Geoff Murphy - A Life on Film

Geoff Murphy - A Life On Film

by: Geoff Murphy
Harper Collins Publishers
Paperback: 414 pages
Publication Date: 01/10/2015
Illustrations: 45 photographs
ISBN - 978-1-77554-079-3

An entertaining memoir from a major entertainer - Geoff 'Goodbye Pork Pie' Murphy tells it like it really was in this director's cut of his life and times. "I'm taking this bloody car to Invercargill!", was the line that had cinema audiences cheering. Goodbye Pork Pie became an instant classic, and announced the arrival of a major new talent in director Geoff Murphy. With his next two films, 'Utu' and 'The Quiet Earth', he cemented his reputation as a pioneer of New Zealand cinema, eventually arriving in Hollywood as a gun-for-hire in the super-charged world of studio politics and superstar egos. He'd come a long way from his days as a struggling school teacher, and then a member of a madcap band of merry pranksters known as Blerta, founded by his great friend and collaborator Bruno Lawrence. But it was the same sense of adventure - with a healthy dose of Kiwi ingenuity - that defined every stage of his career. In this candid and funny memoir, Geoff Murphy looks back on a life in (and on) film - from do-it-yourself shoots in the 1960s to epic work on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy - and delivers the director's cut of a truly remarkable life.

Table of Contents

ix - Preface
001 - Beginnings
025 - Beethove, Colditz Castle and the Military
038 - Back to School
069 - Finding Myself
087 - Going Professional and Hitting the Road with Blerta
101 - Mixed Media
113 - The Commune
138 - New Zealand Molvies, the New Film Commission and Extending the Commune
154 - Goodbye Pork Pie
213 - After Pork Pie
280 - Hollywood
307 - Back to Reality
320 - European Odyssey
328 - Return to America
372 - Leaving Hollywood
376 - Working with Peter Jackson
382 - Other Projects
385 - Flying Off Again
393 - Moving On and Looking Back

399 - Index


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