Beyond the Edge CD  cover

Beyond the Edge - 2013

Victoria University Press/Rattle Records - 40 minutes
UPC 822601420069

The music was composed by David Long for the motion picture 'Beyond The Edge'. The film was directed by Leanne Pooley, edited by Tim Woodhouse and produced by Matthew Metcalf for General Film Corporation. CD Production: David Long; Orchestration: Ewan Clarke; Orchestra conductor: Hamish McKeich; Orchestral recording and mixing: Graham Kennedy; All other recording and mastering: Mike Gibson; Photography: Grant Maiden; Design: UnkleFranc.
Orchestra: David Long: viola campara, quattro, feedback, bowed banjo, balalaika, percussion; Riki Gooch: percussion; Natalia Mann: harp; Richard Nunns: taonga puoro;
Strings: Emma Barron, Matt Cave, Megan Molina, Rowan Prior, Alexander Gunchenko, Rebecca Struthers, Sally Isaac, Andrew Thomson, Andrew Joyce, Belinda Veitch, Anna van der Zee, Vesa-Matti Leppanen, Haihong Lui, Kristina Zelenska, Alan Molina;
Woodwinds: Bridget Douglas, Peter dykes, Phil Green, Robert Weeks; Horns: Dave Bremner, Mark Carter, Sandrew Jarviz, Sam Jacobs.


As of July 2018, it can be purchased for about $30nz from New Zealand resellers such as: Mighty Ape
Rattle Records

It can also be purchased as an mp3 download at The Plan 9 Store for about $10us.

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01. A Beekeeper from Tuakau - 3:47
02. Kathmandu - 1:56
03. Seventeen Days of Marches - 3:20
04. Khumbu Icefall - 5:16
05. The Plan - 2:45
06. The Lhotse Face - 4:25
07. High Emotions - 1:32
08. First Attempt - 2:42
09. A Strange Place - 1:46
10. A Fine Day - 5:19
11. The Hillary Step - 2:57
12. Summiting - 3:59


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