White Lies CD  cover

White Lies - 2013

Victoria University Press/Rattle Records - 28:35 minutes
UPC 822601400436

The music was composed by John Psathas for the motion picture 'White Lies'. The film was directed by Dana Rotberg and produced by John Barnett and Chris Hampson for South Pacific Pictures. CD Production: John Psathas; Recording: Graham Kennedy; Mixing: John Psathas and Steve Garden; Design: UnkleFranc.
The Players: Emma Sayers - piano; Richard Nunns - Taonga Puror; Sasha Gachenko - Bass; Matt Cave - Bass; Rowan Prior - Bass; Paul Mitchell - Cello; Konstanze Artmann - Viola; Irina Andreeva - Viola; Kate Oswin - Violin; Matthew Ross - Violin; John Psathas - Synthesizer.


As of February 2016, it can be purchased for under $30nz from New Zealand resellers such as: Mighty Ape OR New Zealand CDs.com

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Radio NZ John Psathas audio review 12 July 2013


This beautifully understated, modulating and elegantly slow piece can, at times, sound less like a soundtrack (in that it doesn't parallel or evoke any kind of physical action) and more in the manner of a long suite of interrelated and gently realised ideas presented as one track [Graham Reid Review].

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