Lord of the Rings - Making of the Trilogy

Lord of the Rings
The Making of the Movie Trilogy

The official inside story on the making of the award-winning movie trilogy

by: Brian Sibley

Foreword by: Sir Ian McKellen
Houghton Mifflin Company
Paperback; 192 pages
Publication Date: 11/06/2002
Illustrations: Over 300 color photographs

An illustrated, behind-the-scenes, account of the creation of, what is proving to be, an epic film experience. Brian Sibley, author of 'The Lord of the Rings: Official Movie Guide', decided that much more should be told, and went back to New Zealand to interview many of the people who made these films possible. This is truly a biography of 'The Lord of the Rings'.
In depth descriptions of Weta Workshop; location scouting; scene development; miniature construction; props, art and stores; costumes; metalcraft design; wigs, beards and hairy feet; masks and other prostetics; and just what does a tree sound like? What is it like to be a cinematograher on such a film? Learning the languages of Middle Earth. The enormous pressure of processing 43,00 feet of film in one day; not to mention that it would take ten hours to view it. How do you set about recording several thousand Uruk-hai chanting Black Speech as they march in Helm's Deep? What is 'Massive', and how does it do what it does? There is even a chapter covering Howard Shore's scoring and recording the soundtrack, and much much more. This is the one book that all fans will want. Highly Recommended. CNE.

Table of Contents

007 - Foreword: Sir Ian McKellen
009 - Prologue: The Long-Expected Party
014 - Lucky Man
016 - In the Cannes
019 - Workshop of Wonders
028 - The Man Who Builds Trees
031 - Locating Middle-earth
040 - A Hall Fit for a King
043 - Setting the Scene
054 - From Bag End to Barad-dur
057 - It's a Small World
068 - Lost in Lothlorien
070 - Light on Rivendell
073 - Department Store for Middle-earth
082 - Ring-masters
084 - Penman in Middle-earth
087 - Regal Robes and Girls' Big Frocks
095 - The Hat in the Bin
096 - The White Lady of Rohan
099 - Waging the War of the Ring
110 - Extra-Special People
113 - Hobbit Hair and Wizard Whiskers
122 - The Grimness of Grima
125 - Making Faces
136 - The Body on the Floor
137 - Talking to Treebeard
139 - Filming a Masterpiece
152 - Hobbit Talk
154 - Aspects of Aragorn
157 - Adding the Magic
168 - Massive Achievement
170 - Capturing Gollum
173 - Knowing the Score
182 - On the Theme of Fellowship
185 - Epilogue: An End and a Beginning
190 - Acknowledgements


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