District 9 CD cover

District 9 - 2009

New Columbia Pictures Inc. - Digital - 30 min.
UPC # 043396288867(CD); 802215200516(LP)

Original Score composed by: Clinton Shorter
Executive Soundtrack Album Producer: Michelle Belcher
Music Editor: Steve Gallagher and Nigel Scott
Orchestrations: Aiko Fukushima, Jeff Toyne, Ouynne Craddock.
Recorded At: Smecky Music Studios, Prague and The Ranch, Vancouver.
Mixed at VR Sound, California, by Vince Renaud
Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood
Orchestra Conductor: Adam Klemens; Orchestra Contractor: James Fitzpatrick
Vocals: Alpha Yaya Diallo; Electric Cello: Peggy Lee; Kemanche: Reza Honari; Yayli Tanbur: Pepe Danza


Dealoz list of US, UK and Canadian sources from which to purchase the DVD.

As of October 2009, the only source from which you can purchase a cd is Amazon. It is an "on-demand" cd-r order, selling for $9us. The score is also available from itunes.
Starting 24 November 2014, there is a 2-disc vinyl LP set available, selling for about $30us. The album includes the eleven tracks from the original 30-minute album, plus an additional eight bonus tracks comprising 25 minutes of previously unreleased original score. It also includes a full color gatefold jacket plus a double-sided 12 x 24 insert featuring numerous images from the film as well as exclusive liner notes from director Neill Blomkamp and composer Clinton Shorter. As a bonus, the first pressing also includes a reproduction of the original theatrical lobby card.

Dealoz list of US, UK and Canadian sources from which to purchase the vinyl LP Set.

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01 - District 9 - 6:28
02 - I Want That Arm - 2:13
03 - She Calls - 1:35
04 - Exosuit - 3:15
05 - Harvesting Material - 1:46
06 - Heading Home - 1:14
07 - A Lot Of Secrets - 2:27
08 - Back To D9 - 1:45
09 - Wikus Is Still Running - 2:57
10 - Get Him Talking - 2:05
11 - Prawnkus - 4:00


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