Mortal Engines CD cover

Mortal Engines - 2018

Universal Studios Music - Digital - 70:12 min.
UPC # 859372007595(CD); 0859372007625(LP)

Score composed, produced, programmed, mixed and mastered by Tom Holkenborg.
Additional music by Antonio Di Iorio; Head Copyist: Jordan Cox
Orchestration and Copy: Jonathan Beard, Edward Trybek, Henri Wilinson, Tom Holkenborg.
Additional Synth Programming: Emily Rice, Jonas Friedman, Max Karmazyn
Technical Score Engineers: Alex Ruger, Jocopo Trifone; Music Production Servies: Michiel Groveneveld
Music Performed by: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Conrad Pope
Music Recorded at: Michael Fowler Center and Stella Maris, Wellington, New Zealand
Score Recording Engineer: Graham Kennedy; Music Recorded by John Neill
Music Mixed by Nigel Scott at Park Road Post Production
Choir Voices: New Zealand Chamber Choir, conducted by Karen Grylls
Solo sopranos: Morag Atchinson, Pepe Becker
Package Design: Brian Porizek


The soundtrack is available on CD, LP and as a digital download. The CD sells for about $15us, the LP for about $30us and the download for about $10us.

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01. London Suite In C Major - 8:54
02. No-One You Know - 2:51
03. The Chase - 1:08
04. Welcome To London - 2:39
05. Miss Valentine - 4:19
06. This Is For My Mother - 1:36
07. The Outlands - 4:52
08. A Resurrected Man - 4:44
09. Ms. Fang - 2:05
10. In a Sea of Clouds - 1:28
11. The Weapon of the Ancients - 2:08
12. Shan Guo - 3:21
13. I Am the Meteor - 2:15
14. First Strike - 2:09
15. Night Sundered - 4:10
16. In the Shadow of a Shrine - 3:29
17. No Going Back - 5:58
18. Windflower - 2:28
19. The 13th Floor Elevator - 4:40
20. Alive and Together - 4:52


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