes (13 minutes longer than the theatrical version) and will be released 5 November in DVD, Blu-ray 2D and Blu-ray 3D. It will also be available as a digital download starting 22 October, but no details yet about this. The DVD and Blu-ray 3D versions are 5-disc sets that also contain nine hours of extras. For more details and a one minute sample of the 13 additional minutes, Go to

29 July 2013 - If you go to the page of Streaming Feature Films, you will now find a list of 87 film which I have confirmed as being available as a download or streaming file. All but nine have a fee, but are legal reliable sources. So far I have found most titles at iTunes and Amazon, but there are another four sources with titles, including nine titles that are streamed from NZOnscreen without charge: Christmas, Event 16, Kingpin, The Leading Edge, Mark II, No Petrol, No Diesel, The Waimate Conspiracy, When Night Falls & Zilch!
I welcome anyone who wishes to submit reviews for any of these titles, but I am unable to pay for such. Consider it a place where you can practice your writing skills as you talk about New Zealand films.

25 July 2013 - Information concerning the new Jason Stutter feature mockumentary, 'Edwin: My Life as a Koont' has now been added. I have also added MP4 trailers and clips for the "L" titles. Mobile device users rejoice:)

23 July 2013 - More MP4 trailers and clips added. There now are such inclusive of "K"; therefore most titles up to and including Kombi Nation have MP4 samples for your enjoyment. Please let me know of any viewing problems you experience.
'The Waimate Conspiracy' is now available for viewing free online, streaming from NZ OnScreen. I know this film has a very low IMDB rating, but it really isn't as bad as its rating and you will now be able to determine for yourself, without having to pay. BTW, if you want to write up your own review of it, send me a copy and I will add it to the review section of the film. Yes, you will get credit but no pay - sorry.

19 July 2013 - Just a note to say that more MP4 trailers and clips have been added through "H". So there are now MP4s for most everything through 'Hugh & Heke'. Although all title pages (A thru H) now have direct access to their respective trailer or clips, they can also be accessed from the main trailer page.

16July 2013 - With the continued increase in mobile device usage, I have started the addition of MP4 trailers or clips to all titles. As of this date, I have added MP4 trailers or clips to titles A through D. These should be viewable by Android device users as well as Apple device users. I would greatly appeciate hear from anyone who is having any problems viewing any of the MP3 trailers or clips for titles from '50 Ways of Saying Fabulous' through 'Down by the Riverside'. In addition to the master trailer page, I have decided to add the MP4 links to the specific title information pages as well, to make it easier to access these previews.

27 June 2013 - Although it has been available for a few months, I have just added Blu-ray availability information concerning 'River Queen'. The all-regions disc originates only from a Spanish distributor and is a bit difficult to locate, but I have found a reliable source. It contains both Spanish and English language tracks. I have not yet seen it and therefore would appreciate a review of this Blu-ray which I will happily add to this database, if you permit. Also available on Blu-ray are 'The Devil Dared Me To' and 'Out of the Blue. You might enjoying viewing the new trailer for the restored 'Utu Redux' from the Trailers Page.

25 June 2013 - The silly 1981 romp through Fiordland that is 'Race for the Yankee Zephyr' will become available on Blu-ray starting 23 July. I have not yet confirmed if it is Region B or All Region coded. Since it is being released from Germany, it has both German and English audio tracks. On the same date, a DVD re-issue of the title will also occur. The distributor has put up an HD widescreen trailer of the film at YouTube.
You will now find links from title pages to streaming/downloading rental sources for all such films at US, UK, CA, NZ and AU sites. Easiest directory access would be from the Alpha Stream List. You might want to pay a visit to the Sneak Peek Trailers Page where there are links to some 16 trailers of films now out in theatres or will be later this year.
It would appear that extended edition DVD and Blu-ray versions of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' will be released in November.

11 June 2013 - The first official trailer for 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' is now available for your viewing pleasure in both Flash and MP4.

10 June 2013 - After digging around in iTunes New Zealand movie offerings, I have found a few NZ titles and have added links from this database's film listings to iTunes NZ pages offering previews and downloads. As of today, this database has links to streaming or downloading for 75 titles. To see all titles that offer streaming or downloading, go to the new page ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREAMING NEW ZEALAND FEATURE FILMS.

07 June 2013 - SPECIAL NOTE - Those of you who have pre-ordered the dvd of 'Mt. Zion', expecting it to ship this week, will need to be a patient as the date has been delayed a week. The new date is 12 June for both New Zealand and Australia.

04 June 2013 - A page of information on the 'Mt. Zion' movie has been added to this database, with additional information coming as the month progresses.
A page of information for the newly released 'Shopping' Soundtrack has also been added. The movie is now in New Zealand theatres.
The 2004 family film 'Her Majesty', is now available for rental streaming from Amazon (US) and most other territories from Distrify. It will also be available via iTunes soon with details forthcoming.
For those in New Zealand who have not yet noticed, 'The Rialto Channel' is this month showing many new New Zealand features, shorts and documentaries. A wide selection of titles that you probably have not seen plus, if you search their site, you will find a few oldies such as 'In My Father's Den', 'The Quiet Earth', 'Vigil', 'Rain' and 'Once Were Warriors'. Check it out.

28 May 2013 - I am beta testing a new page that contains a list of the movies that are available by steaming. As of 27 May 2013, I have found 65 titles that can be viewed by online streaming via Amazon(US), Netflix(US), iTunes(US), LoveFilm(UK), Quickflix(AU), Quickflix(NZ) or NZOnscreen. These sources are only accessible within those territories, except for NZOnscreen which is accessible by most everyone. I believe that those of you using the various country versions of iTunes can also access most of the same titles available to folks using iTunes(US), but I have not confirmed that; I would appreciate an email confirmation of any such iTunes country variations.

13 May 2013 - Four older films that have not yet found their way to disc, 'Channelling Baby', 'Grampire' aka: 'My Grandpa is a Vampire', 'Mark II' and 'Never Say Die' are available online for free. Click on their respective titles for details.
I am currently going through all the listings with the aim of cleaning out the deadwood, or as expressed it, "What we have here is, a failure to communicate." Thanks for your patience. > 08 May 2013 - 'Boy' is finally coming to North America, in the form of R1 DVD and Region A Blu-ray, starting 09 July 2013. Pre-orders ($25-30us) are being taken by the usual suspects. The general theatrical release date for 'Mr. Pip' has been set for 03 October 2013, but I do not yet know if that is for all markets.
I should point out that I have found a source for new DVD copies of 'Flight of the Albatross'. They are officially OOP, but the producer still has some copies, so those of you that have been looking, get them while you can.

27 April 2013 - Good news for those of you in the US and Canada - 'The Navigator' is again available on an R1 DVD, starting 30 April. It is presented 1.85:1, enhanced for 16x9 and has optional English subtitles.
There is yet another Lord of the Rings offering being released 07 May; this time it is a Blu-ray disc in Steelbook packaging. It contains both the theatrical version and the extended version, all on one flipper disc. There is a second disc that contains a two hour documentary. As I understand it, the movie disc contains some code that allows for not duplicating the scenes common to both versions, thereby allowing for a more compact (re: cheaper) offering. The three titles are packaged separately with prices ranging from $20-25us for each title.
Fresh Meat can now be viewed online at Amazon(US) for $3.99

16 April 2013 - As of today, a VOD of Danny Mulheron's horror comedy, 'Fresh Meat', should be available from Virgin Media's UK site. I would appreciate someone there emailing me to confirm that is so. I now have a page up for the film, since it is now available on DVD from New Zealand resellers. It is also scheduled to start a theatrical run in the US next week, but probably only in the major markets.

04 April 2013 - If you haven't visited the Sneak Peek Trailers Page recently, you might consider taking a look since, among other films, there is a link to a trailer for 'Mr. Pip'. No, I do not have a general release date yet for Mr. Pip, but I will post it here once I do. After a suprisingly long delay, 'Whale Rider' is finally going to be available on Blu-ray. Starting 24 April, you can purchase copies from Australian and New Zealand resellers.

23 March 2013 - The winner of the first "Make My Movie" project, 'How to meet girls from a Distance', is now included in this database. It was made in six months with only $100,000., plus a little additional financial assist for promotion. Since it is now available on disc in North America, information on 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' has been added with links and reviews. Additional details regarding disc versions available in other markets will be added as they become available. You might want to check the Sneak Peek Trailers Page as additional trailers have been added recently.

06 March 2013 - A summary of known DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray released dates for 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey':
19 March - United States and Canada
22 March - Mexico
08 April - United Kingdom and Norway
09 April - Italy and Spain
11 April - Russia and Kazakhstan
17 April - Netherlands and Japan
19 April - Germany, France and Czech Republic
01 May - Australia and New Zealand.

04 March 2013 - Worldwide, 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' has reached the billion dollar mark and is still going well in some territories, although it has slowed down in New Zealand where it is now only available on 14 screens, but so far it has reached a total of $11,489,900 at New Zealand cinemas.
'Mt. Zion' is continuing to have a strong showing on 46 New Zealand screens with a total take of $1,105,200 after 3+ weeks; it starts its run in Australian cinemas 14 March. The next New Zealand produced film, 'The Red House', starts its general theatrical run also on 14 March.

01 March 2013 - IT'S OFFICIAL - The third Hobbit installment, 'The Hobbit: There and Back Again', has had its theatrical release date moved to 17 December 2014.
Information and mp3 sample tracks are now available for the 'Mt. Zion' soundtrack. DVD releases are scheduled for 'How to meet girls from a Distance' (14 March), and 'Fresh Meat' (10 April).
To 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray release dates listed below, you can add 01 May for Australia and New Zealand.
Although it is being released as a television mini-series and therefore I will not be adding it to this database, still I thought I should bring your attention to a first for Jane Campion. 'Top of the Lake' will start showing on the US Sundance Channel 18 March, on the UKTV Channel in Australia and New Zealand starting 24 March and BBC Two starting 22 April. It will be available for DVD purchase starting in late April. This fascinating crime drama features Holly Hunter, Elisabeth Moss, Sarah Valentine, Peter Mullan, Cohen Holloway and David Wenham and was shot in the Queenstown area.

11 February 2013 - It is official - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released in the U.S., and Canada, on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and DVD 19 March 2013. It would appear that it will not be available in the UK until 8 April. It is scheduled for Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and DVD in Germany starting 19 April. As other territory dates are confirmed, the info will be posted here. Click on the preceeding link for further details, including info on the live "first look" of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug', hosted by Peter Jackson.

03 February 2013 - A page of information on 'Two Little Boys' is now available for those wanting details including reviews. Additional titles have been added to the DVD Sale Page and note that the prices including shipping.
Those of you in New Zealand, might want to look into the titles scheduled this year at the various Film Societies. Included within the programs are New Zealand films such as: 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence', 'Woodenhead', 'The Strength of Water', 'The Hopes and Dreams of Gaza Snell', 'Illustrious Energy' and 'Came a Hot Friday'. Links to all the local societies are available at the main NZ Film Societies Website.

09 January 2013 - 'The New Zealand People's Choice Movie Awards' have been announced and 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' has won the Best Movie of 2012 award, with Peter Jackson taking the Best Director award. The best New Zealand Movie award was given to 'Two Little Boys' (which will be released to DVD and Blu-ray 24 January. For further details and information about the other award winners, click on the following link to The Great Flicks NZ Website.
Having reached the NZ box office level of $9,572,800 in its first month, 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is now the fourth highest grossing NZ feature film. So now the question is, will it overcome 'The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King'? Since it has at least three more months in which to accomplish that feat, I predict it will. The next question is, do we really have to wait nine months for it to come out on disc?

07 January 2013 - As 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is about to approach the end of its first month in theatres, I think it is safe to say that it will be joining the worldwide billion dollar club as well as the New Zealand ten million dollar level and it has yet to be released into mainland Chinese theatres (15 February). To those who have been hesitant to see it due to so many lukewarm, even negative reviews, go and form your own opinion. If 3D and high frame rate issues are the reason, then go to a standard 2D showing, for I promise it is still worth experiencing that way. Congradulations to the talented, dedicated cast and crew that has made this unique cinematic experience possible for us all.

28 December 2012 - If you have not yet seen 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey', you have had a very full plate or you reside in China (Where, except for Hong Kong, it has not yet been released). As of today, it has taken in $562,783,000us worldwide since its opening two weeks ago and is still pulling in $30 million per day. Given that it is showing in some 20,000 theatres, it should be able to get to $1 Billion, even with the mixed reviews.
Details regarding the recently released dvd family film, 'Kiwi Flyer' is been added to the database, as well as the dvd of the 2009 comedy 'No Petrol, No Diesel'. Pages for the soundtracks of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' and 'How to Meet Girls from a Distance' have also been added. The Sarkies brothers' bloody comedy, ' Two Little Boys', is being released in New Zealand on DVD and Blu-ray 24 January 2013.

07 December 2012 - The Unofficial New Zealand Film Awards Results are in and 'The Orator' is the big winner, picking up eight "Moas". The great Flicks site is hosting the People's Choice Awards and they want you to get your votes in by 31 December. A trailer for the forthcoming NZ rock opera, 'Romeo & Juliet: A Love Song' can be accessed at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page.

26 November 2012 - More Hobbit World premiere live net feed information: Flicks of Wellington (A website beyond excellence) has said they also would be providing a live feed, starting at 3:45pm NZDT for 3 hours. They will then repeat the whole 3 hours, so that those who could not see it live, will have an opportunity to still watch it. Additionally, there is The Hobbit Premiere World Clock - Check When To Watch The Live Feed

22 November 2012 - Trailer links have been added at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page for the forthcoming films, 'The Fall Guys', 'Mt. Zion' and 'Eternity'. Links to newly available 10 minute flash video excerpts are now at the Trailers Page for some older titles, such as 'Pallet on the Floor', 'Pictures', 'Saving Grace' and 'Shaker Run'. Only three more weeks to the opening run for 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey', except for those attending the World Premiere in Wellington next Wednesday. Those in the United States who want to watch the activities before the Premiere, 'Now Live' will be offering a video feed, starting at 09:50pm EST November 27. Those of you in Germany can view the activities live from the Cinemaxx feed at 4:30 November 28. New Zealanders who cannot make it to Wellington can view the events live starting at 4:00PM NZDT November 28.

15 November 2012 - There are a couple of Hobbit related audio download links now at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page. One is Neil Finn's 'Song of the Lonely Mountain' and the other is the complete 105 minute Howard Shore audio score - Four More Weeks!

04 November 2012 - Two older films are now available for the first time on dvd, 'Send a Gorilla' and 'Zilch'. Coming to dvd on 21 November is the family feature, 'Kiwi Flyer', which is still showing in New Zealand cinemas. The new Independent feature, 'Eternity' will be starting its NZ theatrical showings 09 November. Information and samples about the New Zealand Post stamps commemorating 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is now available in the Miscellaneous Section.

27 October 2012 - The combined efforts of NZOnscreen, the New Zealand Film Commission and DigitalNZ have resulted in an iphone app, they are calling Reel Choice, which will probably be welcomed by mobile device users looking for NZ film and television information.
'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' books are starting to show up and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is releasing a number of them next month. Enter the movie title to their search button to see the selection.
Lastly, advance orders are now being taken at Amazon for two soundtrack CDs of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' with delivery in December. Details to follow.

20 October 2012 - The New Zealand Film Commission has their newly revised website up and I think they have made a very good first impression. Another new trailer, 'Eternity', can be accessed at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page. This new film is having its New Zealand premiere in Hastings, 09 November 2012. Raj Singh has written up a extensive commentary on The Hobbit trailer that I would recommend to all Hobbit and LOTR fans and this is only part 1 of what he has to say.

05 October 2012 - Additional trailers have been added at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page for 'The Cure', 'How To Meet Girls From A Distance' and a second trailer for 'Fresh Meat', plus mp4 versions for mobile devices. Although I should have added it many months ago, information regarding Doug Adams' book, 'The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films', is now available. Check out the links for details, including the compact disc of previously unavailable music that is including within this amazing book. New Zealand Post is now taking orders for "The Hobbit" commemorative stamps and coins. Those of you who placed orders for 'The Lord of the Rings' stamps, know that some items sell out early, so consider without too much delay.

19 September 2012 - The first full trailer for 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is now available for your enjoyment at the Sneak Peek Trailer Page.

12 September 2012 - There will be a New Zealand Film Awards this year. It will be at the Auckland Civic Wintergarden on 04 December 2012 and will be streamed live from Entries for features, documentaries and short films are open to 30 September with the finalists being annouced on 05 November. Details can be found at 'The Sorta Unofficial New Zealand Film Awards'.
In case you might have been in some remote location the past week, 'The Hobbit' is going to be released as a trilogy with the first, ''The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", starting 14 December 2012; the second, " The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", starting 13 December 2013; and the third, "The Hobbit: There and Back Again", starting 18 July 2014. They will be released in High Frame-rate 3-D, standard 3D, IMAX and 2-D. Further details can be found at The Official Hobbit Blog where you can also find a link to the official iOS app which you can download free.
New Zealand Post is getting on The Hobbit bandwagon and will be releasing stamps and coins commemorating the films starting 01 November 2012 with pre-orders beginning 08 October. Details can be found at the NZPost Hobbit Website
Rugby fans will be happy to know that their hounding of the producer to make the 1991 comedy 'Old Scores' available for DVD purchase has produced results as you can now order copies directly from the producers website.

08 August 2012 - A teaser trailer is now available from the Sneak Peek Trailers Page for Danny Mulheron's forthcoming horror comedy, 'Fresh Meat'.

03 August 2012 - A special edition dvd of 'Hook, Line & Sinker' is available that has extras of interviews, deleted scenes, trailers and English subtitles. It also has a New Zealand first - audio-description for the visually impaired. If you have not caught this film, by the same folks who made 'Taking the Waewae Express', do try to see it. Both films are very low budget, so do not expect a flash Wingnut production, but they are much better than I had expected and well worth experiencing.

31 July 2012 - It is official - There Will Be Three Hobbit Movies. The news seems to be spilling out all over the net, but the basics can be found over at MTV's website. Another bit of news that will make rugby fans happy - 'Old Scores' is coming to DVD. I do not yet have a release date, but soon. If you want to be alerted to the happy event, send me an email with the subject "Old Scores DVD".

04 July 2012 - Information is now available on The Most Fun You Can Have Dying plus it's original soundtrack. A page of info on Sione's 2: Unfinished Business has also been uploaded for your enjoyment. Due to visitor preference, the Divx trailers are being replaced with mp4 ones that should be more agreeable to mobile devices. You might want to check out some of them at the trailer page and let me know what you think.

05 June 2012 - Updated information, including where to purchase, has been added to the pages of New Zealand's first colour feature, the 1954 co-production of 'The Seekers' aka: 'Land of Fury' and Rudall Hayward's 1940 sound version of 'Rewi's Last Stand'. The really great news concerns the ability to purchasing a high-quality dvd copy of 'The Footstep Man'. This 1992 "film within a film" feature has excellent production design and won awards for its cinematography and editing. Check out the video and soundtrack clips of this lesser known art film. Finally, the trailer for the forthcoming family comedy 'Kiwi Flyer' is now linked from the sneak peek trailers page.

02 June 2012 - With yesterday's DVD release of 'Pallet on the Floor', all Ronald Hugh Morrieson's novels are available on disc. Also released to DVD is a PAL R0 of 'Shaker Run'. Next month there will be a PAL R0 release of 'A Soldier's Tale'. Kirstin Marco's new film, 'The Most Fun You Can Have Dying' will be released to DVD starting 18 July 2012 but its soundtrack is available now as a download. Sione's 2: Unfinished Business will be released to DVD and Blu-ray starting 13 June in New Zealand and 22 June in Australia.

18 May 2012 - If you have had an opportunity to see 'Good For Nothing' and wondered when and where to get a copy of the great soundtrack, wonder no more. In addition to being available at iTunes, the CD can now be purchased from the producer. Details can be found at the Good For Nothing Soundtrack Page.

03 May 2012 - Something old and something new. The Samoan story, based upon the book by Albert Wendt, 'Sons for the Return Home' is now available on DVD. The recent release of 'Rest for the Wicked' is now available on dvd from New Zealand resellers. If you have had difficulties locating a dvd copy of 'Utu', you now have a solution. Someone in Australia has apparantly purchased the remaining stock from the distributor and is selling them, at a reasonable price, online. I checked with Magna Pacific who confirmed that they no longer are the distributor for it, so this may be your only opportunity for awhile. BTW, I noticed that Screenline of Auckland has some very attractive sale prices for some new dvds this month. Finally, Event Cinemas in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington and Whangarei are promoting May "The Kiwi Movie Month". Currently the new kiwi western, 'Good For Nothing' is playing. Coming up are: 'Shihad', 'Sione's 2: Unfinished Business', 'My Wedding and Other Secrets', 'Goodbye Pork Pie', 'The Frighteners' and' War Stories'.

30 April 2012 - In the category of "Most Popular NZ Feature Film", I thought you might be interested in knowing what films have been the most popular, since the first of this year, based upon visitor activity at this website. There are some surprises, such as discovering that 50% of the preferences were films that are over 20 years old, and that the fifth most popular title was the 32 year old, 'Goodbye Pork Pie'. Although the Lord of the Rings trilogy takes top spots, third place is taken by 'What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?", seventh place is filled by 'Once Were Warriors' and tenth place is occupied, surprisingly, by 'Hercules and the Lost Kingdom'. Although there have been nearly 50 films released to dvd since Sione's Wedding in 2006, not one of them is represented in this top 20 list. One 21 year old film, 'Old Scores', got into the top 20 although it has never been on dvd! I have talked with the producer about this omission and was told that they didn't feel there would be enough sales to justify production costs. That may be true if sales were limited to New Zealand, but I receive many more enquiries from people in Europe and not only the UK. There are fans all over the world that are looking for non-documentary rugby films. If the producers feel that it can not be taken to dvd profitably, they might consider streaming it for a fee. In fact I am amazed that the Peter Jackson group has not yet set up a high definition streaming service, for a fee, of all his pre-Lord of the Rings films.

#01 - Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring
#02 - Lord of the Rings - Return of the King
#03 - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?
#04 - Memory and Desire
#05 - Goodbye Pork Pie
#06 - Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
#07 - Once Were Warriors
#08 - Chunuk Bair
#09 - Sione's Wedding
#10 - Hercules and the Lost Kingdom
#11 - Braindead
#12 - The Silent One
#13 - Utu
#14 - Came A Hot Friday
#15 - Restless
#16 - Illustrious Energy
#17 - Old Scores
#18 - Starlight Hotel
#19 - Carry Me Back
#20 - Whale Rider

15 April 2012 - Information on the droll, comic Western, 'Good For Nothing', is now available, including details concerning its dvd and streaming sites. The original soundtrack is also represented with a link to an iTunes site. Details about the soundtrack CD will be available later. The New Zealand theatrical premiere is 22 April at Wellington's Embassy Theatre. General NZ theatrical release follows starting 03 May. Follow this link to find the closest of the 55 cinemas showing this unique New Zealand made western.

11 April 2012 - Following a long illness, Grant Tilly has died. Although the 74 year old veteran actor of stage, screen and television added his talents to feature films such as 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt', 'Race for the Yankee Zephyr', 'Savage Islands', 'Other Halves' and 'Alex', he is probably best known for his comedic roles in 'Middle Age Spread' and 'Carry Me Back'. Fortunately both of those films are now available on dvd from Screenline, and free sample clips are available for online viewing at nzonscreen.

07 April 2012 - Finally - 'Illustrious Energy' is available on a digitally re-mastered DVD. 'Good For Nothing' was scheduled for a 27 March US dvd release, but has been delayed - more later. The film is having its NZ premiere at Wellington's Embassy theatre, 22 April, followed by a general NZ theatrical release starting 03 May. A soundtrack cd of 'Good For Nothing' is coming, but no firm date yet, however it can be sampled and purchased at iTunes now. The Sione's Wedding sequel, 'Sione's 2: Unfinished Business' is scheduled for a dvd 13 June. 'The Vintner's Luck' is starting its US dvd release 17 April, but with the misleading title of 'A Heavenly Vintage'.

20 March 2012 - Two new films will become available on dvd soon. 'Good For Nothing' will be released in the US on 27 March and 'Rest For The Wicked' will have its NZ release on 11 April. In addition to completing a good deal of page code corrections and making changes that should be helpful for those of you with mobile devices, I have added links to titles that can be streamed at Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and LoveFilm, to where there are now over 100 NZ movies that can be legally viewed online, for a fee. Although Netflix has the largest selection, they do not have all of them. If you find a legal one I have missed, I would appreciate knowing about it. If you are wondering about films that are having their releases later this year, you might check out the Sneak Peek Trailers Page.

06 February 2012 - Another title has been added to the database, 'The Holy Roller'. A surprise addition to the dvd collection of older titles, 'Carry Me Back' is now available from NZ resellers, selling for $10nz. In addition to my Sale Page of dvd Titles, I have added a Sale Page for vhs Titles. Gradually you will find some technical improvements to pages, including some replacement images. While cleaning up sloppy code, I am also trying to make the pages friendlier for mobile devices such as ipads, ipods, androids without having to constuct a completely different division of this site for mobile devices. I am only one person, so please be patient with me:)

03 January 2012 - Information is now available for the soundtrack CD of 'The Orator', including mp3 samples. Check out this "Make Your Own CD" and pay what you feel it's worth. Can't find a fairer offer than that to start 2012.

31 December 2011 - Information is now available on the soundtrack CD of 'Sione's 2: Unfinished Business, including an mp3 sample and links to a couple of related music videos. Many great movies are coming to dvd next year and I hope you remember to check in here, from time to time. HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR !

21 December 2011 - The first trailer for 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is now linked from the Sneak Peek Trailers Page. A page of coverage for 'The Orator' is now available and info on the soundtrack CD of 'Sione's 2: Unfinished Business' will be in a few days. MP3 samples of both will also be available for your listening pleasure. Have A Great Holiday and a Happy New Year.

18 December 2011 - A page of information covering the new to dvd film, 'Hugh & Heke', is now available for your viewing. If anyone wants to write up a review of this film, to have it included with the other information here, I would welcome such. I cannot pay for such, but you will retain all rights and would receive credit.
Those of you residing in the Auckland Metro area will have another late Summer treat - FREE outdoor movies plus live music before the films. Kiwi films include: 'Tracker', 'Sione's Wedding', 'The Orator', 'Billy T: Te Movie', 'Boy', 'Curry Munchers', 'My Wedding and Other Secrets', 'The Hopes and Dreams of Gaza Snell', 'After the Waterfall', 'The World's Fastest Indian', 'Love Birds' and those are just the NZ films. There are also 12 non-nz titles that will be offered. To check out details as to where and when, go to Auckland Council Movies In Parks.

01 December 2011 - Just a quick note to let you know that DVD copies of 'Starlight Hotel' and 'Queen City Rocker' can now be purchase online from Screenline of Auckland. I might also mention that recently some new trailers links have been added at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page, including 'The Orator', 'The Holy Roller' and 'Rest For The Wicked'. Enjoy.

12 November 2011 - A page of information for 'Russian Snark' is now available for you enjoyment. You really should experience this unique film and now those outside of New Zealand can via its recently released dvd. If you have not been able to view a linked to NZ Film Archive trailer, such as 'Ruby & Rata' or 'The Whole of the Moon', try it now as they had a tech problem that has been corrected.
Special notice for Auckland area residents: Free outdoor movies are coming to the waterfront Silo Park. They all start at 9pm with food venders and stalls available starting at 5pm. The schedule is: 'Eagle vs Shark', 25 November; 'Sione's Wedding', 3 December; 'Love Story', 9 December.
The AFTA (Aotearoa Film and Television Awards) have been announced and the Feature Film Winners, grouped by title, are: 'Love Story' - Best Feature, Director and Editing; 'The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell' - Outstanding Feature Film Debut; 'The Insatiable Moon' - Best Lead Actor (Rawiri Paratene), Best supporting Actor (Greg Johnson); 'My Wedding and Other Secrets' - Best Lead Actress (Michelle Ang), Best Screenplay (Roseanne Liang and Angeline Loo); 'Matariki' - Best Supporting Actress (Sara Wiseman); 'After the Waterfall' - Best Sound Design (Dick Reade and Gethin Creagh); 'Predicament' - Best Cinematography (Simon Raby), Best Original Music (Plan 9), Best Production Design (John Harding), Best Costume Design (Lesley Burkes-Harding), Best Make-up Design (Angela Mooar), Best Visual Effects (Sauce VFX). Go to the AFTA Site for further details about the awards. One final note - 'Boy' will start its U.S. general theatrical release March 2, 2012.

18 October 2011 - The AFTA Finalists have been announced and the feature film nominees are: Best Film - 'My Wedding and Other Secrets', 'Love Story' and 'Predicament'. The complete list and details regarding the awards can be accessed at: The awards will be 12 November 2011 at the Auckland Viaduct Events Centre.

17 October 2011 - Information is now available on the excellent new feature, 'Hook, Line & Sinker', from the same folks that brought us 'Taking the Waewae Express'. Additionally two older Gaylene Preston titles are now available in New Zealand on DVD - 'Bread & Roses' and 'Ruby & Rata'. I should have details within a week on two new dvd titles that are scheduled for release soon - 'Russian Snark' on 21 October and 'Hugh & Heke' in November; trailers for both can be accessed at the Sneak Peek Trailer Page. These are all good works that are worth viewing. One last notice about something to consider for your holiday stocking - 'Footrot Flats' is scheduled for a Blu-ray release 01 December 2011.

11 September 2011 - Three older childrens movies, produced by Dale and Grant Bradley, have been added to the database. In 2004 the "Treasure Island Kids" trilogy was released consisting of: 'The Battle of Treasure Island', 'The Monster of Treasure Island' and 'The Mystery of Treasure Island'. Aimed primarily towards a pre-teen viewing audience, they were destined for Saturday morning TV and definately not adult fare, but everyone can enjoy the North Island filming locations of: Piha, Kitekite Falls, Bethells Beach, Wenderholm Park, Stedfast Park and the grand Pah Homestead.
For those who have not visited the Sneak Peek Trailers page lately, you will find a link to the trailer of the soon to be released NZ/Samoan production, 'The Orator'.

02 September 2011 - Two more films have been added - 'Cave In' and 'The Warrior's Way'. Now I know that purists will say these are not NZ films, but they are both co-productions, as are many films these days and both were filmed in New Zealand, so I felt they were worthy of being added to the database. Soundtrack fans will find mp3 samples of not only 'Cave In' and 'The Warrior's Way', but 'Leave All Fair' also has a clip at the Soundtrack Samples page. Javier Navarrete's score for 'The Warrior's Way' is a most enjoyable homage, especially to Morriconi.
For reasons that would be best to not go into right now, I am reserving my rant about the previously mentioned withdrawl of the scheduled dvd release of 'Illustrious Energy' as well as future dvd releases of older titles. I do not want to muddy the issue by making possible unconstructive comments at this time, as I have reason to believe that this issue may be resolved later this month. We shall see. One way or the other, I will have something to report next month.

21 August 2011 - It is with considerable sadness that I must report that not only have the dvd releases of 'Illustrious Energy' and 'Sons for the Return Home' have been cancelled, but other older titles that were planned for dvd releases in the near future are also canceled. This includes: 'Pallet on the Floor', 'The Whole of the Moon', 'Starlight Hotel', 'Shaker Run', 'Queen City Rocker' and 'A Soldier's Tale'. Of course this does not mean that they will never find their way to dvd, but at this time there would appear to be no plans for such releases. I will be posting a detailed commentary on this in a few days and will try to get the New Zealand media to report on it. If anyone wants to express their feelings on this, I would welcome such emails and will set up a page dedicated to the issue and your comments.

06 August 2011 - 'The Devil's Rock' is now represented with its page of information and links. This NZ/UK co-production was all filmed in the Wellington area and is a horror drama set during World War II. Soundtrack fans will enjoy checking out the new mp3 samples of music from 'My Wedding and other Secrets', 'Love Birds' and 'The Devil's Rock' at the Soundtrack Samples Page.
For those who wonder what else they can do during the forthcoming Rugby World Cup from 9 September to 23 October, Real New Zealand Festival and New Zealand Onscreen have an answer. In the North Island two eye-catching structures will be built on the Auckland Queens Wharf and Wellington Te Papa promenade waterfronts. Classic Kiwi screen moments will be shown on a video tower atop a modified shipping container. Inside visitors will be able to engage with, and be moved by the screen treasures via a state-of-the-art interactive video feature wall and viewing pods. A high-tech conversion of a classic Kiwi caravan will bring the New Zealand On Screen experience to the South Island. The travelling cinema will rove mainland towns and centres between 9 September and 6 October before spending the final fortnight of the tournament camped at Hagley Park in the Fan Zone from 8 October until 23 October. There is no charge for any of this.
For further details about the Kiwi Film Classics Events, click on the following: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and the South Island Caravan Locations and dates.

25 July 2011 - 'Braindead, aka: Dead Alive' will be released on Blu-ray, in the U.S., starting 04 October 2011, but further details will have to wait. 'Russian Snark' now has a dvd release date of 23 October 2011, but it is too early to provide details about any extras. The first trailer for the forthcoming 'Sione's Wedding 2: Unfinished Business' is now available for viewing. The new romantic comedy, 'My Wedding and Other Secrets' now has a page with links to reviews and many other details.

19 July 2011 - Sorry about being so slow in posting new items - I have computer problems and will, hopefully, get everything going smoothly soon. Pages are up for the new films, 'Curry Munchers' and 'Love Birds'. To add to the 'Billy T' feeding frenzy, 'The Leading Edge' is now available on vanilla DVD.
The Te Papa museum and the New Zealand Film Archive have worked together to put out a hardcover book, 'New Zealand Film: An Illustrated History'. This book is an impressive 360 page effort, containing over 400 illustrations and a 100 minute DVD. It covers over 100 years of film in New Zealand and includes articles by people in the industry as well as academics specialising in film history and New Zealand culture. You really should check out this fine effort and discover that there is more to NZ film than Peter Jackson.

24 June 2011 - The 'Came A Hot Friday' DVD release date has been moved up to 06 July; so get your pre-orders in now to take advantage of the reduced prices. The DVD release date for 'My Wedding and other Secrets' is now confirmed for 20 July; some on-line dealers are now taking pre-orders. You can now access the first trailer for Peter Jackson's forthcoming, 'The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn' at the sneak peek trailers page.

12 June 2011 - Information on the recently released to DVD film, 'Matariki' is now available. I am testing a layout change with Matariki and would appreciate comments about this - I have included the back dvd cover image, as well as the front.
In case you might not have heard, 'Love Birds' is scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray releases starting 13 July and 'The Devil's Rock' (in the UK) on DVD 11 July.
Finally 'The Frighteners' will be finding its way to Blu-ray starting 13 September in the U.S and Canada and 10 October in the UK. No dates yet for other countries.

29 May 2011 - Pages have been added for 'The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell' and Ian Sharp's "western" drama 'Tracker', starring Ray Winstone and Temuera Morrison.

16 May 2011 - I am testing "Chat Box" at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page, and a couple of others, before adding it to all pages. I therefore would appreciate your comments and suggestions, but please keep it brief as it is not designed for long dissertations:)

14 May 2011 - The trailer for the soon to be released thriller, 'The Devil's Rock' can now be accessed from the Sneak Peek Trailers page.
There have been some release date changes for dvds of older titles. 'The Returning' is scheduled for 20 June; 'Came a Hot Friday' is now scheduled for 20 July; 'Illustrious Energy' and 'Sons for the Return Home' will both be available starting 20 August. 'A Soldier's Tale' and 'Shaker Run' have both been rescheduled for 20 October.
The new Indian flavoured film, 'Curry Munchers', will be available on DVD starting 22 June.
The Lord of the Rings? Extended Edition Trilogy Theatrical Event
The epic adventure is coming to the big screen in U.S. theatres this June for a three night event series.
NCM Fathom and Warner Home Video are bringing all three The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition films to movie theaters nationwide. The events will begin with a new personal introduction for each film from The Lord of the Ring director Peter Jackson captured from The Lord of the Rings prequel set, The Hobbit, and will be immediately followed by the Extended Edition feature presentations which altogether include nearly 3 hours of additional feature footage carefully selected by Peter Jackson.
The trilogy will be featured in an exclusive series of three in-theater events including The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring? on June 14, 2011; The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers? on June 21, 2011; and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King? on June 28, 2011. Each event will begin at 7:00 p.m. local time. All three have been digitally remastered for high-definition.
Tickets are on sale now for this three night event! Limited seats available - buy your tickets early! To purchase tickets to an event, click on the image to the left, enter your zip code and select the BUY TICKETS button.

01 May 2011 - Two more films have found their way to DVD and so they have been added to the database - 'After the Waterfall' and 'The Insatiable Moon'. Four more feature films are scheduled for DVD releases soon and their trailers can be viewed from the Sneak Peek Trailers page - 'The Hopes and Dreams of Gaza Snell' on 11 May, 'Matariki' 03 June, 'Love Birds' and 'My Wedding and other Secrets' in July.

24 March 2011 - Warner Home Video has officially announced the Blu-ray release of the extended version of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy for June 28, 2011. This three-movie collection will be presented in a 15-disc set (6 BDs, 9 DVDs), packaged in multi-disc elite packaging inside a premium rigid slipcase, selling for under $100us or 60#uk. Each movie will be split across two discs. The audio will be 6.1 DTS-HD Master. The Fellowship of the Ring has been re-mastered from the original 2k digital files. Go to the specific LOTR title pages for content details.

16 March 2011 - Another new film will be coming to dvd AND Blu-ray on 23 May 2011 - 'Tracker'. This PAL release will initially be in the UK and pre-orders are about 12# for the R2 DVD and 16# for the Region B Blu-ray. It would seem that 'The Frighteners' will finally find its way to Blu-ray on 10 October 2011 - as you may guess, details will be available later this year. More links to trailers for new titles, not yet on DVD, have been added to the Sneak Peek Trailers Page, including 'Hook, Line & Sinker', 'Curry Munchers', 'Good For Nothing' and 'Tracker'.

10 March 2011 - Great news for fans of older NZ movies: Twelve older titles are coming to DVD. The first one is the 20 April 2011 release of 'Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree'. The next two are scheduled for dvd release on 02 May 2011: 'Dangerous Orphans' and 'The Returning'. 'A Soldier's Tale' will be released on 06 June 2011. Then on 04 July 2001, two never before on dvd will be released, 'Illustrious Energy' and 'Sons for the Return Home'. On 01 August 2011, 'Shaker Run' will have its NZ dvd release along with the one that thousands have waited for, 'Came a Hot Friday'. Although no firm dates yet, four more titles that should be released to dvd this year are: 'Send a Gorilla', 'Queen City Rocker', 'The Whole of the Moon' and another jewel, 'Starlight Hotel'. With the exception of 'Came a Hot Friday' and 'Illustrious Energy', all of these PAL R0 dvds are without extras and will be selling for $10nz. Pre-orders for all of the titles with firm release dates, can be placed with Screenline in Auckland.
Other news of note: A sequel to 'Sione's Wedding' is scheduled for its New Zealand theatrical premiere in January 2012. Details on this will be available later this year.
Three additional titles are now available from "Amazon Video On Demand": 'Crush', 'Eagle vs Shark' and 'No one can hear You'.
Two new films are having their dvd releases shortly: On 16 March 2011, 'After the Waterfall' and on 13 April 2011, 'The Insatiable Moon'.

12 February 2011 - With sadness I report that Frank Whitten has died. Although he had many supporting roles in various feature films, he is probably best know for his major role in 'Vigil'. Vincent Ward pays tribute via a TV3News Interview. More recently he spent much time on television, especially in 'Outrageous Fortune'. A full-length tele-feature of the series can be viewed online at NZONSCREEN. From now until 1 May, 2011, you can also enjoy the Outrageous Fortune Exhibit at the Auckland Museum.

05 February 2011 - All soundtrack CDs and LPs now have links to their respective pages at Soundtrack Collector website. Similiarly there are now links from over 100 New Zealand film titles to the Internet Movie Poster Awards website where mini-posters may be downloaded for viewing and/or printing.
The Sneak Peek Trailer page now has links to three more features that will soon have theatrical releases: 'Love Birds', 'My Wedding And Other Secrets' and 'Tracker'. Two additional mp3 clips have been added to the Soundtrack Samples page: 'The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell' and 'Predicament'. The U.S. Amazon website has added 'Eagle vs Shark' to their "video on demand" offerings, which brings to 23 the number of NZ titles that can be so viewed (check last month's info below for the other titles that can be viewed online).

07 January 2011 - The vinyl LP soundtracks section has been re-organized with an index that links to separate title pages. Gradually more information will be added to the separate pages.
The U.S. Amazon site now has a "video on demand" section for online purchase and/or rental of movies. To date, I have located 22 New Zealand titles and have provided links for your convenience. Amazon has included free trailers or opening sample clips. I suggest you read Amazon's provided details about these offerings before downloading the full feature films.
The following are currently offered: Braindead, Diagnosis Death, District 9, The Ferryman, The Frighteners, Her Majesty, The Irrefutible Truth About Demons, King Kong, Lord of the Rings/The Two Towers, Lord of the Rings/Return of the King, Men Shouldn't Sing, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Mesmerized, Orphans and Angels, Savage Islands, Sione's Wedding, A Soldier's Tale, The Tattooist, Under The Mountain, Whale Rider, When Strangers Appear, The World's Fastest Indian.

31 December 2010 - Information is now available for Jason Stutter's treatment of 'Predicament. You will also find that the books section has been re-organised and in the process of upgrading. Additional soundtrack samples and trailers have been added, including information and mp3 sample for a hard-to-find soundtrack LP of 'Queen City Rocker'.
A couple of new trailers have been added at the Sneak Peek Trailers page, where you will notice DVD release dates for 'Insatiable Moon' and 'After the Waterfall'.
Probably the really big news for 2011 is that 'Came A Hot Friday' will have a theatrical re-release, followed by a DVD release. The best to you all in the coming year.

13 November 2010 - Soundtrack fans may be interested in the links I have provided to the Streaming Soundtracks site. At my Soundtracks pages, I have indicated NZ soundtracks that can be requested at the free, streaming, listening and request site. Currently there are 24 films represented with more on the way.
Another new film's soundtrack is represented with a CD release - 'Matariki' and starting 15 November Matariki's trailer can be viewed at the film's official website.
Special Notice to fans of the soundtrack 'When Loves Comes' - The movie DVD has been re-released, in New Zealand, as a 2-disc set. One disc is the feature on a PAL R0 dvd and the second disc is a CD of the soundtrack. The set is currently selling for only $10nz at Screenline, but no telling how long at this price.

6 November 2010 - Blu-ray users will find that it is now a bit easier to locate discs. I have added links to Google listings of worldwide resellers at my HD & BLU-RAY DISCS page. Gradually, I will be adding more Blu-ray info at this page, including forthcoming release details. New DVD Release - Predicament will be available on R4 DVD, from New Zealand sources, starting 8 December.

3 November 2010 - There now is a page for the soundtrack of 'The Insatiable Moon', with a link to track samples - well worth checking and can be purchased either as a CD or a download. Sorry, but I just received news that the DVD releases of 'Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree' and 'Send a Gorilla' is being delayed with a new release date sometime in February 2011. There has been a rumour floating around that 'The Frighteners' was to be released on Blu-ray last week - not so. What is so is that all of the Peter Jackson features not yet on Blu-ray - 'The Frighteners', 'Bad Taste', 'Braindead' and 'Meet the Feebles' - will be coming to Blu-ray, but no official release dates have yet been set for any of these titles.

25 October 2010 - 'Home By Christmas' has its own page added to the database, including a link to the original soundtrack information with mp3 audio samples of all tracks. Two more older films are finding their way to DVD 03 November, 'Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree' and 'Send a Gorilla'. More soundtrack upgrades have occurred with images of most all CD back covers now present and more mp3 soundtrack sample clips of older films that are not available on CD. The site now has links to over 185 soundtrack samples.

19September 2010 - The 2010 Qantas Film and Televison Awards have come and gone. The feature films results are as follows: 'Boy' cleaned up with a total of seven awards - Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Taika Waititi), Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Original Music. The next highest total of awards was collected by 'The Vintner's Luck'. It's three awards were for Best Lead Actress ( Vera Farmiga), Best Production Design and Best Costume Design. 'Home by Christmas' received awards for Best Lead Actor (Tony Barry) and Best Sound and 'Under the Mountain' received awards for Best Visual Effects and Makeup Design. Finally 'Russian Snark' received an award for Best Supporting Actress (Stephanie Tauevihi). Congradulations to all and to all a good night.

12 September 2010 - The giant hit at New Zealand theatres, Boy, now has its page and includes links to film clips and extras. Two more older films are now available on DVD, 'Te Rua' and 'Mauri'. On 06 October, another older title coming to DVD is 'Trial Run', along with the DVD release of Gaylene Preston's new docu-drama hit, 'Home by Christmas'.
Gradually, Peter Jackson's early films are coming to Blu-ray. Although hard to find, Heavenly Creatures is now available in both single disc and 2-disc offerings. Scheduled for future Blu-ray release are: The Frighteners, Bad Taste and Braindead aka:Dead Alive. Starting 14 September, the Blu-ray versions of the three Lord of the Rings films will be available as three separate 2-disc offerings, selling for about $20us.

14 August 2010 - The details on the three older films that are now available on DVD, 'Battletruck', 'Off the Edge' and 'Saving Grace', have been uploaded and you can access trailers and soundtrack samples of all three. Two more films will be available on Blu-ray next month; 'The Strength of Water' (19 Sept.) and 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' (28 Sept.). The Qantas Film and Television Award Nominees for 2010 were announced 12 August and 'Boy' received the highest number with 14, but 'Home By Christmas' picked up 10, 'Under the Mountain' - 7, 'The Vintner's Luck' - 6 and 'Russian Snark' - 6. The winners will be announced 18 September. For those of you who are interested in movie posters, I have been assisting a wonderful site, IMP Awards, to add as many miniature versions of New Zealand film posters as possible for your enjoyment. They have many that are not yet uploaded, so be patient as your favourite may be showing soon. But if you have one or two that are unusual, such as non-New Zealand (foreign language) versions, you might contact them about contributing to the gallery.

14 July 2010 - Two more older features are finding their way to DVD this month - 'Saving Grace' is available now, from New Zealand retailers and Michael Firth's 1977 Academy Award nominated skiing/hang-gliding adventure, 'Off the Edge', will be released the end of the month. North American fans of 'Battletruck', aka: 'Warlords of the 21st Century', will be happy to know that it will find its way to DVD starting August 3, 2010. The sneak peek page now has links to trailers for new features, 'Predicament', 'The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell', 'Insatiable Moon' and 'Russian Snark'. If you have not yet discovered the NZ Box Office page, you might not know that Taika Waititi's new film, 'Boy' has taken down 'King Kong'. 'Boy' has, so far, pulled in over $9 million at New Zealand theatres and so, except for 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, it has become the #1 film in New Zealand. For those who are not able to get to a New Zealand theatre, 'Boy' is scheduled for DVD release 1 September 2010. Finally, something to tease you with. I have received word that a number of older films, that have never been on dvd, will be between now and the end of the year. The list includes: 'Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree', 'Mauri', 'Te Rua', 'Trial Run', 'Zilch' and 'Whole of the Moon'.

18 June 2010 - Two more features have been added: James Napier Robertson's 'I'm Not Harry Jenson' and Armagan Ballantyne's 'The Strength of Water'. Four older titles that have never previously been available on dvd are now available. They are the 1979 hit 'Middle Age Spread'; the biopic of Walter and Alfred Burton, 19th century photographers,'Pictures'; the eerie murder mystery, partially filmed in Fiordland, 'The Lost Tribe' and Dean O'Gorman's teen flick, 'Bonjour Timothy'. Aro Video in Wellington is selling all four for $15nz each. In case you have not check out the soundtrack samples page lately, you will find there are now some 166 titles represented of which over 100 have never been available on CD. The latest is from 'The Strength of Water' and the massive hit, 'Boy'. Speaking of 'Boy', did you know that it has taken in over $8 Million at the New Zealand box office and is still going. It has topped all New Zealand films to date, if you do not consider King Kong or The Lord of the Rings. Check out the Sneak Peek Trailers page for a look at new NZ films at or coming soon to cinemas. One final note about 'Boy', I have a page up regarding its soundtrack and a download available at: Boy - The Soundtrack

07 May 2010 - Three more features have been added to the database - Peter Jackson's 'The Lovely Bones', Niki Caro's 'The Vintner's Luck' and Jonathan King's 'Under the Mountain'. You can find links to mp3 samples of the soundtracks to all three titles within the Soundtrack Samples page. Upgrades are continuing, such as still image replacements of many titles. DVDs of 'I'm Not Harry Jenson' and 'The Strength of Water' will be released by the end of this month - meanwhile check out the trailers.

18 March 2010 - I am pleased to announce that has been honored to host the official website for 'Jinx Sister'. With the cooperation of the director, Athina Tsoulis, and the technical assistance of Duncan Standley of Global Image Productions, you can now gain a bit more background into this great New Zealand film.
Over 10,000 Flicks visitors have voted and the results are now up. The Top 50 New Zealand Films list is now available for your viewing and comments.

08 March 2010 - The page containing info on 'Separation City' has been uploaded. Please let me know if you have any technical problems in accessing it.
Next month will be a fairly full one, when it comes to new NZ dvd and Blu-Ray releases: 'The Lord of the Rings - Trilogy' is being release to Blu-Ray on 6 April, 'The Vintner's Luck' dvd and Blu-Ray on 7 April as well as 'Under The Mountain' on 7 April, 'The Lovely Bones' dvd and Blu-Ray on 20 April, plus 'Home by Christmas' will be having its New Zealand theatrical premier on 29 April. Trailers for all of these films can be accessed by going to the Sneak Peek Trailer Page.
NZ On Screen now has available on-line a 3 minute clip of the very rare 'This is New Zealand'. This promo film used at Expo 70, Japan, was shot with three cameras and projects as three separate images, somewhat like Cinerama. It has been restored and digitised and there are plans to make it available on dvd, hopefully later this year. The nz on screen site has links to details regarding the film.

19 February 2010 - The New urban comedy, 'Separation City' will become available on dvd, from New Zealand sources, 24 February, 2010. Some things to look forward to - the following older titles will become available on dvd this year, but no firm dates yet, so either drop me a note and I will let you know when I know or check back here at least monthly for further info: 'Bonjour Timothy', 'Channelling Baby', 'Illustrious Energy', 'The Lost Tribe', 'Pallet on the Floor', 'Pictures', 'Queen City Rocker'. Most significantly, we should be seeing a New Zealand dvd release of both 'Came A Hot Friday' and 'Starlight Hotel'.

26 January 2010 - So far, I have found 16 New Zealand soundtrack CDs at iTunes. I have flagged the titles that are now linked with an iTunes icon within the CD Chrono and CD Alpha directories, to make it a bit easier to locate.

21 January 2010 - The soundtrack of Nate & Hayes, aka: Savage Island, is now available on CD. This Trevor Jones score has never before been available on vinyl or cd.
A free treat for those in Auckland - between 10 February and 18 March, the Auckland City Council's Free Movies in Parks program will be offering New Zealand features on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, preceeded by live music, of: 'The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls', 'The World's Fastest Indian', 'Dean Spanley', 'The Price of Milk', 'Rain of the Children', 'River Queen', 'Goodbye Pork Pie', 'Siones Wedding', 'Forgotten Silver', 'State of Play', 'Show of Hands' and 'Separation City'. For venue directions and further details, go to the parks info page on the offerings.

10 January 2010 - With no reason to not do so, I decided that I will join the ranks of those presenting their "Best of..." lists. In my subjective case, I offer my "Best New Zealand features of the past 10 Years". 2000 - 'The Price of Milk'; 2001 - 'Lord of the Rings/Fellowship of the Ring'; 2002 - Tie: 'Lord of the Rings/The Two Towers' and 'Whale Rider'; 2003 - 'Lord of the Rings/Return of the King'; 2004 - Tie: 'Fracture' and 'In My Father's Den'; 2005 - Tie: 'King Kong' and 'The World's Fastest Indian'; 2006 - 'Out of the Blue'; 2007 - 'Eagle vs Shark'; 2008 - Tie: 'Apron Strings' and 'Dean Spanley'; 2009 - 'District 9'. If you feel compelled to disagree with me, drop me an email and I will post your list, about which others can then disagree.

09 January 2010 - The "Long List" nominations for the Orange British Academy Film Awards in 2010 has been released. This "first round"(15 in each catagory) will now be voted from by over 6000 members and the list of nominations (5 in each catagory) will be announced 21 January. The winning awards will be given at the Royal Opera House on 21 February. There are two New Zealand films within the "long list" nominations - 'District 9' and 'The Lovely Bones'. I might add that 'Avatar' is on the list, but for various reasons, I do not consider it a New Zealand produced feature, whereas I do 'District 9'.
'District 9' has nominations for: Best Film, Adapted Screenplay, Director, Make-up & Hair, Special Visual Effects, Sound, Editing, Costume Design, Production Design, Cinematography. 'The Lovely Bones' has nominations for: Adapted Screenplay, Special Visual Effects, Sound, Editing, Production Design, Cinematography, Music, Leading Actress - Saoirse Ronan, Supporting Actor - Stanley Tucci, Supporting Actress - Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon.

3 January 2010 - The Trailer for 'Boy', Taika Waititi's latest feature, is now available for viewing through the Sneak Peek Trailers page. It is having its World Premiere this month at the Sundance Film Festival. It is scheduled to begin New Zealand theatrical showings in April. I have been able to confirm nine(9) features that are available on Blu-ray and a tenth that will be coming 6 April. Details and pricing can be accessed from the new HD/Blu-ray list page. A page has been added, although not finished, concerning the new soundtrack CD of the Trevor Jones score to the 1983 film, 'Nate and Hayes'. More details coming next week.

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