The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films

Music of The Lord of the Rings Films, The

Doug Adams

Published by Carpentier Press - Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing - Copyright 2010

205mm x 253mm - 416 pages containing 90+ colour images, plus over 100 line drawings and score samples.
It also contains a 23 track, 79 minute CD of unreleased music and interviews.
Hardbound - $60us; 40#, $85nz - Shipping weight approx. 1.6 kg

ISBN 10: 0739071572; 13: 9780739071571

The book is a full-color volume featuring a Foreword by Howard Shore, an Introduction by The Lord of the Rings screenwriter/producer Fran Walsh, original sketches by John Howe and Alan Lee, and numerous images from the films. Also included in the book, courtesy of Howe Records, is “The Lord of the Rings: The Rarities Archive,” a CD presenting 21 tracks of previously unreleased music created for the films, and an audio interview with Howard Shore.
Jon Burlingame of Variety describes, “Doug Adams' The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films ranks as one of the most detailed examinations written of one composer's immersion into classic literature.”
“Adams breaks down Shore’s work in a way that any movie, or music fan without a music degree can understand,” describes Daniel Schweiger of Film Music Magazine. “Adams’ writing is as meticulous as it entertaining.”
Adams, a Chicago-based author and musicologist, was invited in 2001 by Howard Shore to observe and document his work on the popular motion picture trilogy. He attended recording sessions, examined the original scores, and was given complete access to the composer’s archives. As an acknowledged authority on Howard Shore’s music, Adams has become a regular fixture at concerts and events across the globe. He runs the popular blog,, which documents his work on this project and brings fans together in ongoing discussions.
“Doug was a detective uncovering clues, tracing how one theme or character related to another,” said Shore. “He not only shows the themes and motifs for characters, cultures, objects, and their connection to Tolkien’s work, but also the ideas that were sometimes buried deep inside the writing.”
"Howard Shore's [LOTR] music has touched millions of people the world over," said Adams. "It's been my great pleasure to assemble a piece that chronicles the creation of this music, and examines exactly how it tells this classic story." "Researching Shore’s music has been a true adventure," described Adams. "His work is every bit as intricate and passionate as Tolkien’s Middle-earth."


Foreword by Howard Shore - page XI
Introduction by Fran Walsh - page XII
Prologue - Howard Shore and The Music of The Lord of the Rings - page 9
Themes - page 11
Table of Themes - pages 12 & 13

THE ONE RING - page 14
The History of the Ring
The Evil of the ring (Mordor/Sauron)
The Seduction of the Ring

The Fourth Age of Middle-earth:
The Fate of the Ring/The Destruction of the Ring

Pensive Setting
Rural Setting
Hymn Setting
"In Dreams"
A Hobbit's Understanding
Lulluby Setting
Playful Setting
Heroic Settings
Merry the Warrior
"Bilbo's song"

The Hobbit Accompaniments:
Hobbit Outline
Hobbit Two-step
Hobbit End-cap
Hobbit Skip-beat
The Hobbits' Antics

The Fourth Age of Middle-earth:
The Shire Reborn

GOLLUM - page 36
The Pity of Gollum
"Gollum's Song"
Gollum's Menace

THE ELVES - page 42
Arwen Revealed
"Arwen's Song"
The Diminishment Of The Elves
An Elvish Pledge

THE DWARVES - page 56
The Dark Places Of The World
Dwarf End-cap

ROHAN - page 60
The Rohan Fanfare
The Riders Of Rohan
Eowyn Shieldmaiden Of The Rohirrim
Eowyn And Theoden
Eowyn And Aragorn

GONDOR - page 66
The Realm Of Gondor
Minas Tirith
Faramir And Denethor
Battlefield Heroism

The Fourth Age of Middle-earth:
Gondor Reborn

The Fellowship Theme
The Drive Of The Fellowship
The Fellowship In Rohan
Strider's Theme
Aragorn's Theme
The White Rider

The Watcher In The Water
The Cave-Troll
The Balrog
The Mumakil

The Five-Beat Pattern
Isengard/Orc Theme
The Orc Crawl
Grima Wormtongue
The Cruelty Of The Orcs
The Uruk-Hai In Battle

MORDOR - page 98
Mordor/Sauron (The Evil of the Ring)
The Five-Beat Pattern
The Ringwraiths
The Footsteps Of Doom End-Cap
The Threat Of Mordor
The Way To Mordor
The Cruelty Of The Orcs
Mount Doom

The Fourth Age of Middle-earth
The Power Of Mordor
The Witch-King/The Orcs Of Mordor

The Mordor Accompaniments
The Descending Third
The Mordor Skip-Beat
The Mordor Outline

THE ENTS - page 114
The Ent Theme
Treebeard's Stride
Small Stones

NATURE - page 118
Nature's Reclamation
Gandalf The White

MIDDLE-EARTH - page 122
The Ring-quest Themes:
The Journey There
Dangerous Passes
Evil Times
Weakness And Redemption

The Fourth Age Of Middle-earth:
The Journey Back

All Shall Come To Darkness:
The Fall Of Men
A Noble End
The Nameless Fear
The Army Of The Dead

Another Path:
Gandalf's Farewells
The Grey Havens

The Annotated Score - page 134

The Fellowship of the Ring - page 135
The Two Towers - page 201
The Return of the King - page 269

The Recording Sessions - page 361
The Lord of the Rings: The Rarities Archive - page 391
CD Credits - page 400


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