Kakapo Books

Studies in New Zealand Cinema

by: Ian Conrich

Studies in New Zealand Culture No. 16

Kakapo Books, Nottingham, UK

Paperback: 215 pages - Publication Date: 2009

ISBN 978 0 955756 8 1

One in a series of books, written or edited by Ian Conrich, Nottingham Trent University.
Extremely helpful insights into New Zealand culture, especially related to the arts in general, and films specifically.
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Included in the series are:

1. Views From the Edge of the World: New Zealand Film
Ian Conrich
Sarah Davy

2. Cultural Questions: New Zealand Identity in a Transnational Age
Ruth Brown

3. Projecting a Nation: New Zealand Film and its Reception in Germany
Stan Jones

4. Cinema Journeys of the Man Alone:
The New Zealand and American Films of Geoff Murphy
Jonathan Rayner

5. A Cultural Assault:
The New Zealand Films of Peter Jackson
Barry Keith Grant

6. New Zealand - A Pastoral Paradise?
Ian Conrich
David Woods

7. New Zealand Fictions: Literature and Film
Ian Conrich
Estella Tincknell

8. An Ambivalent Archetype:
Masculinity, Performance and the New Zealand Films of Bruno Lawrence
Andrew Spicer

9. On Reflection: New Zealand Film Reviews from North and South, 1986-1993
Brian McDonnell

10. New Zealand and Australia: Narrative, History, Representation
Sue ryan-Fazilleau (editor)

11. Isola Bella
C.K. Stead

12. A Literary Modernist: Katherine Mansfield and the Art of the Short Story
Gerri Kimber

13. Small Nations, Nig Neighbours: New Zealand & Canada
Ian Conrich
Dominic Alessio
Itesh Sachdev

14. New Zealand, France and the Pacific
Ian Conrich
Dominic Alessio

15. New Zealand Filmmakers in Conversation
Ian Conrich
Tory Straker

16. Studies in New Zealand Cinema
Ian Conrich


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