Peter Jackson: From Gore to Mordor

Peter Jackson: From Gore to Mordor

Edited by: Paul A. Woods

Plexus Publishing Ltd., London SW4 9BX - Copyright September 2005
Paperbound: - 230mm x 170mm - 192 pages - 50+ illustrations
ISBN: 9780859653565; RRP - $19.95us, $42nz, 13#uk, $38au, 20eur

Peter Jackson made history with the Lord of the Rings, presenting Tolkien?s story onscreen while becoming the first person to direct three films simultaneously. This book anthologises Jackson?s career, including the creation of this literary epic. Drawing together the best reviews, essays, and features on Jackson?s films plus interviews with Jackson himself, it provides a thorough analysis. It covers all Jackson?s projects, including his breakthrough feature Bad Taste, and the powerful mockumentary Forgotten Silver. Completed by in-depth material on each Lord of the Rings film plus the huge remake King Kong, it provides an insight into this internationally renowned director.

Table of Contents

007 - Introduction by Paul A. Woods

013 - Talent Force by Jeremy Clarke
015 - This has Buggered you Plans for Conquering the Universe by Ken Hammon
021 - Bad Taste reviewed by Kim Newman
023 - Peter Jackson, Master of Bad Taste by Philip Nutman and Giuseppe Salza

029 - Meet you Creature Feature by Ian Pryor
034 - Meet the Feebles reviewed by Philip Kemp
035 - Meet the Feebles reviewed by Spencer Hickman

037 - I Walked as a Zombie by Michael Helms
042 - Braindead reviewed by Karl Quinn
045 - Antipodal Splattermeister by Ken Miller
047 - A Critique of the Judgement of Bad Taste or Beyond Braindead Criticism by Lawrence McDonald
057 - Dead Alive (aka Braindead) A Retrospective by Guillermo Del Toro

061 - Heavenly Creatures by Steve Braunias
063 - Heavenly Creatures reviewed at the Wellington Film Festival by Bill Gosden
064 - Heavenly Creatures reviewed by Stella Bruzzi
067 - Making a Film Our of the Horror of Mother Murder by Bernard Weinraub
069 - It's All Frightfully Romantic! by Peter N. Chumo II
079 - Earthy Creatures by Michael Atkinson

085 - Heavenly Features by Denis Welch
087 - Gone Not Forgotten by Geoff Chapple
088 - Forgotten Silver: Interview With Peter Jackson by Pauline Adamek
091 - Silver Magic by Jane Roscoe and Craig Hight
102 - Forgotten Silver - The Variety Review by Todd McCarthy

105 - The Frighteners: Peter Jackson Interviewed by Michael Helms
110 - The Frighteners: The Thrill of the Haunt by Mark Cotta Vaz
115 - The Frighteners - The Variety Review by Todd McCarthy
117 - The Frighteners reviewed by Stella Bruzzi

The Fellowship of the Ring
121 - Rings Bearer by Michael Helms
127 - One Ring by Harry Knowles
134 - The Fellowship of the Ring reviewed by Andrew O'Hehir

The Two Towers
136 - It is a Dark Time for the Rebellion... by Ian Nathan
148 - Creature Effects for The Two Towers by Lawrence French
151 - The Two Towers reviewed by Kim Newman

The Return of the King
154 - All Hail The King by Lawrence French
162 - The Return of the King reviewed by Kim Newman
165 - Kingdom Come by Graham Fuller
093 - The Lord of the Oscars by Russell Baillie

177 - Peter Jackson Directs King Kong by Lawrence French
180 - Kong Cometh! by Paul a. Woods

188 - Filmography

192 - Acknowledgements


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