Perfect Strangers CD cover

Perfect Strangers - 2003

Mana Music Productions - 20016 - 60 min.
UPC # 5021456122165

Original score composed, arranged, recorded and produced by Plan 9.
Mixed by Michael Hedges at The Film Unit and mastered by Mike Gibson at Inca Studios
String section conducted by Kenneth Young and recorded by Neill Maddever.
Distant Waves: sounds recorded by Tim Prebble at Neil's Beach, West Coast, South Island
The Songs: Not The Girl You Think You Are - performed by Crowded House.
Anchor Me - performed by Don McGlashan with Ross Burge, Sean Donnelly,
Tatiana Lanchtchikova, Alan Norman, David Long and Barry Saunders.
Wind In The Pines - performed by Barry Saunders
Leaving The Country - performed by Hammond Gamble with Ross Burge,
Neil Hannan, Alan Norman, David Long and Shayn Wills.
Un Bel Di Vedremo (from Puccini's 'Madame Butterfly') - performed by Dame Malvina Major,
with the Auckland Philharmonia; Music Supervisor: Chris Gough for Mana Music.
Executive Album Producers: Gaylene Preston, Robin Laing, Chris Gough.

Since 1998, Plan 9 has become one of New Zealand's foremost screen composers. Besides 'Perfect Strangers', credits include the "Lord Of The Rings trilogy". The Australian feature "Danny Deckchair" plus current New Zealand releases 'Tongan Ninja' and 'Kombi Nation'.
Plan 9's work on "LOTR" primarily involved composing (together with David Long) the so-called "cultural music" and included the Bilbo Baggins birthday music, "Flaming Red Hair" in "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Elvish Lament" in the extended version of "FOTR" plus "Eowyn's Lament" in the extended version of "The Two Towers" plus a number of atmospheric score pieces. Plan 9 has also worked on "cultural music" for "The Return of the King".
Previous works include the features 'Jack Brown, Genius', 'Saving Grace', 'Jubilee', 'Aberation', 'Forgotten Silver' and 'Tiger Country'. Plan 9 has also composed the music for two natural history series for NHNZ and screened on National Geographic and Discovery channels.


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01. Not The Girl You Think You Are - 4:08
02. Anchor Me - 5:25
03. Wind In The Pines - 3:40
04. Leaving The Country - 3:36
05. Un bel di vedremo - 4:33
06. Dangerous - 2:59
07. Desire - 8:55
08. Forever Stay - 2:05
09. Deception - 9:53
10. All At Sea - 4:11
11. Treacherous Beauty - 3:21
12. Distant Waves - 7:07


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