The Rough Guide to Lord of the Rings

The Rough Guide To Lord of the Rings

Text Editors: Paul Simpson, Helen Rodiss, Michaela Bushell
Staff Writer: Angie Errigo
Contributors: Richard Pendleton, Shaun Campbell, Jess McAree, Sue Weekes, David Burton, Rachel Heels
Production: Ian Cranna, Caroline Hunt, Lesley Turner, Kath Stathers
Picture Editor: Jenny Quiggin
Rough Guides/Haymarket Publishing - Copyright 2003
160mm x 115mm 308 pages softcover
ISBN 1-843532-75-1

The book's subtitle is a bit bold in saying: "Everything you ever wanted to know about middle-earth" but it certainly make a try at living up to that saying. There are chapters covering: the origins of the stories, which includes much of the life and times of JRR Tolkien; the books themselves and their myths and interpretations; background to the making of the films; details on the characters; details on middle-earth, its culture, geography and languages; details about the movie locations; a chapter on memorabilia - both the books and the movies, including related websites; and a chaper that goes into how the books have inspired computer games, politics, environmental issues and music, among various issues. Some 130 B&W photos are included as well as sidebars and other ephemera. A very handy, compact companion book to take on your trip to New Zealand LOTR locations.

Table of Contents

004 - Images from the Films
037 - Introduction: A rough guide to exactly why The Lord Of The Rings has become the best-read novel of the last century.
043 - The Origins: The life and times of JRR Tolkien, and how they led to the creation of his masterpiece.
067 - The Books: The making of The Lord Of The Rings, plus the myths, themes, subplot interpretations and reviews
109 - The Movie Trilogy: From printed page to movie screen - how Hollywood finally turned Tolkien's trilogy into a blockbuster movie.
149 - The Characters: Meet the good (most of the hobbits, Aragorn), the bad (Sauron) and the ugly (the orcs, the uruk-hai) inhabitants of Middle-earth.
185 - Middle-earth: A sightseeer's to the culture, geography and language of Tolkien's Middle-earth.
209 - The Locations: From South Africa to New Zealand via Birmingham: the locations which helped inspire and enrich The Lord Of The Rings.
241 - Ephemera: The world of The Lord Of The Rings and Tolkien memorabilia, from first editions to duvet covers and hobbit costumes.
273 - The Context: How Greenpeace, 1970s progressive rock, computers and Russian politics were touched by The Lord Of The Rings.


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