Dead Kids cover

Dead Kids - 2022

BSX Records - Digital - 40:34 minutes
UPC # 712187491518(US CD); 643157450702(US LP);

The music for Dead Kids/STRANGE BEHAVIOR was composed by the pioneering German electronica band Tangerine Dream. Founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream is a ground-breaking musical act that veered away from the influence of traditional Anglo-American rock/pop and instead relied upon hypnotic rhythms, sustained drones, musique concrete, tape-music looping techniques, and the proliferation of early synthesizers. STRANGE BEHAVIOR was produced early in their career, following the success of their scores for SORCERER in 1977 and THIEF also in 1981. The band included the classic lineup of Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke, and Johannes Schmoelling. After completing STRANGE BEHAVIOR, Tangerine Dream would continue to score many iconic Hollywood pictures including RISKY BUSINESS, THE KEEP, FIRESTARTER, RED HEAT, VISION QUEST, LEGEND, NEAR DARK, and THREE O'CLOCK HIGH. And yet somehow, their score for STRANGE BEHAVIOR never got a soundtrack release. Until now. The soundtrack is set to be released digitally and physically the week of April 4, 2022. A vinyl limited edition LP will be released on Record Store Day, April 23 by Terror Vision. It will also be released in Australia & New Zealand in June 2022. However that release contains a set that includes a blu-ray of the movie, plus a CD of the separate Tangerine Dream soundtrack.


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1. Opening Credit/Murder in the Kitchen (2:25)
2. Tension in the Classroom (3:32)
3. Laboratory Theme (2:11)
4. Romance Theme (1:19)
5. Horror in the Bathroom (3:16)
6. Experiments in Tension (4:26)
7. Tension in the Graveyard (3:16)
8. Dad's Story (5:50)
9. Pete Goes in for the Kill (1:56)
10. Tension in the Laboratory (1:18)
11. More Tension in the Laboratory (2:41)
12. Kill the Professor/Cleaning Up (1:40)
13. Wedding Theme (2:27)


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