3 Mile Limit CD  cover

3 Mile Limit - 2014

Sony Music NZ - Digital - 49 minutes
UPC # 0888430585829

I was intially approached by Craig Newland, the Director/Producer of the film 3 Mile Limit, to find some music that may suit the era of his movie...and as there was no music budget (certainly not enought to consider The Beatles or The Rolling Stones!) we decided we needed to improvise. Grant Gillanders found me some great old songs from the time and asked some of my long time friends in the business to both write and perform some new tracks all written in the 60's style. I even asked my sister Judy to sing one song (the first time The Chicks have recorded together in 40 years!). My writing partner, Adrian Stuckey and I ended up writing quite a lot of songs, with contributions from Kevin McNeil and Michael Murphy. All music on this album was donated to the movie for NZ and Australia. All the artists on this project were there at the time Radio Hauraki was trying to get its licence and supported them while the Tiri was at sea. All were personal friends with the good guys on board. So this project is our way of telling their story of the fight for freedom to play modern music on the airwaves in New Zealand. I must give special thanks to Eldred Stebbing, Robert Stebbing, Murray Cullen and Grant Gillanders for their help and encouragement. Thanks so much to Sony Music NZ, Scott and Jocelyn and all the artists and writers that made this album happen. This album is dedicated to Eldred Stebbing (the grandfather and pioneer of NZ recorded music) and to Stebbing Recording Studios. - Suzanne Lynch (February 2014)


As of July 2018, the CD would seem to be OOP.

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Michael Murphy 'Freedom' music video

You can enjoy some samples of Tom McLeod's Original score at his website.


01. Groovy Girl [Michael Murphy] - 2:36
02. Now You Shake [Ray Columbus & The Invaders] - 3:53
03. I Can't Wait For Summertime [The Surfires] - 1:56
04. Reach For The Sky [Adrian Stuckey] - 2:46
05. He's The Boy [The Chicks] - 2:12
06. Summer Lovin' [Shane] - 2:45
07. Little Things That Happen [Ray Woolf] - 3:27
08. Dancing With You [Suzanne Lynch] - 3:48
09. Social End Product [The Bluestars] - 2:36
10. Hey Girl [Kevin McNeil] - 3:27
11. Back In 64 [ The Mods] - 3:55
12. Boy [Suzanne Lynch] - 2:28
13. Love You So Right [Michael Murphy] - 2:48
14. Notice me [The Surfires] - 2:32
15. Yo Yo [Ray Columbus & The Invaders] - 2:22
16. A Working Man [The Rayders] - 1:53
17. Freedom [Michael Murphy] - 3:07


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