Reframing Women

Reframing Women

By: Deborah Shepard

Harper Collins Publishers - Copyright 2000

240mm x 185mm 286 pages softcover

ISBN 1-869503-14-7

The screen achievements of such women as Jane Campion and Gaylene Preston are well documented, but there have been hundreds of women involved in creating New Zealand's rich cinematic history. For almost a century woment have been involved in the film industry, yet many of them, particularly earlier figures, have gone largely unrecognised within official histories of New Zealand film.

Reframing Women details the diverse and frequently innovative contributions of such pioneers as Hilda Hayward, who was working in film as early as 1923, and our first woman director Margaret Thomson, right up until the end of the 20th century. It follows the rise of feminist documentaries in the 1970s, led by Deirdre McCartin, the increasing number of women creating dramas and short films, and the explosion of experimental and feature films made by New Zealand women in the 1980s and '90s. Key contributions to New Zealand film by Ramai Hayward, Kathleen O'Brien, Alison Maclean, Melanie Read, Shereen Maloney, Athina Tsoulis, Niki Caro and Sima Urale are described, as well as the work of women script-writers, editors, producers, composers and art directors.

Scrupulously researched and sensitively written, Reframing Women is the first comprehensive overview of New Zealand women film-makers, and a tribute to some of this country's most talented artists. The text includes diary extracts and excerpts from interviews with 61 woment, and is illustrated with over 100 film stills and photographs. Of special value is a detailed appedix that provides factual information about a large number of film-makers included in the book, with biographical details, time- lines of their films and select bibliography for further reading and research.

Reframing Women evolved out of Deborah Shepard's PhD thesis at Auckland University. Deborah lives with her partner and two children in Grey Lynn and currently teaches in the Centre for Film, Television and Media Studies at Auckland University.

Table of Contents

008 - Acknowledgements
009 - Foreword
011 - Introduction
019 - Part One - The Pioneers
020 - The First Women in Film
025 - Women at the National Film Unit 1922-1967
042 - A Maori Woman Director
047 - Film and the Politics of Childbirth
049 - A First Prize-Winner at Cannes
053 - Part Two - The 1970s: Where Are Our Female Fellinis?
054 - The Rise of the Feminist Documentary
067 - Behind the Scenes
077 - More Documentaries 1978-1985
082 - A Maori Political Perspective on Film
091 - Part Three - The 1980s: A Rising Tide
095 - Breaking the Silence
104 - Films 'by Women, for women and about Women'
120 - The Rise of Maori Voices in Women's film-making
125 - Experimenting Voices
133 - Part Four - Entering the Wild Zone: Women's Cinema in the 1990s
134 - Women's Drama in the 1990s
166 - New Directions in Documentary Making 1989-1999
185 - Part Five - Kaleidoscopes
186 - Maori Women's Film in the 1990s
194 - Multicultural Perspectives in Women's Film in the 1990s
211 - Part Six - Reviewing Women
229 - Endnotes
242 - Interview Information
243 - Appendix
275 - Illustration Credits
277 - Index


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