A Coming of Age

Thirty Years of New Zealand Film - A Coming of Age

Authors: Duncan Petrie & Duncan Stuart

Random House, New Zealand - Copyright October 2008
Paperbound: - 230mm x 250mm - 240 pages - 135+ illustrations - DVD
ISBN: 978-1-886979-019-6; RRP - $45nz, 15#

This book highlights 30 New Zealand feature films released from 1977 to 2007, laid out two pages per title, with the left page containing the relevant text and the right side a full page colour poster reproduction. The book also provides insights into the few films that were produced in earlier years. It also draws heavily from a 2007 nationwide Buzz Channel online survey of 1230 respondents regarding their familiarity and preferences of 21 films, as well as a February 2008 followup survey of 500 New Zealanders (aged 18+). Results include samples of participant comments along with where they saw the films and what they felt about them as a reflection of New Zealand. A really nice bonus is attached to the inside back cover in the form of a DVD containing the trailers for 25 of the 30 movies highlighted. This handsome book is certain to become a collector's item for New Zealand film buffs.

Table of Contents

006 - The Authors
007 - Acknowledgements
009 - Foreword by Roger Donaldson
010 - Chapter One: The Coming of Age of a National Cinema
046 - Chapter Two: The Roar of the Crowd
062 - Chapter Three: Celluloid Journey: From the shock of Recognition to Now
098 - Chapter Four: What makes New Zealand film Distinctive?
136 - Chapter Five: How Others Have Seen Us: International Profile of New Zealand Films
160 - Chapter Six: New Zealand Cinema: 30 Years On
170 - New Zealand Film-makers Talk About Movies They Love
178 - Iconic New Zealand Films
241 - Afterword by Robert Sarkies
242 - Index
245 - Image Credits
NOTE: Inside the back cover is a pocket containing a dvd. This dvd (PAL all zones) contains trailers of: An Angel at my Table, Black Sheep, Came a Hot Friday, Crush, Desperate Remedies, Eagle vs Shark, Footrot Flats, Goodbye Pork Pie, In My Father's Den, Once Were Warriors, Out of the Blue, Rain, River Queen, Scarfies, Sione's Wedding, Sleeping Dogs, Smash Palace, The Navigator, The Quiet Earth, The World's Fastest Indian, Utu, Vigil, War Stories, Whale Rider and What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?


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