Daffodils  cover

Daffodils - 2019

Warner Music NZ - Digital - 38 minutes
UPC # 5054197042676

Song Selections by Rochelle Bright; Music Coordinator: Otis Milo Rachtman Palmer; Additional Recording: Chris Winter at Mr Winter Audio, Tom Healey at Roundhead Studios, Troy Kelly at The Armoury, Mickey Petralia at The Pie Studios; Mastered by: Alex DeTurk at The Bunker Studio; Music Editor: Stephen Gallagher; Additional Music Coordination: Grace Verweji; Album Art by: Erueti Brown at Kia Ora-For-That!; Executive Soundtrack Producters: Karyn Rachtman and Kimbra. 'LIPS' are the artists Stephanie Brown and Ken Ikner.


As of March 2019, the CD can be purchased for about $25nz at:
Marbecks.co.nz - CD

Marbecks.co.nz - LP - $45nz

Mighty Ape of Auckland - CD

Relics Music of Dunedin - CD

Real Groovy of Auckland - CD

It can be purchased from iTunes NZ as a digital download for about $18nz.

It can be purchased from Amazon UK as a digital download for about 10#

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Karl Puschmann Review

James Croot reviews the soundtrack

Information on the soundtrack at Warner Music NZ

Anchor Me - Music Video

Silent Treatment - Music Video

Notes from the Writer and Director, plus bits about the songs


All Songs Performed and Produced by LIPS; Additional Production and Mixing by Mickey Petralia
01. Silent Treatment [featuring Kimbra] - 4:19 - written by Stef Brown and Fen Ikner
02. Anchor Me [featuring Rose McIver] - 3:08 - written by Don McGlashan
03. What The Hell [featuring Kimbra] - 2:36 - written by Steph Brown and Fen Ikner
04. Counting The Beat [featuring George Mason & Rose McIver] - 3:10 - written by Mark John Hough, Phil Judd and Wayne Stevens
05. Crazy?Yes!Dumb?No! [Featuring Kimbra] - 4:07 - written by Ruban Nielson
06. Drive [featuring Rose McIver] - 2:12 - written by Bic Runga
07. Bliss [featuring George Mason] - 2:12 - written by Dave Dobbyn, Ian Morris
08. Not Given Lightly [featuring Kimbra] - 3:19 - written by Chris Knox
09. There Is No Depression In New Zealand/Jesus I Was Evil [featuring George Mason, Rose McIver, Kimbra] - 4:05 - written by Don McGlashan, Robert Von Stumer, Daniel Bolton
10. Fall AT Your Feet [featuring George Mason & Rose McIver] - 3:26 - written by Neil Finn
11. Language [featuring George Mason] - 3:29 - written by Dave Dobbyn
12. I'll Say Goodbye (Even Though I'm Blue) [featuring Rose McIver, George Mason & Kimbra] - 2:06 - written by Jordan Luck


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