Peter Jackson - From Prince of Splatter to Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson
From Prince of Splatter to Lord of the Rings
An Unauthorized Biography

by: Ian Pryor

St. Martin's Press
Hardback - 380 pages
Publication Date: April 2004
ISBN0312322941; 9781869415556

This first in-depth biography of Peter Jackson, tells of the inspiration and the perspiration that have led to the making of the three world-famous LORD OF THE RINGS films - and the six other films that preceded them. It traces the journey of a young movie fanatic, from Sunday afternoons spent fooling around with a camera, through low-budget cult movies, to control of the most ambitious film project yet to emerge from the southern hemisphere, on what is probably the best-loved fantasy novel ever written. Details on the making of BAD TASTE; MEET THE FEEBLES; BRAINDEAD; HEAVENLY CREATURES; FORGOTTEN SILVER; THE FRIGHTENERS as well as THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy are included. Included are five appendices: Movies in New Zealand; Timeline; Filmography; Inspirations and Influences; Movies At Yet Unmade. There is an extensive Bibliography, but (unfortunately) no index. There is clarification about why this is an "Unauthorized" biography - It is primarily due to the fact that Jackson has authorized Brian Sibley to write one, and it hasn't yet come out. A paperback version of this book was released by Random House, NZ, in December 2003. Ian Pryor is a freelance journalist who specialises in film. He has followed the career and films of Peter Jackson closely since his first cinema feature BAD TASTE was released in 1988 and has been recording interviews for this book for more than eight years. An excellent resource for those desiring a detailed look into the background - to date - of New Zealand's most famous film director.

Table of Contents

006 - Prologue: In a House by the Sea
009 - Beginnings
036 - The Movie that Grew: Bad Taste
059 - Not Your Everyday Average Creatures: Meet the Feebles
087 - Beating the Curse of the Zombies: Dead Alive
099 - The Undead on Set
123 - A Different Kind of Murder: Heavenly Creatures
139 - Putting It on Film
163 - Empire-building: Forgotten Silver and the Birth of Weta
181 - Finding Hollywood Without Really Looking: The Frighteners
201 - The Political Animal
219 - Finding the Ring
239 - Roll Camera
260 - Spies in Middle-earth
271 - Unveiling the Ring
296 - Past and Future
313 - Epilogue: In a House by the Sea
315 - Author's Note
317 - Acknowledgements
319 - Appendix 1: Movies in New Zealand
351 - Appendix 2: Timeline
354 - Appendix 3: Filmography
357 - Appendix 4: Inspirations and Influences
362 - Appendix 5: Movies As Yet Unmade
368 - Bibliography


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