Harry Sinclair’s feature-film debut is a kind of hip soap for twentysomething Aucklanders. Liz (Danielle Cormack) is pregnant to one guy (Joel Tobeck), sleeping with another and cons support money out of the father of a third. Palagi Prue (Willa O’Neill) and her Polynesian husband Mike (Shimpal Lelisi) have a stormy honeymoon. And a pretentious movie maker (Ian Hughes) makes the art- house horror that gives this movie its title.
This is a brash and irreverent expansion of TV vignettes, much of it shot in deliberately ragged hand-held style. Something like an episodic revue, it ends badly up in the air and its chancters are indeed impulsive airheads. But its wry laughs are plenty and its cult status probably assured.

North & South Review by Nicholas Reid - August 1997

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