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NOTE: This is an archival section and therefore some of the links may no longer be active or valid.

16 June 2021 - The legally free VOD service, TubiTV, has just added six New Zealand features bringing their NZ offerings to 58. They are free because your viewing will be interupted by ads. Currently, TubiTV is only available in the US, Canada, Australia and Mexico. The new offerings are: Reunion, Perfect Strangers, The Devil Dared Me To, Human Traces, The Quiet Earth and The Most Fun You Can Have Dying. For details and links to these and all legally free listings go to: 'Free Films'

09 June 2021 - The 'Never Say Die/Stirb Niemals Allein' DVD arrived much faster than I expected - five days from Germany to Oregon via DHL. The disc is clean and, technically, much better than my old VHS. It turns out that it is a DVD-ROM with an average 5 mbps scan rate and is an all-regions disc. There are no extras.

04 June 2021 - I should probably wait until I have received my copy, but I cannot hold back - 'Never Say Die' is on DVD. It comes from Germany and has both spoken English and German soundtracks. I will have more to say about the DVD quality later this month, after I have been able to review the disc. It is also can be streamed or downloaded from, but it would seem that the VOD option only has a German soundtrack. If someone in Germany would check the Amazon prime video site and let me know if it is only German or whether it contains the original English soundtrack option as well it would be most appreciated.

16 May 2021 - A page of information about 'Cousins' is now available with info on its forthcoming DVD, but no details about streaming sources yet. There has been a problem with the trailer archive page that has been mostly fixed. I will try to get the rest done tomorrow. All is well with the site.

28 April 2021 - Information about the comedy, 'Births, Deaths & Marriages' has been added, including reviews, interviews, trailer and other related information. The problems seem to be corrected, except for their front page, which as of today is still defaulting to another site. The title links and review links to the site are now OK.

20 April 2021 - WARNING - There seems to be a security problem with, so I would suggest that you do not try to access that site nor any of its pages. This website has links to reviews at that are not functioning currently. Do Not Try To Bypass The Warning. A notice that all is well will be posted here once their problems have been cleared.

17 April 2021 - I just learned that the wonderful New Zealand director and writer, Toa Fraser has early-onset Parkinson's. Apparently he was diagnosed five years ago, but delayed public announcement until this week. You might recall that Michael J. Fox also delayed his announcement about his early-onset Parkinson's diagnosis, but has continued acting and Fraser has also continued working on various projects. I wish him the best in this new adventure and hope for a cure. Samples of his work include: 6 Days - 2017, Dead Lands, The - 2014, Dean Spanley - 2008, No. 2 - 2006 .

16 March 2021 - After some consideration, after input from others, I have added Ant Timpson's first feature, 'Come to Daddy', to the database. This horror, comedy has received awards, a range of reviews, and is VOD, DVD and Blu-ray available in most markets.

02 March 2021 - Information about the thriller 'Reunion', is now available. Starting 23 March, it will become available on DVD and Blu-ray. It is VOD available now. 'Baby Done' will also become available on Blu-ray starting 23 March. 'Among The Cinders' is now VOD available for folks in New Zealand and Australia. Given that it is one of a few titles that have not found their way to disc, mainly because they have not been digitised, the question is will this one finally find its way to DVD? 'Jinx Sister' is now legally free for all as a streaming video from nzonscreen.

25 February 2021 - A page of information on Paul Murphy's latest feature, 'Lowdown Dirty Criminals', is now included with VOD links and DVD sources. More sources will be gradually added.

19 February 2021 - More information, including the forthcoming 4K release, of 'Shadow in the Cloud' and more disc and VOD sources has been added. Also, I have completed much needed code correction of UPC/EAN links at all title pages, which should help in your searching for DVD and Blu-ray copies. Great news - 'The End of the Golden Weather' is now legally free streaming in the US. Free, if you don't mind putting up with a few ads.

26 January 2021 - Roseanne Liang's second feature is nothing like her first. This action, horror with a WWII setting, is now VOD available in some markets and will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray next April. A page of information for 'Shadow in the Cloud' is now available.

08 January 2021 - There is now a page of information on Jason Lei Howden's action comedy, 'Guns Akimbo'. It is available on DVD, Blu-ray and many VOD sites.

05 January 2021 - Starting 02 February 2021, a Region A Blu-ray of 'The Legend of Baron To'a' will be available from North American resellers, selling for about $20. Sources such as Deep Discount and Movies Unlimited are taking pre-orders, but forget Amazon as their price is ridiculously high.
Starting 23 March 2021 a Region A Blu-ray of 'Baby Done' will be available from North American resellers for about $20. Sources such as Deep Discount and Movies Unlimited are taking pre-orders, but forget Amazon as their price is insanely high.

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