The Orator CD cover

Orator, The - 2011

Tim Prebble Productions - 18 min.

Composed and Produced by: Tim Prebble;
Premixed by John Neill, Park Road Post, Wellington;
Featuring: Bella Kalolo - vocals (tracks 2,3,10); Kas Tha Feelstyle - vocals (track 10); Andrew Mauafaua - guitar (track 2);
Bruce McKinnon - nose flute (tracks 3,7,9); Andrew Fenika - drums (track 3); Junior Taita - drums (track 3); Masei Alipia - drums (track 3)


It can be purchased from Tim Prebble's Download Site
Actually you can hear it free, but he has set it up so that you can make your own CD. He is asking you to pay him something, but lets you decide how much.
You can select whether you want it as an mp3 or some other format, in any case it is 320kbps. The graphic he supplies for your insert is a high quality 200k jpg. Be fair and send him something for his efforts.

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01. Good Morning (Dawn Birds) - 0:46
02. Rejoining - 1:25
03. Tina - 3:14
04. Missing - 1:17
05. A Burden Shared - 1:03
06. Don't Throw Stones - 1:31
07. Ifoga - 1:21
08. A Heavy Heart - 1:27
09. My Heart Hurts - 1:32
10. The Mission - 3:09
11. Good Night (Night Crickets) - 1:45

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