World's Fastest Indian CD cover

World's Fastest Indian, The - 2006

Milan - M2-36146 - 44:38 min.
UPC # 731383614620

Music Composed by: J. Peter Robinson
Executive Producers: Emmanuel Chamboredon and Ian Hierons
Score Composed, Produced and Mixed by: J. Peter Robinson
Music Editor: Lise Richardson
Initial Score performed by: The Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by J. Peter Robinson.
Orchestra Recorded by: Robert Fernandez at the Eastwood Stage, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank.
Additional recording at Rebrush Music Studios, Los Angeles, and Park Road Post, Wellington
Orchestrations by: J. Peter Robinson, Paul Buckmaster, Dennis McCarthy, Jon Kull, Larry Rench.


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Can be purchased from various US or Canadian sources for about $20. UK sources for under 20# and other European sources for about 15eur.
You should be able to purchase it from Australian or New Zealand sources for about $33au or $35nz.

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01. Burt and Tom - 2:06
02. Bike Shop - 1:09
03. Departure - 4:09
04. Beach Race - 1:43
05. Disappointment - 2:08
06. Eggs for Fran - :32
07. Memories - 3:16
08. Road Encounters - 3:07
09. Jake - 2:41
10. Burma Shave - 1:28
11. Bonneville Salt Flats - 3:24
12. Trial Run - 3:02
13. Refusal/Heart Attack - 2:35
14. Rusty - 1:01
15. Sportsman of the Year - 1:50
16. The World's Fastest Indian - 5:46
17. Burt's Triumph - :55
18. "Back to my Shed" - 3:38

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