Most of these music videos are located off-site at nzonscreen, youtube and other locations. Additional music titles will be added as I have the time. Let me know if you are having any problems viewing them. ENJOY! (25 June 2018)

3 Mile Limit - 'Freedom' by Michael Murphy

Ginny Blackmore amd Stan Walker - 'Holding You' Born to Dance music video

Boy - Poi E Remix Video by The Patea Maori Club

Broken from the soundtrack

Curry Munchers Music Video

Daffodils Anchor Me Music Video

Deathgasm by Bulletbelt

The Devil Dared Me To - 'Tracy' music video by Deja Voodoo

Footrot Flats 'You Outta Be In Love' - Dave Dobbyn

'Puha and Pakeha' from Fresh Meat

Ghost Bride Music Video with Rosie Riggir

NZ Symphony Good for Nothing theme at Wellington Train Station

The Hobbit - 'I See Fire' - sung by Ed Sheeran

The Hobbit - 'The Last Goodbye' - sung by Billy Boyd

The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell - 'Life Extraordinary' by Miriam Clancy

YOU'RE COLD - Killer Sofa Theme Song - by Bernardo Rao

Kiwi Christmas - 'You Got My Love' by Barnaby Weir

The Leading Edge 'We Are What We Are' by The Other Ones

The Locals - 'Believer' by 8 Foot Sativa

The Lord of the Rings - 'Into the West' - sung by Annie Lennex

The Lord of the Rings - 'May It Be' - sung by Enya

Love Birds End Credits Mock Music Video of 'Princes of the Universe'

Bella Kalolo and the GLCC Youth Choir singing Matariki's 'What Love Can Do'

Stan Walker's Mt. Zion 'Take It Easy'

'Bathe in the River' - Hollie Smith and the Mount Raskil Preservation Society (from No. 2)

John Hanlon's 'Higher Trails' from Off The Edge

Once Were Warriors' 'What's The Time Mr. Wolf?' - by Southside of Bombay

Never Let Me Go//Once Were Warriors by Florence + The Machine

'Once Were Warriors' Theme music by Tama Renata

Out of the Blue - 'I Will Not Let You Down' by Don McGlashan

The Pa Boys - 'Inspiration' by Fran Kora

Poi E - The Patea Maori Club

Predicament - by Tim Finn

Snakeskin - 'Some Velvet Morning' by Spacedust

Sione's Wedding - 'I Do Believe' by Tha Feelstyle

Sione's 2 - 'I Promise' by Savage featuring Ria

This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy - 'Wanna Be Your Man'

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted - Che-Fu singing 'Waka'

Woodenhead - 'Hospice for Destitute Lovers' - by Mardi Potter and Steve Abel

Wound - 'Nine Stitches' by Rosie Riggir

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