King Kong CD cover

King Kong - 2005

Decca - B0005715-02 - 74 min.
UPC # 028947652243

Music Composed by James Newton Howard
Exective Producers: Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh
Produced by James Newton Howard & Jim Wiedman
Recorded by Joel Iwataki & Alan Meyerson
Additional Recording by James T. Hill; Mixed by Alan Meyerson
Scoring Crew: Larry Mah, Mark Eshelman, Brian Clements, Adam Michalak,
Greg Loskorn, Kirsten Smith, Mark Gebauer, Tom Hardisty, Jay Sylvester,
Tim Lauber, Bill Talbot, Tom Steel, Jason Lloyd, Stacy Robinson, Eddie Bydalek
Supervising Music Editor: Jim Weidman
Music Editors: David Olson, Peter Myles, Malcolm, Fife, Marie Ebbing, Johmathon Stevens.
Music Consultant: Mark Willsher
Score Conducted by: Peter Anthony, Mike Nowak, Bruce Babcock
Supervising Orchestrator: Jeff Atmajian
Orchestrators: Pete Anthony, Pat Russ, Brad Dechter, Jon Kull, Bruce Babcock, Frank Bennett, Conrad Pope
Auricle Control Systems: Richard Grant
Music Preperation: Joann Kane Music Service
Librarian: Mark Grahan
Music Contractor: Sandy Decrescent
Vocal Contractors: Hollywood Film Chorale, Sally Stevens
Boy soloist: Ben Inman
Solo Vocal Coordinator: Becky Bentham for Hothouse Music Ltd.
Additional Voices: Liz Constantine
Ethnic Winds: Chris Bleth, Pedro Eustache
Ambient Music Design: Mel Wesson
Additional Music by: Blake Neely, Chris P. Bacon
Supervising Technical Assistant: Stuart Thomas
Technical Assistants: Chris P. Bacon
Assistant to Mr Howard: Ann Ica Ackerman
Music Coordinator: Nigel Scott
Score recorded at the Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage at Sony Studios, Todd-AO West Scoring,
Fox Scoring Stage, O'Henry Sound Studios and Cow on the Wall Studios
Score Mixed at: TODD-AO WEST
Mastered by: Erick Labson at Universal Mastering Studios West
Creative Direction: Fanny Gotschall
Art Direction & Design: Justin Clark
Production Manager: Tom Arndt


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01. King Kong - 1:09
02. A Fateful Meeting - 4:16
03. Defeat Is Always Momentary - 2:48
04. It's In The Subtext - 3:19
05. Two Grand - 2:34
06. The Venture Departs - 4:03
07. Last Blank Space On The Map - 4:43
08. It's Deserted - 7:08
09. Something Monstrous...Neither Beast Nor Man - 2:38
10. Head Towards The Animals - 2:48
11. Beautiful - 4:08
12. Tooth And Claw - 6:17
13. That's All There Is... - 3:36
14. Captured - 2:25
15. Central Park - 4:36
16. The Empire State Building - 2:36
17. Beauty Killed The Beast I - 1:59
18. Beauty Killed The Beast II - 2:22
19. Beauty Killed The Beast III - 2:14
20. Beauty Killed The Beast IV - 4:45
21. Beauty Killed The Beast V - 4:13


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