Turbo Kid CD  cover

Chronicles of the Wasteland/Turbo Kid - 2015

Fantome Records - 52:54/73:40 minutes
UPC #779913771924

Composed and recorded by Le matos - Jean-Philippe Bernier & Jean-Nicolas Leupi
'No Tomorrow' featuring Pawws Lyrics and vocals by Lucy Taylor; engineered by Jack Tarrant at EMI Studio
Album mixed by Jean-Nicolas Leupi and Mastered by James Plotkin; Creative Director Jean-Philippe Bernier
Turbo Kid artwork by Francois Simard; Le Matos Buzzsaw Artwork by Samuel Lee Turner; Graphic Design by JS Perron


Originally it was available as a 2-disc CD set, a limited edition 2-disc vinyl album, or a digital download from Amazon and other resellers.
As of July 2018, the 2-disc CD set and the 2-disc vinyl album is OOP. The digital download can be purchased at the official Lematos store website for $15ca + shipping.
The site also offers free sample downloads.

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Chronicles of The Wasteland - CD1 - 52:54
01. Intro(01:12)
02. Wasteland(05:36)
03. No Tomorrow feat. Pawws(04:32)
04. Highway 64(05:35)
05. Like Faith Or Some Shit(06:09)
06. Eyes Throat Genitals(06:07)
07. Playtime Is Over(06:32)
08. Last Breath(06:58)
09. Tequila Sunrise(05:13)
10. The Kid(06:00)

Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - CD2 - 73:40
01. 1997(01:46)
02. Vicious Rat(01:18)
03. The Arm Wrestler(00:42)
04. Personal Bubble(01:10)
05. The Executioner(01:12)
06. The Playground(02:14)
07. The Good Plan(00:54)
08. Skeletron(00:35)
09. Kid's Dream(01:03)
10. Scavenging(01:44)
11. Blades & Fire(02:36)
12. Bounty Hunter Vision(00:20)
13. The Water Hunter(01:10)
14. You're It(00:54)
15. Viewmaster(00:54)
16. The Hunt(01:26)
17. Our Last Hope(02:18)
18. Kid Suit Up(00:50)
19. Duel(01:30)
20. Pool Party(05:06)
21. 58 Minutes pour Vivre (Pool Party Mix)(01:53)
22. The Escape(01:19)
23. Kid's Nightmare Pt. 1(01:15)
24. Apple's Hearts(03:16)
25. Going To The Videostore(01:17)
26. The Black Riders(00:16)
27. Watching The Stars(04:12)
28. Bagu's Questionnaire(02:30)
29. Highway 64(02:53)
30. Robot Cemetary(01:38)
31. Kid's Nightmare Pt. 2(03:33)
32. Like Faith Or Some Shit (OST version)(02:45)
33. The Standoff(03:02)
34. Eyes Throat Genitals (OST version)(06:46)
35. Playtime Is Over (OST version)(02:24)
36. Skeletron's Last Stand(00:52)
37. CC-1-11(02:51)
38. Last Breath (OST version)(02:29)
39. Tequila Sunrise (OST version)(03:16)
40. 88mph (Bagu's Bar Mix)(04:12) - NOTE: This track is not on the CD or LP.


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