Poi E CD  cover

Poi E - The Story of Our Song - 2016

Sony Music NZ - Digital - 59 minutes
UPC # 0889853623624

Change sometimes comes in mysterious ways. A 'Dalvanius and the Fascinations' cabaret tour to Ruatoria in 1982 led to a trip down the road and around a few corner to Tokomaru Bay. The reason for the detour was an opportunity for Dalvanius to have a 'cuppa' with the writer of the his love song, 'E Ipo' sung by Prince Tui Teka and produced by Dalvanius. That evening, on the 12th of August, Ngoi and Dalvanius sat down and wrote a song called 'Poi E'. The song was gifted to the Patea Maori Club who performed it at the 1983 Polynesian Performing Arts Festival, where it placed first equal in the Poi section. However, the music and song that was created was never played on the radio, that is until 'Poi E' was released in 1984 as a video clip, which aired on the daily Maori language news bulletin, Te Karere and in a watershed moment, entered the lounges, hearts and minds of New Zealanders everywhere. 'Poi E' is the first and only Te Reo Maori song to hit Number 1 on the New Zealand Pop Charts.
Special thanks to Tearepa Kohi, Patea Maori Club and Andrew & Jacinda at Sony Pictures. Mastered by Howard at "Bring It On Studios". Design by Risa Creative


As of March 2016, the CD can be purchased at:
Marbecks.co.nz for $25nz

New Zealandcds.com for $19us.

It can also be purchased from iTunes NZ as a download for about $18nz.
iTunes AU as a download for about $17au.

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Patea Maori Club - Poi E - Music Video

Prince Tui Teka - Mum and E Ipo - Music Video

Herbs - Sensitive to a Smile - Music Video

Dalvanius - 2003 Interview - Music Video

Background information on the song's history + Maori lyrics & English translation


01. Poi E - Original Tokomaru Bay Version [Dalvanius Prime, Ngoi Pewhairangi & Barletta Prime] - 2:09
02. Save the Last Dance [Prince Tui Teka] - 2:01
03. You Can Dance [Collision] - 3:57
04. Sensitive To A Smile [Herbs] - 4:29
05. Voodoo Lady [Dalvanius & The Fascinations] - 5:45
06. Canerra, We're Watching You [Dalvanius & The Fascinations] - 3:05
07. E Ipo [Prince Tui Teka] - 3:45
08. Mum [Prince Tui Teka] - 3:10
09. Poi E [Patea Maori Club] - 3:50
10. Dragons & Demons [Herbs] - 4:37
11. E Papa [Patea Maori Club] - 4:16
12. Hei Konei Ra [Patea Maori Club] - 3:12
13. Love Train [Dalvanius & The Fascinations] - 2:40
14. Ngoi Ngoi [Patea Maori Club] - 4:26
15. Ngoi Ngoi - re-mixed [Patea Maori Club] - 4:24
16. Come Back Home [Maaka Pohatu] - 3:30


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