Whale Rider CD cover

Whale Rider - 2003

4AD Ltd - CAD 23304CD - 41:23 min.
UPC # 0652637230420

Original score composed, performed and arranged by Lisa Gerrard.
Mixed by: Simone Bowley
Mastered by: Jacek Tuschewski
Piano Performed "Pai Theme" by Phil Pomeroy
Additional performances by:
Keisha Castle-Hughes on "Paikea Legend","Pai calls the Whales" & "Go Forward";
Rawiri Paratene on "Biking Home";
Keriana Thomson and the Wananga Boys on "Paikea's Whale";
The People of Ngati Konohi, Whangara performing the Haka on "Waka in the Sky" & "Go Forward".

Lisa Gerrard won a Golden Globe award (with Hans Zimmer) for Best Score for Gladiator. The film also earned Gerrard nominations for Grammy, BAFTA and Chicago Film Critics awards. Gerrard also received a nomination for Best Original Score (with Pieter Bourke) at the 2002 Golden Globe Awards for Michael Mann's Ali, the story of boxing great Muhammed Ali.
Although her name may be new to the world of film music, to fans of contemporary world music she is best known as half of the Australian duo Dead Can Dance. With collaborator Brendan Perry they have forged a unique sound that crossed the traditions of neo-classical, choral, baroque gothic, medieval and troubadour music and spanned the diverse cultures of Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, the Mediterranean and beyond.
This spirit has mesmerized people worldwide as each of their albums sold to a progressively larger audience. In all they have released eight critically acclaimed albums. In 1995, Gerrard recorded her first solo album, The Mirror Pool. After reuniting with Perry for 1996's Spiritchaser, and a Dead Can Dance world tour, Gerrard her second solo effort, 1998's Duality. She branched into the realm of film in 1999 for Michael Mann's film The Insider. She then collaborated with renowned composer Hans Zimmer for Gladiator, followed by Pieter Bourke on Ali.


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2003 - Screen Music Awards - Winner: APRA-AGSC, Best Original Song Composed for Feature Film, Telemovie, TV Series or Mini-Series

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01 - Paikea Legend - 3:29
02 - Journey Away - 3:43
03 - Rejection - 1:43
04 - Biking Home - 3:25
05 - Ancestors - 1:43
06 - Suitcase - 1:04
07 - Pai Calls The Whales - 1:32
08 - Reiputa - 2:14
09 - Disappointed - 2:55
10 - They Came To Die - 2:19
11 - Pai Theme - 3:49
12 - Paikea's Whale - 4:01
13 - Empty Water - 1:40
14 - Waka In The Sky - 1:56
15 - Go Forward - 5:52


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