Bad Taste CD cover

Bad Taste - 1990

Q.D.K. Media - CD 002 - 41 min.

Composers: All music composed and performed by Michelle Scullion, except for: "Bad Taste" which was written by Mike Minett and Dave Hamilton and performed by: The Remnants: Mike Minett, Dave Hamilton, John Derwin, Darcy Crews, Frances Walsh, Michelle Scullion. "Rock Lies" which was written and performed by Madlight: Terry Potter, John Derwin, Chris Ewers, Steve Hall, Roger Collinge. Acoustic and electric guitars - John O'Connor, Snare drum and electronic persussion - Roger Sellers on all tracks except for "Bad Taste", "Rock Lies" and "The Boys Attack". Recorded and mixed by Dave Parsons.
Music recorded and mixed by Brent Murphy at Frontier Recording Studio. Sound effects by Jamie Selkirk and Kit Rollings. The film soundtrack was mixed by Brent Burge and Jamie Selkirk at Associated Sounds and dubbed at Village Sounds Recording Ltd. The Album was compiled at Radio New Zealand by Michelle Scullion - compilation engineer was Richard Hulse. Album coordination and sleeve design by Thomas Hartlage.


It would seem that there are no sources for new copies of this title on CD, although there are a few available on vinyl LPs. Therefore expect to pay dearly for this one - at least $30us for used in top condition, if you can find one. Red Eye Records in Australia has offered it recently for $28us.

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01. Coldfinger summons The Boys (Michelle Scullion) - 4:18
02. Aliens attack Barry (Michelle Scullion) - 1:20
03. Derek and The Astro Bastard (Michelle Scullion) - 1:13
04. Head Rams and The Sledgehammer Chase (Michelle Scullion) - 2:17
05. Bad Taste (Mike Minett and Dave Hamilton) - 3:54
06. "Derek's Don't Run!" (Michelle Scullion) - 2:34
07. Giles investigates town (Michelle Scullion) - :57
08. The Boys prepare for battle (M. Minett/D. Hamilton- arr. & perf. by M. Scullion) - 2:18
09. Rock Lies (Madlight) - 3:55
10. Giles in The Cooking Pot (Michelle Scullion) - 2:14
11. Derek's resurection (Michelle Scullion) - 1:51
12. Derek's brain hurts (Michelle Scullion) - :45
13. Lord Crumb addresses Aliens (Michelle Scullion) - :59
14. Missile time (Michelle Scullion) - 1:10
15. The Boys attack (M. Minett/D. Hamilton - arr. & perf. by M. Scullion) - 1:34
16. The Boys escape (Michelle Scullion) - 1:28
17. Lord Crumb takes control (Michelle Scullion) - :49
18. Lord Crumb sucks Spinning Steel (Michelle Scullion) - 3:07
19. Bad Taste (Mike Minett and Dave Hamilton) - 3:54


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